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pabely 10th Apr 2014 21:37

If the EZY Prague goes then that will put pressure on the other sectors that airplane does and a further loss of based frame might occur. Plenty of other places to put the aircraft as EZY are running at almost 100% already and can put it anyway that a better deal and more profits are to be made.

pamann 10th Apr 2014 21:48

I was wondering if SAS might come back and fill the void left behind. If they can operate to HUY/LBA, I don't see why Stansted couldn't once again be a viable option?

jdcg 10th Apr 2014 21:59

28 flights per week to CGN! That should put the wind up their competitors. But seems like FR have dropped Dortmund, so obviously they can't always beat the competition (i.e. EZY from LTN)

davidjohnson6 10th Apr 2014 22:03

HUY-CPH has not exactly been a huge success so far - seems dependent on a very small corporate client base with relatively low appeal to the wider business and leisure community. Any business (not just airlines) will prefer a diverse customer base - all eggs in 1 basket etc...

Ryanair's STN-DTM is (or was) I think a 1x daily at lunchtime, while Easyjet offers a morning and evening flight on Mon-Fri. Dortmund and the surrounding area is not Germany's tourist hotspot, so which carrier do you think picks up all the business passengers ?

virginblue 10th Apr 2014 22:05

That per Ryanair logic is "just" two daily flights.

The immediate effect it seems to have is that CGN has lost the new SEN route after just six days and 4U cut back its CGN route a while back for winter 14/15. Frequency-wise, net gain for CGN thus is 0: Two additional flights by Ryanair, one less flight by BE and 4U.

FRatSTN 11th Apr 2014 13:03

I thought FR had axed DTM as well from the start of the winter season as it went off sale for a few days. Back now with just one daily flight, departs about 13:00. As for EZY their STN network now is simply just crap. I would say FR is the problem but the fact that CPH and LYS are being moved to LTN when they are not served by FR is strange. Especially now PRG is served by FR who are also going daily to RAK in the winter, it just doesn't add up. I can't see any reason why their yields, especially on routes without FR, would be so much weaker at STN than the other LON airports anyway!? It's simply an error of judgement on their part because they clearly don't have the same level of commitment to STN which is a shame :(

LTNman 11th Apr 2014 13:07

So that Easyjet agreement with MAG was not a commitment then? Wonder why MAG made such a big fuss?

racedo 11th Apr 2014 13:35

Wonder why MAG made such a big fuss?
Have you ever met a PR person ?

Chopper69 11th Apr 2014 17:16

The problem for EZY at STN is that it dilutes traffic from LGW/LTN. I don't know how iron clad the agreement with MAG is, but it is looking increasingly likely that it is just a bargaining chip. In a previous life an Airline that I worked for was approached by LTN and given a fantastic deal just to provide completion to EZY, who at the time has very poor relations with the Airport Authority, but when the maths were done the catchment area/market was very similar. If EZY do stay at STN it will be in very different markets that are offered by LGW/LTN and of course, you DO have to factor in RYR.

toledoashley 11th Apr 2014 17:27

The only markets I can see working for easyJet at Stansted are the Turkish and Egyptian routes, of the sort that Ryanair cant compete on.

compton3bravo 11th Apr 2014 18:07

If you hadn“t noticed toledoashley easy have pulled out of Istanbul completely while Pegasus provide an excellent service to Stansted plus Atlasjet are starting services to Luton shortly so I cannot see your logic.

toledoashley 11th Apr 2014 19:03

I'm thinking more of the leisure routes: Dalaman, Bodrum and Antalya + Sharm (Egypt dependant).

FRatSTN 24th Apr 2014 16:40

Few changes from Thomson for Summer 2015:

Some changes to flight times here and there on certain routes.

Agadir seems to have been dropped and replaced with another Palma.

Extra Tunisia on Sundays served by a W pattern from Luton (and due to the time STN's two a/c are in, could get a short period where 3 of TOM's own a/c are in STN at once!).

Also seems to be 3 flights on Wednesday evenings... 18:50 to RHO, 19:55 to NBE (same as this year) plus 19:55 to IBZ. Can't tell as of yet but I would assume this is the TCX flight which is also used by TOM moved from the current more sociable time of 07:25. Only alternatives would be that this changes at a later date or a third a/c is coming.

FRatSTN 1st May 2014 03:29

MAG finally successful in attracting long-haul to Stansted?
Looks as if MAG has finally got long-haul back in to Stansted with Thomas Cook appearing to be operating a long-haul network in 2015.

New routes from Stansted are:

Cancun, Mexico - Sat
Las Vegas, USA - Mon
Orlando Intl, USA - Fri, Sun

Hopefully they will actually operate in 14 and a half months from now!

adfly 1st May 2014 14:30

The operating period is very short, just 2 months or so! It is fair to say that they are testing the water for now. However I do wonder if in the future TCX would consider using STN to operate the 'trunk' long haul routes which have lots of competition from LGW (MCO, CUN, LAS being prime examples) and operating the less busy primarily Caribbean routes from LGW with its larger catchment, assuming they want to have any long haul presence at all there.

sxflyer 1st May 2014 16:59

adfly, my thoughts exactly. I also wonder if they might be a dark horse to open up STN-JFK as they have done at MAN, though I have to admit I don't follow TCX that closely so have no idea what the situation is with their fleet present or future and whether they have the means for any such expansion

One thing is for sure though, with 2 based aircraft AND short term long haul they seem to have taken a liking to STN under MAG

southside bobby 1st May 2014 17:24

Yes-Thomas Cook longhaul news as posted by FRatSTN now on the Stansted Airport website...Well done MAG...Perhaps this is testing the waters but a good indicator nonetheless of the new owners intent & another example of them being far more positive & pro active than the previous incumbents.They obviously also have a good working relationship with Thomas Cook so who knows for the future.MAG have always said the benefit of the £80M Terminal Transformation Project will only really start to become apparent from the end of that in 2015....Regards The southside...

pamann 1st May 2014 19:12

The longhaul routes from Stansted are great news and well overdue.

Any changes to their shorthaul Summer '15 programme?

daz211 1st May 2014 19:29

Thank god
Well ill be booking LAS, I hate LHR and LGW
but that is just because of the M25.
Fingers crossed the news of these routes spread long overdue.

Well done MAG and thank you TCX .:ok:

compton3bravo 2nd May 2014 06:22

Nobody in their right mind would go to Florida in July and August. Too hot and humid, huricane season etc. but of course we all know why some Brits do go because its CHEAP compared to other mor attractive times of the year, i.e. November to March.

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