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pamann 11th Feb 2015 22:00

Negativity on the Stansted thread is so predictable. Had BE set up camp at Luton it would of course be a roaring success. :rolleyes:

Any way it's great news that FlyBe have increased frequency on the NQY route, going from 3 weekly, to 4 weekly, to daily now peak season. :ok:

Would be good to know how the TCX longhaul routes are selling, but I guess that info is top secret. Would be great to see an extended season from them for Summer '16. I guess for that we'll just have to wait and see.

Great stuff Stansted! Let's hope there's more to come. :D

compton3bravo 12th Feb 2015 04:59

INARGUABLE - that is a new one for me Basil - explain please! Also I heard a Police Inspector on the TV the other day to find out the CAUSATION of the accident. Can someone speak proper English please, like wot I try to do!

Pain in the R's 12th Feb 2015 05:17

I only hope that they are getting on with talks between some long haul airlines to add some new and existing destinations to the departure boards.
Well they had talks with La Compagnie which didn't go to well as La Compagnie decided that Stansted and its association with Ryanair made Stansted just too low cost for their New York service.

Surprised that upmarket Luton stole the new route from under the nose of MAG after all the comments from MAG about their assault on the long haul market. Clearly something went wrong with their negotiating position.

If you strip out the Ryanair factor the airport would have substantially less passengers than that airport that is next to the M1. Ryanair might be Stansted's biggest customer but it is also their biggest millstone around their neck.

Angels-One-Five 12th Feb 2015 06:26

Why strip out FR.

If you strip EZY out of Luton, or BA out of LHR then both airports would lose a significant amount of pax.

Being the biggest base for europes largest and most successful airline is indeed a real sh!tter

BasilBush 12th Feb 2015 07:27

Quote: "INARGUABLE - that is a new one for me Basil - explain please! Also I heard a Police Inspector on the TV the other day to find out the CAUSATION of the accident. Can someone speak proper English please, like wot I try to do!"

Sorry compton3b, I will try not to use unnecessarily highfalutin words in future. You could also have picked me up on using 'inference', also a posh word. A hundred lines for me....

AirportPlanner1 12th Feb 2015 08:18

I wonder if it was a case of MAG not wanting La Compagnie, rather than the other way around. Think about it, if you have aspirations of a sustainable long-haul network and previous operators have for whatever reason fallen by the wayside, would you want the association with a small player with a model that at best looks shaky?

Don't get me wrong I wish La Compagnie well, but I think STN and MAG feel they have bigger fish to fry and don't want a potential failure on their hands. I mean, why mention STN at all in your publicity unless you are pi$$ed at something?

FRatSTN 12th Feb 2015 08:26

I get the impression that STN wouldn't be too disappointed about not getting La Compagnie. I would imagine their ambition is to get long-haul flights that are more mainstream.

Also their priority at the moment is the Terminal redevelopment, MAG have said they don't expect getting long-haul (other than the few TCX flights this summer) until at least 2016. Makes perfect sense really, why would a long-haul or full-service carrier want to come in before the facilities designed for them are completed?

Seljuk22 12th Feb 2015 17:04

I think the main reason for this passenger growth is due to FR.
FR is not flying because there is (30%) more demand this winter compared to the last winter - they are flying because it makes (now) sence to fly, as they think they won't make any (big) loss due to... lower fees, lower oil prices etc.

There was demand the last winter but the don't offer flights as they knew they would not make any money. FR can easily fly and fill planes from FRA, MAD or other airports but they won't make any money from those airports (right now). Once fees goes down (or they will receive some cash), they will be there and figures will increase as well on those airports (see BRU or soon CPH). As they don't, STN should be happy about this and enjoy the increase to over 20M a year!

TOWTEAMBASE 13th Feb 2015 21:05

I think la compagnie not coming to STN isn't a great loss, I hear the aircraft was impounded in NWI in the not too distant past because they hadn't paid for the paint job. and there is also a reason that TOM didn't want it any more, and now it's going to fly the pond !!!

daz211 15th Feb 2015 21:15

Anyone know what this flight was ? TOM975 was SFB-STN
B757 landed at STN 22.12 Sunday 15th.
Is it a one off or a ferry ? Just strange to see so thought I'd ask.

Also I see British Airways has BA3317 DOH-STN at 0700 16th
Is this a freighter or pax flight its a B77X.

whitelighter 16th Feb 2015 14:44

Is the BA 777 the Qatar Freighter? In from Doh and now Qatar are part of one world alliance they picked up the old GSS/BA freighter business.

And the 757 could well be the Titan 757 returning from a charter or replacement service as they often fly back in on other operators cs

daz211 18th Feb 2015 13:39

Easy jet NEW ROUTE
I see Easyjet have announced Stansted to Monastir for summer 2015 :ok:

FRatSTN 18th Feb 2015 14:39

Nice to finally see a new route from EZY but isn't a very significant boost and are still noticeably fewer flights than last summer.

pamann 19th Feb 2015 17:08

Just wondering why Monastir and not Enfidha? All the UK charter carriers moved their operations from MIR to NBE a few years back. Is this the only UK - MIR route now to exist? Strange choice IMO

FRatSTN 19th Feb 2015 17:35

Doesn't really surprise me. Having been to Enfidha Airport last year, it really doesn't have the low - cost carrier in mind. You can tell it was designed as a premium airport, all air bridges and I would imagine a horrifically expensive airport. Have always thought Monastir would be a better choice for EZY when they eventually started Tunisia. I dare say FR would use Monastir too if they came to Tunisia, certainly not Enfidha.

pamann 19th Feb 2015 19:06

Have to disagree with you there FRatSTN

Enfidha was built as a gateway for the Tunisian beach resorts surrounding Hammamet, which is some distance from Monastir by road. It was always intended that the charter operators would use it as their gateway once opened. It was never designed for premium traffic.

The whole 'low cost airports can't have airbridges' is a myth. It doesn't determin whether an airport is low cost or primarily for premium traffic. What does determine this is the airlines that use them.

Come on you should know this. Wouldn't Luton have them if that was the case? After all it's full of flag carriers like El Al and Tarom. They would be gold plated too seeing it's now a 'boutique airport' :}

FRatSTN 19th Feb 2015 20:57

Enfidha Airport was designed as a premium airport as it was actually originally planned to be a 2nd hub for Tunis air before becoming a gateway for holiday flights. I know there's more to it than air bridges but its quite an unusual airport and gives the impression that it must be an incredibly expensive airport for the airlines. Having been there trust me it is not an airport I'd expect to really see EZY or FR at. That could change in future but not surprised EZY have gone for Monastir over Enfidha. Anyway, back to Stansted...

canberra97 19th Feb 2015 22:58


Excellent reply well done :ok:

FRatSTN 19th Feb 2015 23:52


I hadn't seen the Wiki page but rather remember it from the time. You've given your view and I've given mine and obviously don't agree, why the outrage?

This is after all a thread about STN, people coming here expect to see topics about STN. That should be pretty simple out of respect rather than your idea it seems of waiting for a mod to tell you off.

Bar the fact that I'm struggling to see where your superior knowledge is coming from, I also don't think it's for you to tell me to watch my "on-line tone"... considering you also are not a moderator.

pamann 20th Feb 2015 00:17

Right for starters; my question has everything to do with Stansted, seeing it asks a question about a newly launched route to Monastir.

Secondly; Your response is scripted from Wiki, unless you have a photographic memory, I very much doubt you'd read it sometime previous and memorised it. Have you read the whole of wiki? Are you some kind of aviation oracle?

Lastly; your attitude stinks in your replies tonight. You don't need to be a MOD to determine that! Don't forget some of us on here have backed your posts up in the past and supported you. It's a long way to fall down when you have no support.

So my question remains.

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