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LAX_LHR 23rd Aug 2017 16:14

Looking at articles from around the time, seems they at least announced STN around 2012 ish IIRC

southside bobby 23rd Aug 2017 16:33

Pabely.....Nah probably just a bit of wishful thinking on your behalf....I think it`s the whole point init that they are now in a North London airport with virtually no US coverage & a hence a totally new market for their connective model & also aware of Primera`s plans/ambition...With no majors could be a slice of market for the taking.
AirportPlanner..yes Wow flew to STN in 2012 on start up & as you say just before they acquired Iceland Express....the fleet was a couple of LY- A320`s & I remember titles on one @ least as Wow Force One & the other may have been...Two..Then the LGW move...

AirportPlanner1 23rd Aug 2017 17:03

Originally Posted by pabely (Post 9870737)
If they can get more slots at LGW, don't be surprised if this disappears down south of the Thames as well.

On this occasion I doubt it - they already have LGW flights around that time anyway.

daz211 23rd Aug 2017 17:52

It's probably more to do with Pabely's location that his comment about WOW only at STN because no available slots at LGW don't think he would be saying the same if the route news was for LTN :rolleyes:

bananamanuk 24th Aug 2017 07:44

Good news
Nice to see news of WOW returning. I remember WOW Force One on their launch before transfer to LGW. As for their US destinations, interesting esp St Louis as that used to be a TWA fortress hub its a shadow of its former self now though.

Cobalt - read yesterday they are starting LGW but are keeping STN but slightly reduced frequency. Via a tweet and fb

pabely 24th Aug 2017 12:05

WOW Airlines
Steady on boys, if did not offer my Location, would you say the same?

I did a little research and there is very little about the new route published out to the media, the new US flights announcement by WOW are not linked at all to STN and using their booking engine from US, it directs you to LGW, not STN by default.
It is only the Stansted media machine which as done that direct link, not WOW, that is their job. I remember a similar thing done by LTN Media about El AL and connections to Far East but the airline themselves have never plugged.
STN Media Quote "including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Montreal" None of these appear in the WOW Booking engine so I assume they left long before the STN arrival even departed UK!
The WOW CEO Quotes "Itís a big day for WOW air as we launch flights from Stansted, our second London airport, plus services to these four new US Midwest destinations." You do appear to be able to catch those same day though but I think he was happy making two separate announcements the same day.

As for the flight timing, early morning slots anywhere in London area (to complement their existing London schedules) are a premium, if they could get them at STN or LGW I'm sure they would jump at them.

Anyhow, I wish them luck and won't bother to comment again on this thread on what is a reality in the London market.

southside bobby 24th Aug 2017 14:18

Pabely.....Nah....my comment was phrased differently to the second poster but of course he was pretty much spot on...You are having a bit of a larf to be honest comparing ELY with the WOW modus & connectivity...it`s a whole different ball game & model....WOW are creating a second bank & wave of arrivals/departures @ KEF later in the day which will also contain their 4 new US destinations announced yesterday,namely Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit & St Louis which are available from STN...It is thought they may well rejig the original bank too at a later stage...Rest assured some of the market in the US Midwest does appear already to be aware of a new London connection for them...So good news for them,good news for London & good news for STN...

STN Ramp Rat 24th Aug 2017 15:50

at he risk of this becoming a KEF thread, I don't think WOW had an option. they fill the airport in the first and second waves and operate slightly ahead of the Icelandair first and second wave which also fill the airport. Neither can invade the others space so a new bank is the only option.

southside bobby 24th Aug 2017 16:09

Yes absolutely...& just explaining the STN service is included in the newer/2nd bank..& yes created because KEF is under capacity constraint in the terminal with ICE using a similar model..WOW are said to considering Asian destinations in a future phase & they of course could be much later allowing for traditional Far Eastern departure timings.....but as you say now nearly running a KEF thread...

FRatSTN 25th Aug 2017 17:38

MUC increases to 12x weekly eff 25th March 2018 and SZG to continue year round with 4x weekly into the summer.

Gives quite an impressive schedule with up to nine departures a day with as many as six aircraft all in at similar times between around 19:00 and 20:30 - starting to look a bit like the former AB operation back in the day

whitelighter 25th Aug 2017 22:58

Even now some evening you see 4 Eurowings (with the occasional Germanwings) lined up in the Aplha apron. Pier 1 now has a nice mix of liveries throughout the day.

Buster the Bear 29th Aug 2017 16:50

I was told today that WOW are moving their Gatwick operation to Stansted by next summer as well as opening the new route from the Essex airport? Came from a reliable source, but I do doubt if it is true?

southside bobby 29th Aug 2017 18:31

Would make a whole lot of sense for them would it not.....The LGW connects with the first bank of US departures from KEF & STN the second so therefore a move would give them complete coverage of their US destinations from one London airport ideally suited for North & East London & the Cambridge corridor at least & also from one that does not have US connections at present, it also could help them counter a hopeful Primera build up...or help to spark off it....Could be good pickings for the model if presented well....

VickersVicount 29th Aug 2017 19:24

Originally Posted by Buster the Bear (Post 9876418)
Came from a reliable source, but I do doubt if it is true?

Contradiction in terms surely?

AirportPlanner1 29th Aug 2017 21:06

I would have suggested double daily from both LGW and STN would be more likely than a transfer from LGW. While STN has its own underserved market as has been pointed out I can't see why WOW would give up an existing apparently successful operation to service it. Also, they near enough have three daily flights across the two airports as it is.

southside bobby 30th Aug 2017 06:59

Fair point from AirportPlanner1 re LGW & would be another possible scenario...but maybe other factors at work too...competition with even more NAX long haul planned from LGW....& perhaps a/c availability for WOW certainly in the short term with their own rapid expansion plans...Certain tho developments will be interesting.....

_aax1 30th Aug 2017 18:00

Thomas Cook now added Enfidha from STN. 1 x weekly, wed from 2nd May

AirportPlanner1 30th Aug 2017 21:06

Originally Posted by _aax1 (Post 9877561)
Thomas Cook now added Enfidha from STN. 1 x weekly, wed from 2nd May

Well that was quick. Are we to assume early sales have been very strong from other airports?

Tranceaddict 31st Aug 2017 08:20


LTNman 31st Aug 2017 08:27

Lost all credibility when they made the following statement and missed out London City:rolleyes:

Being the first airline startup to use a gofundme account to raise funds we plan to fly passenger, cargo, and charter services and create bases at London Stansted, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, London Southend,

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