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FRatSTN 8th Sep 2016 21:39

Looking at the Jet2 aircraft based in ALC and PMI for Summer 2017 it seems there's one or two gaps in the schedule... Notably Monday mornings on the ALC based aircraft and both Thursday and Saturday afternoons/evenings on the PMI aircraft. I'm guessing these may be for STN flights?

Another thing also about today is it begs the question how long before a New York flight is confirmed? As brief a schedule it may be, I'm sure we'll be seeing these come Christmas 2017/18, but who knows there may even be a regular operator to New York by then?

I wonder if Jet2 could even announce this when they reveal their Summer 2017 destinations... when does Jet2 normally release Winter schedules?

Itchin McCrevis 8th Sep 2016 21:46

A Jet2 base at Stansted well well - just goes to prove that some snippets posted on here are hints rather than rumours. The next rumour is that it will be more than 5 aircraft but less than 7.

As I have said before though a "good fit" for Stansted and much needed if Ryanair have reverted to type and are trying to hold the airport to ransom (again).

davidjohnson6 8th Sep 2016 22:30

It is worth remembering that while Easyjet have a base, even if it is not very big, they retain some degree of negotiating power with Luton and, to a lesser extent, Gatwick.

If Easyjet were to close their Stansted base, that negotiating power is lost. Of course, the negotiating power depends on Luton and Gatwick believing that Easyjet have the stomach for a fight against Ryanair and that Easyjet are able to make money out of having a larger base at Stansted.

Once a base is closed, it becomes much harder to restart as anybody working for a different company in aviation is that bit more cynical as to an airline's long term intentions

Senior management at Easyjet will want to think carefully about long term strategy negotiating tactics before closing a base at Stansted given the shortage of London airport capacity. I'm not ruling out, but it's a major step to take for an airline that claims to be pan-European but gains a very large amount of its profits from flying to/from London.

LiamNCL 9th Sep 2016 00:15

Welcome to the Jet2 Network STN! Healthy competition for the likes of TOM & TCX just like up here in the north

wowzz 9th Sep 2016 07:27

Let's hope Ryanair and Easy do move some aircraft away from STN. The place cannot cope with current pax numbers (lack of seating, dirty toilets, long immigration queues etc) now, so God only knows how it will cope with extra numbers.
This announcement merely strengthens my resolve to avoid the place like the plague.

compton3bravo 9th Sep 2016 10:06

If the rumours are to believed about up to six B737-800s being based with some flights coming from Spanish bases this is a huge flying programme to start off with and I would guess practically all the destinations are already well served from Stansted. Where Jet2 might score is selling the whole package (I know Thomson and TC do) but I would suggest Jet2 will undercut on price. Also nice to see a civilised discussion on this forum instead of this silly my airport is better than yours carry on. With the amount of traffic set to grow in the future even with the yet unresolved discussions regarding the UK's relations with the rest of Europe, all airports in the South East of England should be able to live in some sort of harmony - let us hope so.

Council Van 9th Sep 2016 12:38

Jet2 is a holiday airline, they are not at Stansted to compete on seat only sales. They are in the South East to sell the whole holiday package.

Destinations will be typical Med ie: Palma Alicante, Malaga, Ibiza Canaries. Faro, Cyprus and Greece.

Mention was made of regular New York flights for Jet2. This will not happen, the 757's are far to busy in the Summer to be waisted going to New York and back.

The new 737's will be turning up at more than one a month so leasing in will not be necessary specifically for Stansted though they may well lease in airframes in the peak season as they have done for many years.

AirportPlanner1 9th Sep 2016 18:29

I agree it will be mainly Med, they do a few other other routes though that aren't currently served from STN - eg Jersey, Düsseldorf, Paris so there might be a few surprises in there. I wonder if they might also fancy going up against EZY to Belfast.

pamann 11th Sep 2016 17:38

Do you think we'll have an announcement tomorrow or this week on the proposed schedule and aircraft basing for Jet2?

FRatSTN 11th Sep 2016 19:22

Normally Thursdays for new routes I think; probably with a big media setup for an official launch. I would've thought it will be this week, time is ticking on a bit as it is.

pamann 11th Sep 2016 21:05

They may be waiting on the arrival of a shinny new Boeing for the fanfare launch? I'd expect it this week so they can maximise forward bookings.

Don't expect any surprises... I think it will be the usual network of sun routes. Be good to see some competition mind on the likes of ALC and FAO. Watch this space.

WHBM 12th Sep 2016 02:41

I'm starting to get the feeling that Ryanair and Easy at their London bases are becoming a bit complacent; apparently a notably high proportion of their profits comes from there, as opposed to the less dense routes across other European points, and they seem to be allowing the likes of Norwegian at Gatwick and Jet2 at Stansted (and even Wizz at Luton) to come in and start picking off markets they have developed.

Easy gave up Gatwick to Moscow while Aeroflot moved even more onto widebody A330s on their London route - maybe Easy were just too believing about Foreign Office anti-Russian hyperbole. For Ryanair, I'm still hacked that they abandoned Stansted to Tampere, Finland's second city, where we were regular users, and so are a fair number of Finns as well.

Itchin McCrevis 12th Sep 2016 20:21

I'm starting to get the feeling that Ryanair and Easy at their London bases are becoming a bit complacent
I don't consider companies of this calibre to be complacent, but I do catch vibes that they feel a little under siege. Neither of them have the equivalent of the "capacity fortress" that BA occupies at Heathrow.

apparently a notably high proportion of their profits comes from there,
Which explains why the new predators/chancers are pushing in.

Buster the Bear 14th Sep 2016 10:41

Travel Agents in the east of England say Jet2.com’s decision to open its first southern base at Stansted will finally give the trade a “look-in” at their local airport where Ryanair has a “stranglehold”.

Agents welcomed the unexpected announcement by the trade-friendly, low-cost carrier and tour operator, traditionally based in northern England, particularly as many had “given up” on using their closest airport.

Jet2, the fourth-largest registered airline in the UK, revealed last week that the airport would become its ninth UK base. Flights will start next spring, but routes have yet to be announced.

Paul Bennett, director of Colchester Travel, which has four branches including one 10 miles from the airport, said: “It’s very positive news to have competition at Stansted, traditionally a Ryanair stranglehold. When Ryanair moved in, it killed everything [trade business] because it’s all direct.

“The trade don’t get a look-in; we gave it up as a local airport. We send most people from Gatwick or Heathrow and rarely use Stansted.” The agency hopes to establish a relationship with Jet2.

East of England Co-op, which has 13 branches across Suffolk and Essex and a new store opening in Ipswich next week, said the move would open up Jet2’s low fares to its customer base.

Sean McLaughlin, head of specialist businesses, said: “With Jet2 coming to Stansted, a popular airport for our customers in East Anglia, we’re looking forward to seeing a growth in sales of Jet2 flights and package holidays.”

Fred Olsen Travel group retail manager Paul Hardwick said: “We tend to sell four and five-star properties, but if we can fly from Stansted and put together our own accommodation and tours, we would definitely work with 
the airline.”

In July, Jet2 revealed Birmingham would become its eighth base, and two weeks ago it launched a recruitment drive for nearly 1,000 staff, including cabin crew, pilots and engineers.

Jet2 has already recruited a new sales executive dedicated to the Stansted area to work with the trade from October. A spokesman said: “Agents should expect, and will receive, the highest level of support from our dedicated team.”

Jet2’s Stansted announcement comes seven weeks after Ryanair said it would cut capacity from the airport following the Brexit referendum vote. Stansted is Ryanair’s biggest UK base.

Philip Meeson, chairman and chief executive of Jet2’s parent company Dart Group, said it saw “great potential” for business out of the east of England and north and east London.

Skipness One Echo 14th Sep 2016 19:41

Ryanair have a way larger % at STN than BA do at LHR though?

Itchin McCrevis 14th Sep 2016 20:10

Ryanair behaviour this winter and next summer points to a cooling of the relationship with MAG/STN, the latter might be relaxed about this dominance being erroded slightly for 2017.

Buster the Bear 14th Sep 2016 21:06

How about the big increase announced this week by Ryanair at Manchester for next summer, MAG must be doing something right?

daz211 14th Sep 2016 21:17

Nothing to do with brexit nor a cooling of friendship it's all down to early morning slots or the lack of than it will be interesting to see what jet2 has managed slot wise and how many A/C are based at STN also might be some jet2 routes not using STN based A/C very interesting times ahead at STN and if what I heard is correct 2 or poss 3 new Airlines before S17 don't ask me which ones because I wasn't told the full story but my contact has inside knowledge of both MAN and STN ops

Callum Paterson 14th Sep 2016 21:18

People still use Travel Agents?! Stone me!!

Buster the Bear 19th Sep 2016 12:40


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