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Skipness One Echo 25th Jun 2015 20:16

Just a bit shocked they both chose LGW and didn't look at the bigger picture
They looked at the bigger picture and chose LGW, the market is wayyyyyy bigger.

daz211 25th Jun 2015 21:31

Time will tell like I said good luck to them all at LGW
But I still think a daily A330 and 2 B767 will be over kill
But I hope I'm wrong and price wars begin

FRatSTN 28th Jun 2015 14:04

Anyone know why a BA 777 (callsign BAW9176) has just landed at STN from LGW?

TOWTEAMBASE 28th Jun 2015 21:19

What year did transat fly out if STN. I can remember royal !!!

TOWTEAMBASE 29th Jun 2015 08:10

The BA 777 went to diamond hangar for engineering

pamann 29th Jun 2015 11:01

Royal Airlines operated on behalf of Travel Pack (who incidentally are still around) they now sell seats on scheduled carriers these days. This must have been in the mid 90's at a guess? They flew to pretty much all the major Canadian cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. If I remember right however it was a slot issue at LGW and the entire programme was shifted over to STN.

Air Transat were around with their Tristar for sometime previous to this before it was downgraded to a 757 operating to Toronto via Exeter. I think most of the UK regional routes were dropped when they ditched their 757's if anyone can work that one out?

I'm preety sure some of the other Canadian charter carriers used Stansted in the 80's.

Certainly wouldn't go a miss to see Canada back on the departure boards. But if a blood bath emerges at LGW next summer, I personally think I'd see one of the carriers ditching 'London' all together rather than just moving their London arrival point. Shame not to have given it a go mind.

G-ANPK 30th Jun 2015 07:26

Well today`s (30/06/15) Air Transat flight into LGW from YHZ (TSC 282) is being operated by a B737-8 C-GTQB, Nobody mentioned these flights being operated by a 73-8


AirportPlanner1 30th Jun 2015 09:18

Another Canada connection I had completely forgotten about was Zoom, who operated to Vancouver around 2004 or 05.

Also Skyservice operated a couple of times per week in the late 90s for what I'm sure was more than one season, but I don't think UK pax could book on it.

adfly 30th Jun 2015 09:47

The 738's fly Gatwick-St Johns-Halifax two times per week. In previous years Halifax has been weekly on an A310 and St Johns has not been operated.

j636 30th Jun 2015 11:57

GOT increases from 2 to 3 daily from 15 September as FR announce base at GOT, surly SK time will be very limited at STN?

wethersfield 30th Jun 2015 12:07

SK should do the right thing now and switch the service to SEN who will welcome with open arms

Itchin McCrevis 30th Jun 2015 12:53

SK should do the right thing now and switch the service to SEN who will welcome with open arms
Luton would be a better choice in this instance as closer to the original Heathrow market and while still reasonably convenient for the pharmaceutical boys from Cambridge.

01475 10th Jul 2015 04:55

Is STN close to capacity at peak time in terms of aircraft movements?

Despite the changes, it seems to be very much above capacity in terms of space in the terminal.

STN Ramp Rat 10th Jul 2015 07:33


I would totally agree, I took a day trip out yesterday. I arrived at the airport at 05:15, security was reasonably OK but the departure lounge was packed and flights were being gated earlier that planned to reduce the overcrowding. The issue was clear, one screen of the departures board covered about 30 minutes of flights but the last board covered the 0900-1130 time period. Stansted is by its nature very peaky. I am sure it will be better when the departure lounge is fully open.

The real issues was immigration in the evening, we touched down at 23:35 I made it to the back of the immigration queue at midnight and made it through passport control at 00:40. there were at least eight unmanned passport desks on the EU lanes but at least all the automated gates were working.

terrain safe 10th Jul 2015 10:40


In terms of aircraft movements: no there is still capacity at peak times but it does depend on the direction after departure that everyone flies. If they all go the same way it is lower capacity and inbounds also lose capacity.

Plenty of room on the runway at the moment but next year may be different.

The terminal may be a different story of course!

FRatSTN 10th Jul 2015 16:05

I've noticed slight improvements to the Terminal over the last few weeks or so in terms of overcrowding. Yes it still gets very busy but once all the shopping area is completed at the end of the year it will certainly open up a lot more space if nothing else.

Immigration on the other hand is a shambles but hopefully something will come of this: Government to hold talks with Stansted Airport bosses over passport control problems | Herts & Essex Observer

rog747 11th Jul 2015 17:13

there was a small direct sell? tour operator that operated from STN and SEN iirc called Tom 'something' holidays...tom Crawford rings a bell but i'm not sure

he chartered caravelles from aviaco and TAE/Hispania i think and he did majorca and spain etc.

anyone remember ?

there was travel club upminster and Burtsin travel (he started princess air with a 146QC) who all operated from STN and SEN with their own charters

daz211 11th Jul 2015 19:17

Anyone know what EK3001 is doing at STN
Just seen it land very strange visitor but nice to see :D

Shed-on-a-Pole 11th Jul 2015 19:58

Could it be a Premiership football team heading out on a pre-season tour? Several of these are on the move this week.

wallp 12th Jul 2015 20:06

Did it have Arsenal players emblazoned on the fuselage? In which case it was taking the Arsenal team to Singapore

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