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daz211 10th Feb 2016 12:06

Another new route, can't see it mentioned in previous posts


HAM - STN - x2 daily.

Tranceaddict 11th Feb 2016 11:46

Weekly STN-ZTH for sale on EZY website from 28th May, according to their interactive map this is "new"

LTNman 11th Feb 2016 14:01

What happened to the deal to double numbers reached in 2013?

Easyjet agrees deal to double London Stansted passengers - BBC News

LGS6753 11th Feb 2016 14:21

That was MAG hype to justify the enormous amount of dosh they had paid for STN.

AvGeek1 11th Feb 2016 18:33

I just don't get it. People on this thread complaining about people on the Luton thread talking about new routes and the development that is going on there currently. So odd. I know the comment from another user about Luton wasn't called for, but what's your problem with the Luton thread. It is an exciting time for Luton at the moment and the future looks bright for them. But I don't see how this affects people on this thread in anyway. If you don't like the content that is being talked about in the Luton thread then don't look at it and focus on this thread! No one has anything against Stansted. If you want route speculation about Stansted, that could be easily arranged. I also agree with other comments about LTNMan in that he is very balanced.

Bagso 11th Feb 2016 19:26

...that enormous amount of dosh was a snip when you consider a Heathrow runway will cost as much as Hinckley Point nuclear reactor and in real terms?

Wait for it. ...

........more than the cost of a 25mile tunnel under the English Channel !

Even Gatwick is fairly exorbitant!

Personally I would rather see tumbleweed blowing down the runway at Stansted BUT I concede a brilliant deal !

southside bobby 12th Feb 2016 09:43

Busiest ever January at Stansted for 1.66M = +11.8%....Rolling Annual now 22.7M = +12%....January Cargo + 10%....

whitelighter 12th Feb 2016 15:17

Can anyone recall the peak pax numbers for stn before the slump?

I recall the got permission to extend numbers from 25mpa to 35mpa but did they ever hit the 25m?

daz211 12th Feb 2016 16:06

From what I can remember.

2005 - 22 million.
2006/2007 - 23.5 million.
2008 - 22 million.

Not sure if they ever got to 25 million but I might be wrong.

LTNman 12th Feb 2016 16:35

So what is the airports present capacity and was those previous totals all down to Ryanair?

Itchin McCrevis 12th Feb 2016 17:29

They definitely have approval to go to 35m but something in the back of my mind tells me they have to do something physical to actually get there - probably add another satellite?

When they were at 23.5m previously Ryanair were less dominant, they had more easyjet, Air Berlin, Norwegian, possibly others. This time round they are 85% Ryanair which is both a blessing and a curse, blessing in their capacity to deliver large volumes (although looking at the movement in the last set of accounts they appear to be paying very little, if anything, for this growth) - and a curse in that it makes other airlines very wary of setting up there unless they serve a very different market (e.g. Thomas Cook) - for example Ryanair have easily seen off the competition from SAS on Gothenburg (which was predicted).

It was my suggestion that BA had an ulterior motive that triggered the recent tirade against LTNman (must be something about the name) which does suggest a degree of paranoia on this thread (I never made any mention of Luton). Incidentally I have heard several industry figures express this same opinion over the past few days.

pamann 12th Feb 2016 17:53

Originally Posted by Itchin McCrevis (Post 9267952)
for example Ryanair have easily seen off the competition from SAS on Gothenburg (which was predicted).

Perhaps I missed this one

Have SAS cancelled the route then?

Itchin McCrevis 12th Feb 2016 17:55

Withdrawn at the end of the current Winter season (according to my friend in GOT).

pamann 12th Feb 2016 17:56

Incidentally no tirade against LTNman on my part with my post. That was made quite clear in my previous response. Just a dig at the delusional Luton fan club base that frequent this site that's all.

wethersfield 12th Feb 2016 19:15

SAS - a crazy decision in the first place to put the service up against RYR. I heard they considered SEN before plumping for STN so hopefully they may look again at SEN.

No competition there so it should do better.

LTNman 12th Feb 2016 19:42

Wonder who needs who more when it comes to Ryanair and MAG. Seems that Ryanair has the upper hand, as if they don't like the fees they just remove a few aircraft to make the point but as time goes on it seems that Stansted is more dependent on Ryanair then ever before which can't be healthy.

davidjohnson6 12th Feb 2016 20:09

Rather than just SAS v Ryanair, Gothenburg was a three way battle when you consider BA's (still operational) route from Cambridge; never mind routes from Heathrow and Gatwick.

daz211 12th Feb 2016 20:17

LTNman you have just gone down in my estimations.

You last post has be brought up many many times in the past.
I would have thought you were better than your post, you have posted an open question that only ever goes one way .
Let's ask what happens if BA leave LHR or who needs who more Esayjet or Gatwick airport.

Sorry it's just one of the posts made by new members or trouble makers.

The fact is Ryanair need/want a huge London base and MAG need flights on the departure boards why ask a question that has no relevance to anything.

pamann 12th Feb 2016 20:41

All airports have a dominant carrier. Ryanair deliver a huge amount of customers through the shopping centre that is the departure lounge. I really don't understand why some posters have such an issue with Ryanair? Luton can only dream of having the Ryanair throughput that Stansted has. In fact, Luton would love to have the passenger throughput that Stansted has alone. However, it doesn't.

LTNman 12th Feb 2016 21:35

Well that is true and it never will have. Stansted is blessed with many acres of land and has that big airport feel about it. We won't talk about that other place here.

On reflection maybe that post was not one of my better offerings but a few here do seem very touchy when it was an innocent comment. When I pass a judgement about LTN no one says a word and my comments about that place can be stinging while here I have to walk around on eggshells and yet it still pi$$es people off yet I never criticise the place.

Starting to think that it is time to let you boys carry on with your bickering and time for me to quit pprune. It used to be a fun place to visit but those days seem to have departed.

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