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787luton 3rd Nov 2013 19:42

Has anybody heard anymore about the Pegasus move, will they be coming to LTN or staying at stansted?:confused:

Skipness One Echo 3rd Nov 2013 20:22

Any news on Pegasus will they be staying at stansted or moving to luton

Has anybody heard anymore about the Pegasus move, will they be coming to LTN or staying at stansted?
Not since yesterday, no. It's getting terribly "local" in here again....
Air Blue would actually be a good fit for either airport, it'll depend on who offers the better deal, though it might be just as likely to be Blue Air and crossed wires :)

787luton 3rd Nov 2013 20:27

Air blue
I agree skipness one echo, hopefully things will go down without too much of a problem, I want luton to get both obviously:):ok:

sxflyer 3rd Nov 2013 20:37

Of course, in response to any LTN fanboys the following is equally applicable:

When are EZY moving Montpellier, Hamburg, Aberdeen, Zurich, Tel Aviv, Keflavik from STN to LTN along with a couple of based units to satisfy the new deal with MAG?

When are FR moving over Trapani, Beziers and Nimes?

When are Blue Air coming back?

When are Wizz accepting an offer they can't refuse from MAG?

Etc etc

It works both ways, and it's quite pathetic actually. I don't think there are supporters of any airports other than LTN on these boards that act the same way.

Boeing737-8 3rd Nov 2013 20:41

Sx flyer
You being a fan of stansted as you come from Essex will mean you want more airlines for you airport as does 787 luton but air blue would be better for luton compared to stansted. All stansted fans can dream of wizz but NEVER going to happened, at luton there make most of there money and what else can MAG offer them half the cost no way.

787luton 3rd Nov 2013 20:43

Well said
Well said BOEING 737-8, it's quite pathetic what jealousy cause actually:ugh:

787luton 3rd Nov 2013 20:44

Jealousy that we got your EZY flights, as you pointed out in your response!:D

sxflyer 3rd Nov 2013 21:52

I'm not a 'fan' of anywhere, these are businesses and people's jobs we discuss on here, not football teams. It's nothing to do with wanting more airlines for 'my' airport, I'm pointing out that when you fantasise and start fictitious rumours, a. it's people's livelihoods at stake and b. unless 'your' airport is LHR or to a lesser extent LCY absolutely any airline or route operating in the UK is a target for a competitor no matter how secure you perceive it, so you are in no position to gloat.

I do think 787luton and 737-8 are the same person. Probably best to refrain from feeding the troll.

nt639 3rd Nov 2013 22:25

Air Blue
Luton Spotters! try reading this article in which MAG CEO confirmed Air Blue to commence STN next year

Stansted boss sets out vision for two runways - www.travelweekly.co.uk

pamann 4th Nov 2013 02:46

Routes News - Pegasus Airlines expands UK-Turkey network

I think we can quash the 'Pegasus moving to Luton' rumour with the above announcement of new routes for Pegasus from Stansted announced 6 days ago. These rumours are purely 'rumours' started by a few Luton fans on pprune who are clutching at straws with no firm facts. It's all getting a bit childish, boring and really going around in circles now for years. If you can't behave like adults on this forum by constantly popping up on the Stansted thread and trying to make out that your own conceived 'pipe dreams' are about to come true, then please just do one and let the rest of us use this forum for what it's for so we no longer have to read pages and pages of your drivel.

Thank you.

Now back on thread :ok:

LTNman 4th Nov 2013 05:01


I tend to agree with all of your comments. The quality of some of the recent Luton posts are indeed suspect which undermines the whole thread. There is then spillage here as contributors go on fishing trips. Less posts on wish lists rather than quality rumours would be welcome on both threads I would imagine.

LGS6753 4th Nov 2013 11:21

New Pegasus destinations
Looking at the above announcement about Pegasus, I wonder if they are being a little optimistic.
Edremit is on the Aegean coast, between Istanbul and Izmir and as such is likely to attract tourist traffic. As far as I am aware, this area is not served from elsewhere in the UK.
However, both Erzurum and Mardin are provincial capitals in the east of the country, where tourism will be limited, and local poverty will limit the number of Turkey-originating passengers.

I wonder if these flights are planned to be direct, or whether they will be extensions to the existing STN-SAW route. This approach allows places such as Ercan (N. Cyprus) to be 'served' from the UK although the aircraft stops in SAW en route.

I think I would be surprised if Pegasus were announcing an additional 14 flights per week to STN.

Skipness One Echo 4th Nov 2013 12:40

Well said BOEING 737-8, it's quite pathetic what jealousy cause actually
Boeing737-8 = 787luton
You're one and the same surely?

jdcg 4th Nov 2013 12:42

Tend to agree although Mardin has a large Kurdish community with many family members in my part of NE London so a market, as such, exists.

787luton 4th Nov 2013 19:36

We aren't the same and have never even met, we just both agree about a point that you disagree on. Each to their own as they say.

787luton 4th Nov 2013 19:39

To add to that, do you really think that I have time to make two accounts and then reply to each other?:rolleyes:

FRatSTN 4th Nov 2013 20:35

If you have time to add 30 odd posts in only your first few days then probably. It all looks very fishy to me :suspect:

pamann 5th Nov 2013 02:37

The fact that you've changed your location to 'Tea green golf club' from 'Luton' doesn't help your defence. Maybe an issue for the MOD's to look into if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about?! ;)

787luton 5th Nov 2013 06:23

Tea green golf club
Tea green golf club is in luton, it is my local golf club, I have met Boeing 737-8 once (correction) at a football match and he has been on here for 3 months now. If I wanted 2 accounts, surely i would have started them at the same time?:confused:

southside bobby 13th Nov 2013 12:03

Atlantic Airways to return to Stansted
Another feather in MAG`s cap...Atlantic Airways recommences twice weekly Stansted-Faroe Islands service commencing June 5 2014 days 1.4..Service flying again from Stansted rather than Gatwick as it did this year & last.:DRegards,The Southside.

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