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FRatSTN 26th Jul 2015 18:54

I really do think it all depends on the time of day.

I flew into STN again very recently:
-The wheels hit the runway at 18:06
-Taxied to and disembarked at Satellite 3
-Got through passport control
-Reclaimed 4 bags
-Went over to Meet & Greet building to collect car keys
-Was at the exit barrier at 18:58.

At 52 mins that's pretty good going as far as I was concerned.

I do appreciate though that it's not always like this and fully agree their needs to be vast improvements in regards to the UK Border Force, especially for the late evening wave of arrivals.

There's very few issues with regards to security. I think in part the staff have been getting more used to the higher volume of passengers.

I don't really understand the "boring airport" comment but it certainly looks better in terms of what's already there. Maybe just a simple matter of taste?

Longer term I'd say there is likely to be further extensions to the terminal (similar to the most recent in 2007/8) to deal with the increase in passengers rather than a second terminal.

Nice to see how many people took interest in the new VIE route btw:E

daz211 26th Jul 2015 21:30

I don't see how the can extend the terminal you have SAS BLU hotel one side and planning has been passed for a new hotel I think Hampton by Hilton on the other side sited in the current staff car park between the terminal and enterprise house

pamann 26th Jul 2015 23:48

It's most definitely down to time of day. Well worth avoiding any arrival back after 2230.

As for the VIE route, this is great news. I guess those of us on here don't get as over excited as our 'neighbours' when it comes to new routes. Otherwise we'd digress and make a mountain from a mole hill on every newly launched route. :cool:

whitelighter 27th Jul 2015 06:57

Standby for the 'euro wings should have gone to Luton/Southend' posts as soon as the usual suspects wake up...

LadyL2013 27th Jul 2015 08:34

Whitellighter, I don't know. It's difficult to put my finger on. LGW just seems like a much better experience all round, it has a happier atmosphere. I know that sounds silly but I don't know how else to describe it.

I guess when you spend both your inbound and outbound mostly in security, it grates a bit. Wasn't even a busy time, arguably the quietest times!

jdcg 27th Jul 2015 10:03

It's interesting that the takeover of LGW by GIP resulted in quite a speedy improvement in the passenger experience. By way of contrast, the takeover of STN by MAG has gone in the opposite direction. I know that there's a huge amount of redevelopment happening but EMA is also a very unpleasant airport these days so I don't hold out much hope.
STN was designed to be a much pleasanter airport experience but it just feels kind of trashed now. It's my local airport and LGW is much less convenient, but I now actively consider LGW much more than I used to. And it's true that Southend is a lovely experience, but it's catchment area is, in reality, very small and the range of routes is unlikely to improve. I'm sad they're cutting SXF.

LTNman 27th Jul 2015 10:26

I wonder if Stansted will take over bottom spot from Luton in the next Which Airport Passenger Survey? I think last year there was just one percentage point in it but Stansed seems to have got a lot worse this year but then I suspect so has Luton but not to the same degree.

I think too many supporters of both airports see new routes and extra passengers as all that really matters. The reality is that Stansted and Luton can't really cope with what they have already got so I would much rather euro wings comes to Stansted with their unhappy passengers than Luton.

While Luton will be almost doubling their security lanes is there any such plans for Stansted, as that seems to be the biggest issue for passengers?

Skipness One Echo 27th Jul 2015 10:37

It's interesting that the takeover of LGW by GIP resulted in quite a speedy improvement in the passenger experience.
And the other way around at EDI where it gets worse and worse....

Fairdealfrank 27th Jul 2015 18:07

As far as terminals are concerned, suspect that MAG will prioritise terminal redvelopment/rebuilding at Ringway.

TOWTEAMBASE 29th Jul 2015 19:18

And the hotel isn't going between the terminal and enterprise house, it's going into enterprise house carpark, hence the extension around the tower

FRatSTN 29th Jul 2015 19:37

Eurowings VIE flights now on sale. 6x weekly from 9th November 2015.

nt639 30th Jul 2015 11:54

Have just returned from flying STN-CGN on Germanwings. Flight was at 7.55am last Thursday & we arrived at the airport at 5.45am, check in was 5 mins, then Security queue was about the same!! Didn't mind the walk through the shops & then breakfast in the departure lounge & then went to the satellite which was quiet with plenty of seating. Return on Tuesday at 4pm in the afternoon, Border control about 30 mins wait . Flights on Germanwings about 90% full both ways. Overall a good experience at Stansted.

RE: Eurowings flights to Vienna. When you go through the booking it says "flight is provided by Austrian Airlines"

TUGNBAR 31st Jul 2015 21:50

Suspected Pipe Bomb
FedEx cargo sheds have been evacuated due to a reported pipe bomb. Some taxiways partially shut to avoid the Zulu area.

TOWTEAMBASE 31st Jul 2015 23:26

Zulus and pipes.......sounds like a job for Michael Kane :-D

canberra97 1st Aug 2015 14:32


I take it you meant MICHEAL CAINE as in Sir Micheal Caine the actor rather than 'Micheal Kaine'!


compton3bravo 1st Aug 2015 15:19

Not many people know that!

Skipness One Echo 1st Aug 2015 15:50

He only came to build an (air)bridge.

Oh wait that was Chard.

TOWTEAMBASE 1st Aug 2015 22:20

No, I meant the one who invented oven chips......oh, wait a minute, he was Scottish :-D
Sorry Canberra, I did try but my phone decided it wanted to spell it that way so I gave up :)

j636 6th Aug 2015 12:59

FR to open daily Sofia route from May.

pamann 6th Aug 2015 15:23

Looks like FlyBe are to continue STN-NCL 1 x daily Monday to Friday through the winter schedule, with a switch to Logan Air's D328. I was expecting this route had been dropped so this is good news. :ok:

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