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canberra97 12th Mar 2014 19:07

Are Emirates still operating their weekly cargo flight into STN?

With Etihad Regional now going to operate from STN could we see Eithad start flights to the airport from Abu Dhabi in the foreseeable future although my bets in any ME3 carrier starting passenger ops to STN would Emirates from Dubai.

carbootking 12th Mar 2014 19:13

i think we will see the big carriers come in when the shop refurb is done , at the moment they have hardly any shops as all being knocked down and rebuilt , the new duty free will open in july and that is going to be massive so we might see something after that

FRatSTN 12th Mar 2014 22:15

Quite a good little video that sums most of it up:

New Departure lounge looks superb in the artist impressions. Looks almost unrecognisable in some areas. Can't visualise where that image is at 0:32 in the video. Is that coming out of security into departures?

I'm too fairly sure there will be a number of new airlines that will follow the completion of this project.

ATNotts 13th Mar 2014 09:05

i think we will see the big carriers come in when the shop refurb is done
I don't believe a refurbished shop will matter one jot in the decision making process of "big carriers" regarding opening services to STN.

Stansted already has two "big carriers" - in EZY and FR - and they serve the niche in the Southeast England market that the airport has made for itself.

Unless and until getting extra slots at LHR, and then LGW becomes too difficult the chances of STN getting "big carriers" - by which I guess we are talking UA, AA, SQ, EK, etc are but two - Bob Hope, and No Hope.

sam dilly 13th Mar 2014 10:03

That's a very nice video message, but something is missing.....
Stansted has only one airline, that is actually British, and based at Stansted, with 1 x 767, 3 x 757, 3 x 737, and an A320 and they don't even get a mention, how peculiar !

TUGNBAR 13th Mar 2014 10:32

Harrods Aviation regularly handle QATAR on the private side, would they go cargo?

TOWTEAMBASE 13th Mar 2014 17:32

Qatar OWN Harrods :-)

Nogbad the Bad 16th Mar 2014 12:56

BAA Fire School - Stansted
Memory fails over the years - I used to visit this place when I was a youngster, and took some photos of the airframes that ended their days here. Not the exotic ones, sadly, but Hastings, LC44's, Brits, DC4/6 as well as the DC7s that used to be in the compound.

Now, to the point of this post (at last) - I really can't remember where the Fire School and associated fire dump used to be - please, can anyone enlighten me ?

TOWTEAMBASE 16th Mar 2014 14:44

BAA Fire School - Stansted
Where ever it was, there definitely isn't any ac there now, just a few old cars and the regulation Green "bitser" for training on. The existing one is nornthside

lotus1 16th Mar 2014 16:20

Fire schools
I remember many years ago visiting manstons fire school what a exotic collection they had vulcans victors argosys also the remains of Britannia of British eagle which belly landed there. With regards to stanstead go on airliners.net they do haves selection of pictures stanstead is on there with old photos of the fire school they do have pictures of the ex Martin air dc6 and Caledonian Brit if that helps .

Suzeman 16th Mar 2014 19:37

Long long time ago.....

Seem to think it was accessed from the A120 and therefore on the South side of the runway, so maybe around where the terminal or freight terminal is now?

boeing_eng 16th Mar 2014 23:33

Yes, the Fire Training compound was on the South Side near the ATEL Hangars in those days. I can recall some old Britannia's and some DC-6's being present in the late 1970's.

G-APDK 17th Mar 2014 17:13

The School was located approximately where the frieght sheds to the west of the terminal are today. At a guess I would say approximately at the southern end of the FedEx area.

There was a significant amount of land fill when the new terminal/cargo area was constructed, so no physical trace remains today.

Our historians/enthusiasts group (Air-Britain Stansted ) used to meet in the lecture theatre of the School during the late 60's /early 70's and we were fortunate to be given access to some of the training films and materials used. I wonder what happened to all of those rolls of cine film?

Air-Britain Stansted Branch

Chopper69 17th Mar 2014 18:51

Hanger 4
Hanger 4 I think was the ATEL location? The Fire School that I remember had a DC6? and when it was apparent that STN was soon to expand, the school was relocated to MME?? I worked at STN for many years (1979 - 1999) so I have a fairly comprehensive collection of Aircraft that visited, including step by step photos of the new Terminal construction. If anyone is interested I can scan and post (or rather my Son will!) or you can PM.

G-APDK 19th Mar 2014 14:28

The School had two ex Martins Air Charter DC7s PH-DSL nad PH-DSO, among the airframes used for training. To my knowledge neither was burned but were broken up before the school moved to Tees-Side.


Dannyboy39 19th Mar 2014 18:39

No doubt getting a good deal from MAG, Stansted and Ryanair have announced that weekly flights will rise from c500 per week, to 700 per week.

Good for Stansted no doubt, but so many eggs in one basket. As an anti-expansion critic has said on Look East, "you may as well rename Stansted, Michael O'Leary Airport".

Flying.Penguin 19th Mar 2014 18:46

Good for Stansted no doubt, but so many eggs in one basket. As an anti-expansion critic has said on Look East, "you may as well rename Stansted, Michael O'Leary Airport".
On that chain of thought you could rename EGLL as "Willie Walsh Airport" & OMDB as "Tim Clark Airport" and so on.

racedo 19th Mar 2014 19:19

As an anti-expansion critic has said on Look East, "you may as well rename Stansted, Michael O'Leary Airport".
Guess they have no relatives employed or relying on their income from Stansted.

Dannyboy39 19th Mar 2014 20:00

OMDB as "Tim Clark Airport"
Emirates are going to up sticks and move to the Dubai Airport City aren't they, when it becomes fully operational?

FRatSTN 19th Mar 2014 23:23

The new Ryanair winter schedule at Stansted looks very "organised" or "consistent" I suppose is the best way to put it. For example flight times are a lot less flexible on many routes, often flying the same times each day (which doesn't really seem to happen that often nowadays).

Plus routes with multiple daily frequencies are better spread throughout the day. For example, the 4 daily flights to Milan-Bergamo depart at 08:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00, spaced exactly 4 hours between. (It hasn't been uncommon in recent years to see 2 flights to the same place leaving at almost the exact same time!)

I wonder if this particularly early release of Ryanair's winter schedule is so they can secure the slots to offer these more consistent and better distributed times, perhaps to look more attractive to business passengers? Just a thought, but kind of makes sense.

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