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NickBarnes 6th Aug 2015 16:52

Originally Posted by pamann (Post 9072940)
Looks like FlyBe are to continue STN-NCL 1 x daily Monday to Friday through the winter schedule, with a switch to Logan Air's D328. I was expecting this route had been dropped so this is good news. :ok:

Not a D328, if you look at the website it looks as though the seating plan suggests a emb-145 as the emergency exits are in the correct row for a 145, suggests BMI aircraft to operate

Buster the Bear 9th Aug 2015 20:55

Atlantic Star Airlines (London Luton) says the collapse with talks with Titan Airways (ZT, London Stansted) have forced it to defer the sale of tickets for its London Stansted-St. Helena charter flights due to launch in March 2016.

In a statement, the start-up said following the conclusion of negotiations, it had reached a draft agreement with Titan Airways to use its B757-200s to operate the route.

"However we received notification this week that Titan have unilaterally declared all agreements void and are no longer willing to operate the services," Atlantic Star management said in a blog post. "It goes without saying that we feel extremely let down."

Atlantic Star states it has been forced to delay ticket sales while a new charter provider is sought.

"We know how disappointed many people reading this release will be and we are hard at work engaging a replacement airline for the charter programme. This will take time, and we will keep our future customers and trade partners informed as and when it is appropriate to do so."

Titan Airways declined to comment.

St Helena's much anticipated airport is due to open due in February 2016 with British Airways (BA, London Heathrow) franchise holder, Comair (South Africa) (MN, Johannesburg O.R. Tambo), to operate weekly scheduled flights to Johannesburg O.R. Tambo using a B737-800.

pamann 9th Aug 2015 21:14

Atlantic Star
I don't see any mention on their website blog suggesting that this pipe dream outfit ever planned to operate from STN? I thought the plan all along was LTN.

If Titan have severed all ties (if they actually existed in the first place?), that in itself speaks volumes. They're not even a real airline, just chartering aircraft and selling tickets, or not as the case is.

Angels-One-Five 10th Aug 2015 16:28

Atlantic Star definitly was hailed as a long haul schedule whoop whoop on the Luton thread

Buster the Bear 10th Aug 2015 18:45

Ryanair talking to IAG about transfer connections - RTÉ News

Posted this as mentions Stansted.

FRatSTN 16th Aug 2015 18:24

TCX now have Orlando on sale for 10x weekly next summer :eek:

pamann 16th Aug 2015 18:40

How does that work out then? Two per day on some days?

Looks like VS have missed a massive opportunity by not offering STN as an alternative to LGW if MCO really is attracting the masses in Essex.

FRatSTN 16th Aug 2015 18:44

Its 2x flights on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays half an hour apart! Seems to be the Air Tanker and HI fly A330s.

Not convinced, it might be some sort of error at the moment!?

compton3bravo 16th Aug 2015 19:19

Virgin out of Stansted - you are joking - aren´t you!

nt639 16th Aug 2015 22:48

Why would it be a joke, why should everyone in the east side of England have to endure a trip to Gatwick. Makes perfect sense to me. VS have certainly missed an opportunity. If VS can operate from Glasgow & Belfast why not STN?

canberra97 17th Aug 2015 00:49


I wholeheartedly agree with regarding VS, as you say if they can make Belfast and Glasgow work why not have a go at Stansted, there is a huge catchment area and there obviously is demand from 'Essex' crowd considering Thomas Cook are having such a success on long haul from the airport and also with Thomson joining them on long haul next year.

On another note when can we expect Emirates to 'finally' announce STN as their third London gateway, same as above there is a huge catchment area and a wealthy one to and not everyone wants to trek around the M25 to either LHR or LGW if their living in East London, Essex or East Anglia when STN could be so more convenient to them.


pamann 17th Aug 2015 01:11

nt639 beat me to it.

If you told me 10 or so years back that BA would be operating to JFK from London City, I would have called anyone suggesting it crazy.

No jokes in aviation, quite a few unexpected surprises though. :eek:

Seljuk22 17th Aug 2015 17:15

Etihad with a charter flight on 1st September

EY8033 AUH0515 – 1000STN 333
EY8034 STN1200 – 2215AUH 333
ETIHAD Plans One-off London Stansted Charter Flight in early-Sep 2015 | Airline Route

pamann 17th Aug 2015 18:18

I wonder who the EY flight is chartered by or for? And why is a one off charter on Airline Routes Dot Com?

LAX_LHR 17th Aug 2015 18:21

I'm not sure why this charter made it to airline route? There have been several A330-300 charters in the past few months. Qatar have ran a B77W charter from STN recently too.

pamann 19th Aug 2015 00:33

Thomson - Montego Bay
STN-MBJ offered by TOM. Looks like a one off flight for 14 night durations packages available 23rd Feb 2016. :ok:

Angels-One-Five 19th Aug 2015 04:00

Perhaps the Etihad charter is a trial of some kind

There are enough rumours bouncing around the industry about someone prepared to give a SS scheduled operation a go

gilesdavies 20th Aug 2015 20:02

Sort of Update on easyJet expansion at Stansted...
Thought you guys might be interested in this article on BBC Look East (West Edition) this evening, where they are holding easyJet to account on why after two years in, of their five year "expansion plan" nothing has happened.

The number of passengers with the airline has actually dropped going through the airport... They also go to mention that four out of every five passengers flying through Stansted are Ryanair passengers. (Never realised was that high!)

BBC iPlayer - Look East - West - 20/08/2015
(Go to 12mins 30secs into the programme, and it is only available to view until 7pm on the 21st August 2015)

There is nothing in the article we really don't already know, but interesting the local news would pick up this story.

Is there anyway MAG might be doing a bit of stirring in the background, and applying some passive pressure on the airline, by reminding the travelling public of what the airline committed too, a few year back?!

You guys might disagree with me, but I thought the article for local news was for once, quite well researched.

LTNman 20th Aug 2015 20:14

MAG could be eyeing up those 3 easyjet aircraft that left Stansted for the Essex coast. With the best will in the world the move has had several setbacks as easyjet has had to drop and change a few routes as well as having a few operational constraints that don't exist at Stansted.

Saying that Ryanair can't operate out of Southend which must be to easyjet's advantage.

SWBKCB 20th Aug 2015 20:52

Slow news day...

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