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LGS6753 5th Mar 2012 13:36

You Essex guys are obviously desperately craving some positive news, so here it is:

Iceland Express will be returning to STN this summer, operating to Reykjavik on Tue & Fri from 22nd June. That route will be crowded with WOW on Wed/Fri/Sun and EZY from Luton on Tue/Thu/Sun.

Offsets all the bad news for STN like EZY going to Southend, Air Asia X and Air Berlin to Gatwick, etc.

Will pax numbers drop below 15 million this year?

Throat 9th Mar 2012 17:31

Hi all,

Just had a 5min bit on local itv about BAWC moving to Manston. Any truth in this? sounded like pie in the sky to me!

mikkie4 9th Mar 2012 17:38

someone said manston was up for sale

racedo 10th Mar 2012 10:01

Ad on TV looks impressive enough

ericlday 10th Mar 2012 10:47

Ad on TV looks impressive enough - what ad are you talking about Racedo ?

racedo 10th Mar 2012 12:20


Wrong airport :O

compton3bravo 14th Mar 2012 06:38

Down 4.9 per cent on Feb 2011 and with an extra day. The only BAA airport to show a decrease. Full details on the BAA website.

LTNman 14th Mar 2012 06:45

Less passengers means a better airport experience for the remaining Stansted passengers which should create demand from them to use Stansted again.

rowly6339 14th Mar 2012 11:51

Hi just a long shot but doe's anybody know who the carrier was for the mod on trouper flights to germany, stn to hannover around 2000/2002 (i remember red and white livery) and if they still fly out of stn these days. Thanks

Aero Mad 14th Mar 2012 12:22

red and white livery
I've no idea but perhaps Air Berlin? They still operate out of STN today to Dusseldorf.

Chidken Sangwich 14th Mar 2012 13:05

MoD Trooper
European B737-200 I'd have thought.

Wycombe 14th Mar 2012 13:10


I believe it may have been British World (known as British Air Ferries in their earlier life) with their 146's and 1-11's.

I remember taking one, on a 1-11, from Stansted to RAF Bruggen a few years prior to the timeframe you mention.

rowly6339 14th Mar 2012 13:20

Thanks guys, i do remember European in the name but can't remember the 3 letters on the tail

sxflyer 14th Mar 2012 15:03

Crikey, those flights are a blast from the past!

Yes, British World operated them for some time but I'm sure I recall European taking over Hanover for a year or two until Air Berlin started up and of course Bruggen closed down as a base.

Thats got me reminiscing. STN also had the oil flights to Hassi Massaoud for a few years, again British World. There was also a private oil charter to Uralsk, I think with Eurofly and Malev. Anyone remember them? Both went off to Gatwick I think. There were often very few pax on the flights so on a per person basis tickets must have cost the charterers a bomb! I recall being parked next to the A310 of the Algerian airline taking Hassi on at LGW who's name escapes me and no more than 20 got off!

sam dilly 14th Mar 2012 17:06

Timely comment from LTNman, earlier in this thread.

We have just had notification today from STN OPS that the transit system that connects the main terminal to satelites 1 + 2 is being closed for 12 weeks major maintenance from next Monday.
Wonderful timing, a quiet airport all winter, numbers down, starts to get busy again, and the great brains at the BAA close down a vital part of their passenger delivery system.
Why wasn't this work done in the quiet period ?
This will bring chaos to Stansted and its few remaining 'good' clients.
What a shambles !:mad:

wowzz 15th Mar 2012 22:11

Transit system closure
Another nail in STN's coffin, just at SEN is opening up.
How many busses are going to be needed for the transit to the satelites ? The answer is twice as many as BAA will hire!

pamann 16th Mar 2012 09:39

As per Thomas Cook thread, Stansted getting an A321 for this coming summer so an increase in seats from the usual A320 based unit. :ok:

commit aviation 16th Mar 2012 15:39

My understanding is that the transit system is only being withdrawn after the morning departures each day to minimise disruption. I agree timing isn't great but I believe the issue has only just come to light & it was not felt appropriate to leave it until next winter.

stuinn 26th Mar 2012 10:46

Hong Kong Airlines
Saw Hong Kong Airlines plane at the airport this morning. Is this just due to a divert as I thought this went into Gatwick?

STN Ramp Rat 26th Mar 2012 11:38

A fog diversion from Gatwick

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