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HZ123 20th Mar 2014 01:01

I to worked at STN 72-75 and the fireman trainees from around the globe were housed in nissan huts, it adjoined a catering building company name escapes me ? Across the road from it toward the new terminal was a caravan site. As a Constabulary policeman we often used to set up a road block there for vehicle checks as a good number of the caravan residents did not bother with insurance, tax and MOTs'.

At this time I also recall a CL44 that sat on its belly a short distance from the ATEL hanger aside of a Mexicana Comet. The former was weighted down with concrete blocks. To my great surprise one day a rig appeared (like something from a Blue Peter project), the CL 44 was hangared refurbished over 6 months and took to the air.

Also at this time the Carvairs used to come from SEN for servicing. A lady from ATEL who may well have been called Veronica Pope gave me a number of pictures taken at STN of Freddy Lakers twin prop commuter aircraft which did its pre sales/publicity tour from STN. Anyone remind me what it was called ?

Jack1985 20th Mar 2014 01:51

Seems to be back to previous years scheduling i.e. '06/07! Very good for business travellers to know stability of times through a certain season.

Red Four 20th Mar 2014 06:36

You mean this one?:

Tagron 20th Mar 2014 07:22

No it was not the Accountant because it only flew a short test programme which was discontinued in 1958.

Perhaps HZ123 is referring to the Saunders ST27 which was a Canadian twin turboprop conversion (PT6A) of the DH Heron, and of which Aviation Traders had some part in the development. Photo on www.airliners.net at Southend in 1971. Google Saunders ST27 Southend to view.

The Fire School seems to have started in the early 1960s in the location already described. In those days the aircraft in the compound included a Lincoln, Javelin, Meteor NF and a Tudor.

TOWTEAMBASE 22nd Mar 2014 09:24

Are etihad regional coming to STN ?

whitelighter 22nd Mar 2014 09:32

Replacing the twice daily AirBerlin DH8D service to dusseldorf with a four times daily service using Saab2000's


TOWTEAMBASE 22nd Mar 2014 22:36

Thank you whitelighter,any idea when

newscaster 31st Mar 2014 04:27

Dont recall Emirates cargo ever doing STN, if they did so when was it?

p.s I thought when you press reply the post being answered gets auto quoted.

LTNman 31st Mar 2014 22:17

June 2013

easyJet and the new owners of London Stansted, M.A.G, have today announced a new long-term growth framework deal to enable the airline to more than double its passenger numbers at Stansted from a current 2.8 million passengers to six million passengers a year over the next five years.
So is there any expansion this year from easyjet?

whitelighter 1st Apr 2014 07:26

Don't think so.

Other than more A320s rather than A319s

No extra aircraft as far as I can see.

wallp 1st Apr 2014 08:45

Now that EZY have signed new agreements to expand at both LTN & LGW, is it realistic to expect major expansion at STN as well?

whitelighter 1st Apr 2014 22:42


They seem to be signing agreements all over the place, all without their issues.

Gatwick doesn't have much extra capacity
Luton has the issue of AENA funding which is required for expansion to go ahead
Stansted has the Ryanair issue of route competition

I think Easy are keeping all their options open, and rightly so. The Stansted deal is supposed to be over a 5 year period and MAG have been a bit slow bringing the developments on line. I think less than one year since Easy announced the SS deal it's a bit early to be writing it off. If next year there is no increase in PAX then it may be more doubtful.

Have easy stated to take delivery if the new aircraft yet? That may also be halting expansion across the board

LTNman 1st Apr 2014 22:57

I have always thought Southend was vulnerable to the Stansted agreement seeing that the Southend based aircraft came from Stansted.

pamann 1st Apr 2014 22:59

I'm surprised there's no scheduled flights to MAH yet. There's a few gaps in the market such as MAH. It would be nice to see EZY increase their frequencies on some existing routes such as AMS and bring back ALC as I'm sure there could be room again for two on this route. RyanAir are not as cheap as they were back in 2007 either. I think time will tell...

Anyone any idea what and how many 320/319's EZY are basing here now?

whitelighter 1st Apr 2014 23:06

8 aircraft.

6 319s, a 320 and a 320 Neo

whitelighter 1st Apr 2014 23:09

I'm not sure EZY want to give up SEN routes. I assumed that any extra capacity was going to come from the new airframe order, be that shuffling stuff around or just sticking new airframes into the gaps.

SENs USP is check in to flight very quickly which is only possible because they are very quiet.

If they get busy, they lose their USP which may or may not be an issue for EZY.

anna_list 2nd Apr 2014 20:37

Easyjet at Stansted

So is there any expansion this year from easyjet?
No, in fact according to the ACL start of season report, Easyjet seat capacity and number of movements at Stansted will both be down by over 5% compared to last year.

STN Ramp Rat 2nd Apr 2014 20:59

No Panic .... its a five year deal and Easyjet have limited new aircraft joining the fleet and these will be targeted at using the Flybe slots that they have paid a lot of money for. The Stansted expansion should come over the next few years.

Double Hydco 3rd Apr 2014 12:17

8 aircraft.

6 319s, a 320 and a 320 Neo
I've been off for a couple of weeks, but when I left, the break down of based aeroplanes was 7 x 319's and 1 x 320. If you mean by "NEO" a sharklet equipped aircraft, then the current 320 is, but it's due to move on soon.


STN Ramp Rat 10th Apr 2014 18:24

Not going well
Easyjet have announced their Winter schedule, Copenhagen and Lyon are moving to Luton further reducing the Easyjet presence at Stansted.

Ryanair have cynically stepped in on the Prague route with times that are close to the Easyjet times so a day trip is still not possible, how long until Easyjet pull of that one as well. They have now announced Cologne from the Winter so it is possible German Wings pull off the route, talking all the connections with them.

It looks like Ryanair are trying to drive the competition away which is not good for Stansted

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