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LTNman 24th Jun 2016 18:53

Ryanair have said no more investment in the UK for the next 2 years so that also means Stansted I guess as well. Wonder if that will mean no more new routes or based aircraft here?

NickBarnes 24th Jun 2016 19:26

Cobalt prices aren't half bad for new start up, website well designed, I hope they do well

STN Ramp Rat 24th Jun 2016 19:37

the original article has gone but the taster is still on line

Cobalt director indicted in Switzerland, in connection to money laundering | A1.AM

Buster the Bear 24th Jun 2016 20:48

As the UK has probably reached/reaching saturation point with flights, I'd take the Ryanair words with a pinch of salt.

Itchin McCrevis 24th Jun 2016 22:12

That was my first reaction - the low cost airlines have collectively flooded the market and available infrastructure (incl airspace) with so much capacity they need a face saving excuse to put the brakes on.

Itchin McCrevis 24th Jun 2016 22:16

There were rumours/warnings circulating about Cobalt from Cypriot sources a few weeks back - but I didn't bother mentioning anything on here as it would have been deemed another "anti-Stansted" conspiracy post.

southside bobby 2nd Jul 2016 10:37

MAG advising me that TOM to introduce Montego Bay from STN in 2017...

davidjohnson6 2nd Jul 2016 12:47

Fly One, a Moldovan airline were due to launch flights from their base in Chisinau to Stansted, in competition with existing flights with Air Moldova. Originally planned to go on sale on 27 June, then deferred to 15 July. Looking at their website, I can't see any date in the next month for which flights are on sale.

Earlier in the summer, the head of the Moldovan CAA was fired by the country's president owing to concerns of a conflict of interest in his roles as head of the Moldova CAA and his indirect ownership of a large number of shares in FlyOne. Questions are now being raised around the role of the Minster of Justice as well. Perhaps not the first choice of airline for Stansted ?


Update 07 July 2016 - London no longer appears on the list of destinations on the FlyOne website. Seems that FlyOne have either cancelled or significantly postponed any plans they may have had involving Stansted or any other London airport.

MATELO 7th Jul 2016 14:59

Passenger caught with GUN-SHAPED iPhone case
Alert at Stansted airport passenger gun shaped phone case | UK | News | Daily Express

:ugh: :ugh: :ugh:

southside bobby 7th Jul 2016 17:24

Inaugural Cobalt CO/FCB service from Larnaca a few minutes from touchdown:ok:.....but admittedly 3 hours late...

SWBKCB 7th Jul 2016 18:52

Passenger caught with GUN-SHAPED iPhone case
When I was a lad it was cigarette lighters shaped like hand grenades that people were surprised they couldn't bring back from their holidays...

Itchin McCrevis 7th Jul 2016 18:53

TOM to introduce Montego Bay from STN in 2017
correct, it replaces one Orlando rotation

wowzz 11th Jul 2016 09:59

You couldn't make it up!

FRatSTN 11th Jul 2016 13:42

Well fortunately summer sunsets aren't till around 20:30 / 21:00 when there's quite a heavy break in the arriving traffic anyway!... In all seriousness though I have heard it to cause one or two problems previously.

TSR2 11th Jul 2016 21:54

Maybe, just maybe a set of sun blinds are called for. Or is this too simple.

southside bobby 13th Jul 2016 10:03

Another goodly one for STN..... 2,188,990 pax for June = +6.3% gives a rolling 12 month total for 23,459,816..:ok:...ATM`s & Cargo also increased in June..

FRatSTN 25th Jul 2016 11:55

Ryanair is to cut Stansted frequencies this Winter now following the Brexit vote though no routes will close completely.

On further investigation it seems to be mainly mid-week days during November and again during January/early February that are affected.

Bit disappointing but makes some sort of sense I suppose as the absolute lows of the low season. Plus Ryanair are already well ahead of their growth target agreements with MAG.

LTNman 25th Jul 2016 13:10

They cut frequencies every winter so it has nothing to do with Brexit

FRatSTN 25th Jul 2016 15:28

That's not the case LTNman unless you are simply comparing winter seasons to summer seasons, in which case of course you will have less traffic.

In fact, quite often Ryanair introduce new routes and frequencies for the winter and carry them through to the following summer.

But more to the point, they've cut frequencies as of today for the upcoming winter season on several routes but as I say, only for certain dates during November and January.

LTNman 25th Jul 2016 16:25

So what you are saying then is that they have cut frequencies for this winter compared to last winter?

I seem to remember large swathes of Ryanair aircraft parked up last winter when Brexit wasn't a factor.

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