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ATNotts 2nd May 2014 07:18


Nobody in their right mind would go to Florida in July and August. Too hot and humid, huricane season etc
Absolutely right - the tour operators make a killing, as July and August is low season in Florida, so the hotel room as going for a song, and at the same time the operators can charge a premium for the school holidays.

A win-win for the operators without a doubt.

The British obsession with taking the children to Disney seems to overtake any reasoned thinking as regards the suitability of such a humid, and climatically inclement region for young children to enjoy a holiday.

rutankrd 2nd May 2014 07:38

Even worse they are playing on general ignorance of the UK populous whom are blissfully unaware of the regional and seasonal weather conditions !

For the same reason I expect the TCX Manchester- Miami operations to perform better in the UK summer than in the local high season thats after Christmas through to March.

I think that American when they tried the route half a dozen years back simply didn't get the UK market at the time !

southside bobby 3rd May 2014 09:26

Stansted definitely on the UP again.....in a single hour between 7-8AM one morning last week 50 movements were achieved...:ok: Good work ATC..... Regards The southside....

LTNman 3rd May 2014 10:01

If you stripped out Ryanair would it be zero?

adfly 3rd May 2014 11:12

In response to [email protected] on the Gatwick thread.
Thanks for enlightening me. Hopefully they will build this up to a year round operation in time!

nt639 3rd May 2014 15:43

Does it matter LTNMAN trolling again I see

pamann 3rd May 2014 17:59

Hard cheese?
I knew this was coming. Some individuals on here are somewhat predictable in their behaviour.

Now if the long haul had gone to a nearby airfield that some believe to be the centre of the universe, some folks on here would be all 'jazz hands' at this point.

Maybe it's time some of you 'build a bridge and get over yourselves' rather than hanging about the Stansted and Southend threads pouncing on any opportunity like some rabid dog in a disco.

Well done to MAG and STN and Thomas Cook for offering more diverse choice for those in the south east. :ok:

whitelighter 3rd May 2014 18:14

If you stripped out Ryanair would it be zero?
Greatly reduced but nowhere near zero.

Bit like Luton losing Easyjet

Youd be left with GermanWings, Airberlin, Pegasus, Loganair, Freebirdair, Easyjet, Thomson, ThomasCook not to mention quite a few bus jets and BBJ/Exec Airbus type stuff.

Boeing737-8 3rd May 2014 20:01

If LTN lose Easyjet it would not be the end of the world. Wizz would be straight in there but Easyjet have sign a new deal with LTN so that won't be happening any time soon

whitelighter 3rd May 2014 20:28

Who suggested Luton were going to lose EZY?

Certainly not me. I was merely saying stripping RYR figures out of Stansted is like taking the EZY movements out of LTN. Pointless but some seem to bang on about it.

About the same chance of that happening as STN losing RYR

compton3bravo 4th May 2014 04:41

Oh come on chaps, can we get back to serious discussions please.

GrahamK 9th May 2014 08:43

From 2nd June, the current Air Berlin DUS-STN service reverts to Etihad Regional using Saab 2000s. From the end of October, ATR72s will be used

southside bobby 9th May 2014 19:44

So....who would have imagined it earlier in 2014.......(yes I know it`s only by default, detractors....BUT 2 of the "big3" Middle East LIVERIES will be gracing the tarmac @ STN on regular service from the middle of the year...Qatar (Cargo) already & from early next month Etihad (Regional).....

wowzz 9th May 2014 21:06

Having recently travelled through STN for the first time for ages, it seems to me that it has rapidly gone down-hill. More flights means more pax, but MAG seems intent on putting in more retail outlets and less and less seats for the pax. When pax are reduced to sitting on the floor because there are no seats available in the departure area as I recently witnessed, further expansion seems crazy.
Perhaps advising the departure gate of flights slightly earlier would help, as the departure gate area always seems under occupied compared to the main departure 'holding' area.

insuindi 10th May 2014 13:34

less seating and keeping pax longer in retail area = more retail bucks to be made. It's not about customer friendliness I fear.

insuindi 10th May 2014 13:36

@southside_bobby I certainly wouldn't have had any money on Etihad rocking up in a Saab2000....

Flightmech 10th May 2014 17:04

Border Control at STN is still a joke regarding time it takes to get to baggage claim.

davidjohnson6 10th May 2014 21:59

Ryanair at Stansted used to mark all flights as 'Final Call' on monitors post security as soon as the boarding process opened. Presumably this encouraged passengers in the shops to immediately stop shopping and run to the gate (often to see a long queue waiting to board), denying retailers potential sales. Now Ryanair flights initially show as 'Boarding' for a while. Has someone at MAG retail put pressure on Ryanair or handling agent to change their practice in return for lower price airport charges, or is this just a part of the new friendly / cuddly Ryanair image ?

mikkie4 10th May 2014 23:26

RYANAIR will never have a friendly/cuddly image not while MOL is in charge

Angels-One-Five 12th May 2014 15:21

Good news on the PAX front - reports today that EGSS is up 11% in April compared to a year ago. Still below the peak but headed in the right direction.

1.72m PAX through the terminal in April - back to over 18m in the past 12 months.

Stansted Airport traffic increases - Cambridge Network

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