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FRatSTN 8th Sep 2016 09:33

In all fairness STN I think is much better suited for this one, and the fact that it's a MAG airport I'm sure helps. As has been said a lot of the main holiday destinations from STN are under-served and in some cases only served now by Ryanair, so a bit of competition and more choice for customers is a much welcome addition.

LTN already has a much bigger leisure focused network with EZY, ZB a bigger TOM short-haul network and a bit of FR arguably on the popular sun routes that LS would want to serve.

It will be interesting to see if this leads to any future impact on EZY at SEN, ZB from LGW and LTN in particular and of course the TOM and MT networks out of STN... I'm guessing also a more immediate impact is that the Luton thread on here may go a bit quieter than usual for a few days :E

pamann 8th Sep 2016 10:58

I think this is a great win for Stansted and the London & SE area. A big 'two fingers up' at Ryanair who are still harping on about 'Brexit' whilst throwing their toys out of the pram. :rolleyes:

In recent weeks Stansted has gained...

        I'm not sure Easyjet would leave Stansted, if anything they still have a massive foothold on the more business focused routes such as GLA/EDI/BFS/AMS etc. We could in fact see them try to protect their turf. What we need to do is wait until Jet2 announce their route offering and for EZY to announce their schedule for next summer.

        STN Ramp Rat 8th Sep 2016 11:47


        Iam not sure why you should be so keen to stick two fingers up at Ryanair, theyprovide a lot of Jobs in the area and have shown more commitment to STNthan any other airline.

        I agree that their dominance is not healthy and the news of a Jet 2 base is most welcome but remember this is the first foray into the South for Jet2 and the yields are much lower and the competition much tougher than the North. This is compensated by the size of the market which is much larger than the North.

        Aircraft are mobile assets and both Easy and Jet2 are stock market listed companies they have to make their assets work hard for the shareholders and neither will have a second thought about moving these assets to another location if they can make more money at the other location.

        Personally I wonder if this might end up being the final nail in the coffin for EZY at STN. If the leisure routes become unprofitable due to the competition then, with the increased competition from Ryanair on the business routes, they may just throw the towel in and close the base. In that case it’s a zero sum game and Stansted will not have benefited from the change.

        On a final note I wonder where the Slots have come from, it’s fairly crowded in the morning in the terminal and also airside.

        pamann 8th Sep 2016 12:01

        STN Ramp Rat

        I am fully aware of Ryanair's dominance at STN.

        What I am saying is that whilst Ryanair harp on about 'Brexit' and use it as an excuse to base aircraft elsewhere, it's great to see a British airline such as Jet2 having good faith in the UK and expanding. Simple.

        We can all sit here and speculate, but we will just have to wait and see, won't we. ;)

        inOban 8th Sep 2016 12:43

        Stansted slots
        I see that all Ryanair's new aircraft are to be based outside the UK. It is possible that some of their existing STN routes will now be operated from the other end, freeing early morning slots for Jet2.

        HeartyMeatballs 8th Sep 2016 13:01

        Another Brexcuse. Blaming Brexit for moving out actually benefits the UK. An English airline has benefitted by opening another UK base, so more profit and more tax to be kept and more good quality real jobs. There really are no losers if Micky bases his aircraft but at least be honest. You're doing it because it's cheaper and that's nothing to do with Brexit.

        FR bases new aircraft outside of the U.K? Fabulous news.

        STN Ramp Rat 8th Sep 2016 13:23

        Never make the mistake of believing Ryanairís publicity. News is just free advertising. There will not be much more Ryanair Expansion at Stansted there is no more room for a first wave departure, although I accept that the airport must have found some for Jet2, and they have fairly much filled the airport around 8AM with aircraft arriving from Europe.

        Hearty Meatballs ~ I am glad you think that opening a base means more profit, hopefully it does but itís not a given. I suspect this will hit EZY more and unfortunately that's also British Jobs and British profits. Like I said earlier, I think this will work out as a zero sum gain for the airport but I would love to be wrong.

        daz211 8th Sep 2016 13:32

        I wonder how long before we know more about destination and how big or small the operation will be at Stansted
        Most if not all Airlines have listed their summer 2017 schedules so I guess Jet2 will have to act fairly quickly to get seats on sale
        I also hope Jet2 have thought about Cross media advertising including TV adds because the Jet2 brand is up there with Easy and Ryanair in the north but not so much down south

        pamann 8th Sep 2016 13:37

        Jet2 have been in the media (TV) in the south for ages now thanks to Sky. I regularly see them advertise during ad breaks.

        daz211 8th Sep 2016 13:42

        I agree but if people have see and gone to look in the past they would have seen no offerings for flights from any London Airport
        What's needed is an TV add campaign like Norwegian are running at the moment ��

        FRatSTN 8th Sep 2016 14:17

        I'm sure they'll be TV advertising for flights from Stansted. In the Midlands there's been lots of general Jet2holidays and "Jet2 Now flying from Birmingham to 15 Summer Sun Destinations" TV advertising.

        LTNman 8th Sep 2016 15:18

        I think this is probably the best story to come out of Stansted for a good couple of years. Ryanair can bluster and still sulk about Brexit but there is a British airline that has a bit more faith in the UK than the Irish harp.:ok::ok::ok:

        AirportPlanner1 8th Sep 2016 16:02

        I suspect there are more than sufficient slots for a significant Jet2 operation. FR used to base 42(?) aircraft, now it's 34/35?. EZY as we know have lost 4 or 5 aircraft. Yes FR operate more from overseas bases now but even some of those slots were broadly used by Air Berlin, Germanwings, Skyeurope and others when STN was at its previous peak.

        FR's night arrivals are also concentrated between 11-midnight. From 9 until 11 there is a lot of capacity, also after midnight. Looking at MAN and LBA that would seem to suit Jet2 who have just one arrival at each between 11-12 and actually quite a few before 9pm and after 1am.

        JB007 8th Sep 2016 16:24

        Lack of route announcement and aircraft compared to the BHX press release! Wet/Damp lease maybe? STN based ACMI/Charter airline?!?

        pamann 8th Sep 2016 16:29

        Originally Posted by JB007 (Post 9501250)
        Lack of route announcement and aircraft compared to the BHX press release! Wet/Damp lease maybe? STN based ACMI/Charter airline?!?

        I think we'll likely know more by next week.

        There was word here earlier down the thread of a possible five aircraft from the start.

        I'd guess it to be more leisure based rather than head to head on the more business focused routes, time will tell.

        Curious Pax 8th Sep 2016 17:35

        Originally Posted by JB007 (Post 9501250)
        Lack of route announcement and aircraft compared to the BHX press release! Wet/Damp lease maybe? STN based ACMI/Charter airline?!?

        Or new Boeing 737 delivered to Stansted with a media fanfare and an official launch next week?

        Tranceaddict 8th Sep 2016 19:14

        Initially 6 based 737-800s from Spring 17

        LTNman 8th Sep 2016 19:23

        That will focus a few minds!

        Musket90 8th Sep 2016 20:04

        Stansted based Titan seem to have a good relationship with Jet2 leasing aircraft for them this summer at Leeds and Manchester and also previous summers at various UK airports.
        So maybe leasing aircraft from Titan is an option for the new Jet2 Stansted base.

        FRatSTN 8th Sep 2016 20:09

        It crossed my mind but Titan don't have any Boeing 737-800's so would be unlikely. I see no reason why it won't be on their own metal.

        Jet2.com website has an ad on their home page adverting Stansted as 9th UK base inviting customers to sign up for email offers and to "find out first" when Stansted flights go on sale.

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