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daz211 15th Oct 2015 18:16

Users of Stansted know that the terminal is at bursting point at peak times and security and immigration is a nightmare.

My question is how many passengers was the terminal designed to handle, at 22.5 million passengers and approaching the milestone figure which should once again put Stansted back in 3rd place of UK busiest Airports what are the plans for the future regarding a 2nd terminal ?

Passengers including myself are now turning away from Stansted as a local convenient Airport and using Southend and even Gatwick.

If Stansted is to attract new Airlines and Longhaul routes surely there must be a plan in the pipeline :ugh:.

j636 15th Oct 2015 18:30


The exact same that happened to MAN, 10-15 years away.

They are getting all these passengers but are MAG benefiting much interms of revenue as most suspect FR got a handly deal as they had little options for growth.

wowzz 18th Oct 2015 22:04

For the normal reasons [queues, lack of seating, border control chaos etc] I have avoided STN for the last couple of years. I have just returned from a round trip through STN, and to be fair the experience was not too bad, but I did travel out mid- morning and return mid-afternoon, so outside the peak periods. Even so, the lack of seating, even mid-morning, was noticeable.
What I found amusing, was that after passing through security, and traipsing through the shopping 'experience' was to see the numerous posters telling me that I could turn round and return to the shops!
I get the feeling that the retailers at the beginning of the 'shopping experience' are feeling a little aggrieved that their potential customers are walking straight past their premises, in search of a seat and a cup of tea.
Of course, in the old 'pre-improvement' days, you could sit down, have a cup of tea, and the shops would be all around you! No need to walk back 50 yards against the traffic flow in order to buy a gigantic Toblerone as is the case now.

davidjohnson6 19th Oct 2015 20:43

There is talk elsewhere on the web of virtual airline running scheduled flight between Stansted and Osijek. It seems the bulk of Sea Air's flights would be based around Osijek, Sarajevo and Mostar.

Yes I know Ryanair operate Stansted-Osijek from late March to late October.

Sea Air seem to use 3 different airlines to operate their flights - I've never heard of the three airlines and they are not even mentioned on Wikipedia.

It all seems like an outfit that is very different to most profitable airlines, but am happy to be persuaded otherwise. Seems too well put together to be a school project. Is anyone able to say anything about them from first hand knowledge ? (I can type stuff into Google as well)

daz211 29th Oct 2015 15:07

Turkish Airlines CARGO
Turkish Airlines Starts cargo operations from Stansted Airport to further swell the Essex hub’s freight fraternity.

Turkish joins international heavyweights that include China Southern Airlines and Qatar Airways as the fifth carrier to be added to the cargo network since MAG (Manchester Airports Group) took over ownership of Stansted in March 2013.

The upsurge in operators has seen the airport’s cargo tonnage rise in the past 12 months by 9.5 per cent to hoist the annual total to over 235,000 tonnes.

The new Istanbul link is Turkish Airlines’ first UK all-cargo flight for six years and will see an Airbus A310 fly a weekly service to Stansted from Istanbul’s Ataturk airport via Amsterdam.

Conan Busby, MAG Cargo Business Development Manager, said: “We're delighted that Turkish Airlines has selected the modern, world class cargo facilities at Stansted from which to operate their first UK freight services for six years.

EI-BUD 29th Oct 2015 17:03

Ezy and FR on CPH... This is an odd one. I concur with previous poster re devilment on FR's part. Traditionally, FR have selected routes ex LTN not served by ezy or secured routes in a bilateral fashion that ezy didn't get, e.g. Malta. Same is the case at STN, ezy selects routes not traditionally on FR's radar. Like AMS, CPH ( now being withdrawn), Ljubljana, Bilbao, Rekyjavik etc. So in a sense been quite niche in approach. other cases ezy have moved routes to LGW where Ryanair have moved onto like Tallinn..

While the 2 have Co existed on many route pairs like ex BFS and LPL etc. With both collecting reasonable fares and realistic scheduling, now it seems Clear FR are putting down a marker, like a move onto STN domestics. Ezy cannot withdraw in all instances and for LTN, their home turf, they have to hold strong... The FR challenge will only intensify...

Tranceaddict 29th Oct 2015 17:08

I notice in the article below that FR are in talks with IAG at STN?

As far as I am aware there are no IAG airlines st STN are there?

Ryanair names potential international partners

chaps1954 29th Oct 2015 17:18

MAG must be very happy with STN looking at 22m+ and MAN on track for 25m+ next year


whitelighter 29th Oct 2015 19:10

I notice in the article below that FR are in talks with IAG at STN?

As far as I am aware there are no IAG airlines st STN are there?

Ryanair names potential international partners
No, but who to say what will happen with AL - perhaps a lower cost TA offering from STN freeing up valuable LL slots for BA/IBERIA

Itchin McCrevis 29th Oct 2015 20:27

I notice in the article below that FR are in talks with IAG at STN
oops I think you just started a rumour....:uhoh: or at least you would have done if Buster the Bear had not posted the exact same thing back in August.

MAG must be very happy with STN looking at 22m+
very relieved more likely..after paying 1.5Bn for the place they need all those customers and more through their new shopping mall

SK2567 GOT0700 – 0750STN 736 x67
SK2567 GOT0725 – 0815STN 736 6
SK2569 GOT1750 – 1840STN 736 x6
Looks like my friend in Gothenburg was right about the SAS operation - they seem to be operating just one flight per day in the middle of the day instead of the 12 weekly business return schedule originally planned. To make matters worse apparently the SunAir/BA service out of Cambridge has poached much of the lucrative Pharmceutical traffic leaving them scrapping for mainly leisure passengers against Ryanair - hmm I wonder how that will end...

intortola 30th Oct 2015 20:39

I see there is a SAS flight to STN tonight. Is that a one off or is the schedule now double daily ?
SK2567 is this evenings flight which the above schedule shows as a morning flight

Itchin McCrevis 30th Oct 2015 21:03

SAS Flight times vary but are mostly early afternoon, departures from STN are:

MTWT 1315
F 2025
S 1125
S 1435

Paphian 2nd Nov 2015 06:29

I agree, I am a wheelchair passenger, In August I was late being taken through delay at Security, then we were rushed through to the gate, my wife who is 75 had to run to keep up, and had an Asthma when we got to the gate, then we were kept waiting on the tarmac to board the plane which subsequently had to have a repair to the Engine. We should have refused to fly and asked for a Doctor but we were going to a wedding.
Also on another occasion The Airport wheelchair tested positive for drugs!!! more delays Four flights in and out of Stansted, each had problems, not even an apology from Ryanair. were given a questionnaire by an IATO rep, who said there had been several breaches of regulations

SealinkBF 10th Nov 2015 18:22

Back at Stansted this evening...
I keep on forgetting what a horrible airport this is.

Rude security staff who left a woman in tears, who also barked orders at me and the rest of the cattle in security, while the joke that is fast track security asked me "What am I supposed to do with that?" When I showed her my pass. I mean, customer service is a thing that many other airports get right.

But then mugs like me forget and see the cheap flight and think "Maybe last time was the exception."

Habana2118 11th Nov 2015 09:41

Anyone aware of which handling agent handles the new SAS and Eurowings services?

AirsideOps787 15th Nov 2015 10:24

Swissport are the chosen handler for both SAS and Eurowings...

FRatSTN 15th Nov 2015 13:55

TOM W16/7
Looks as if TOM must be pleased with their long-haul bookings from STN.

Cancun is to operate year-round and now bookable till April 2017
Florida comes back from first week in April 2017 - earlier than 2016 as doesn't start until May
Is also a one-off flight to Barbados in November 2016

Short-haul offering so far looks broadly similar, if not unchanged, from the current W15/6 offering.

whitelighter 16th Nov 2015 05:36

TCX Summer 16
So looking at the TC booking site it appears Orlando is Daily starting July14th through to September 10th with 2 flights available on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.

Cancun weekly on Saturdays and Las Vegas on Thursdays.

does suggest they will have two wide bodies based at the airport plus three A321s.

With the TOM 787 mentioned above that's a pretty decent long haul offering. I hope the terminal can cope

LadyL2013 16th Nov 2015 08:48

Considering I went through STN in peak season and it was dead with most gates not inuse, I'd certainly hope they could cope!

canberra97 16th Nov 2015 11:03


You say peak season but at what time of day did you travel?

Have you experienced Stansted in the mornings I can assure you it's not a pleasant experience!

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