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sunday8pm 30th Apr 2008 15:57

Does anyone know which Charter airlines will be flying STN to TFS this winter?

toledoashley 30th Apr 2008 16:54

TCX I believe.

Stanstedeye 30th Apr 2008 18:31

Does anyone know which Charter airlines will be flying STN to TFS this winter?

Tuesday TCX346
Tuesday FCA5202
Friday TCX391
Friday FCA5518

daz211 8th May 2008 20:06

Fly Lal
Airline prepares for Stansted – Lithuania flights

On May 17, flyLAL-Lithuanian Airlines, the Lithuanian national carrier, is to start twice weekly direct flights between Stansted to Palanga, the Lithuanian resort on the ‘amber’ coast.
In addition the airline will launch a four flights a week service between Stansted and Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city.
The new flights to Palanga will operate each Thursday and Saturday, departing from Stansted at 08:15 and arriving at Palanga International Airport at 12:50. The return flights leave Palanga at 06:55 and arrive at Stansted at 07:25 (all times local).
The new flights will be operated using a Boeing 737 – 300 aircraft. :D:ok:

mickey71 9th May 2008 00:42

and of course aegean starts twice daily athens from the 15th may!

anyone got anymore news on air asia x, and i am not interested in which party says which handling agent will have it wrapped up in the bag before its announced officially and i do not mean unofficially in the nerve centre of aviation news and airport gossip that is the smoking hut!

just interested if anyone nows is it any further foward in happening taking into account trying to obtain the aircraft,price of oil and the general world economic state!

sunday8pm 18th May 2008 14:46

What is the current situation with passenger numbers from Stansted? Is it still down on last year like it was in December after the Ryanair and Air Berlin winter cut backs.

Powerjet1 18th May 2008 15:20

Prov CAA stats show April down, -5.6%. For the rolling 12 months, down -1.4%.

sunday8pm 18th May 2008 15:23

Why? Is this situation likely to turn around over the summer? I therefore don't understand the need for a second runway.

LGS6753 18th May 2008 16:30

I would anticipate numbers being down from now on, for a year or more depending on the economy. STN has lost a number of its operators (Sky Europe, Eos, Maxjet, etc), and others have cut back, notably FR - the largest.

With increased fuel prices and recession beginning to bite, numbers are likely to be down almost everywhere, and STN will be no exception.

As for the second runway, I would not be surprised to see changes to its spec as BAA comes under the microscope of the Competition Commission, and as it tries to cut back on capital expenditure. Unless, that is, the whole airport is sold off. Then all bets will be off.

sunday8pm 21st May 2008 09:59

I can't understand why Stansted doesn't have low-cost operators to the Canaries.

Why is it that the charter operators don't seem to like it much either?

Barnesy2006 24th May 2008 15:25

I don't know why that is, i've always thought the same thing and could only think that it's maybe because Luton is only down the road with Gatwick also not to far away.

Stanstedeye 24th May 2008 20:37

Both GO and GSM have tried daily flights to TFS from STN.

LGS6753 25th May 2008 09:07

Never mind, Sunday.

Luton has lots of Canaries flights, to TFS, LPA, ACE and FUE. It's not far from Sudbury, and it's a far better experience than Stansted!:ok:

HKLCY 28th May 2008 13:42

AA drops STN

AA are cutting JFK-STN from 2nd July.

daz211 28th May 2008 18:33

Sad news
So short lived, at least we know it's nothing to do with loads.

So what next ? Ryanair to Newyork ? :oh: ?

Alan Tracey 28th May 2008 18:50

I guess it reached it's aim.......of getting rid of Maxjet and Eos.......

jack_essex 28th May 2008 19:26

I find this so sad, especially how the flights were usually always busy.

Skipness One Echo 28th May 2008 19:30

Bums on seats, as has been said many times before does not equate to a profitable route. The name of the game is yield and Stansted was always unlikely to be drowning in high yield traffic IN COMAPRISON with Heathrow.

The fact that the route isn't even surviving the summer tells that much.

TUGNBAR 28th May 2008 20:15

Such a shame and feel very sad for the guys and gals that will lose jobs........ but as previously said by a fellow ppruner the aim was merely to get rid of MJ and EOS and use they are just using the fuel costs as a good covering excuse.

How is this going to affect the decision on the second runway??

Will this make Ferrovial think about selling Stansted now??

Not looking very good is it!!!

pamann 28th May 2008 20:51

There is a demand there however, there are enough of us living on the right side of London (or wrong) who find Stansted an easy 30 min drive and having flown thru there a number of times lately I have to say it's been a pleasure for a change. My flights with AA to NY however I'm guessing I'll be having to take the very long schlep to LHR and get on the phone to them tomorrow to re book. Not everyone who lives in London lives in Hownslow or W1 or Luton for that matter. But as usual the Stansted bashing will start again (wrong place/grass field in the middle of no where etc.... boring move on):ugh:

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