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Keyvon 3rd May 2012 16:36

Airport is about to lose yet another airline : Bmibaby will cease its flights to Belfast City by mid-June.

pamann 3rd May 2012 17:08

Airport is about to lose yet another airline : Bmibaby will cease its flights to Belfast City by mid-June.
Along with BHX, EMA, BHD... BmiBaby are to be wound down... Not deserting STN. Any need to be posting doom and gloom messages when the BMI work force are in very difficult and uncertain times. Have some empathy for god sake!

I'm sure some posters get off on posting these messages. :=

jdcg 7th May 2012 12:18

ESB always seems to struggle from the UK. Think BMed tried it for a while a way back. Huge Turkish community living around me here in NE London but I've not met any of them who come from Ankara. Pegasus seems to do well through Sabiha Gokcen airport and now Atlasjet will fly to IST. TK has launched LGW so the Turkish market is well served.

STN Ramp Rat 14th May 2012 14:07

more interest in Stansted
South Korean Operator May Buy Stansted: Airport International News

The dominant South Korean airport operations group has expressed interest in acquiring London Stansted Airport from BAA, according to information released on 14 May 2012.

The purchase, if it went ahead, would reduce the British Airport Authority's managed sites to four, after the sale of the former London Gatwick Airport in October 2009 and the more recent Edinburgh Airport sale.

According to comments made to news agency AFP by a representative from the Incheon International Airport Corporation, the operator is "watching with interest" and that applies not only to Stansted, but Glasgow Airport, too. "We also have an interest in other British airports to be put up for sale in the near future", the same figure added.

At one point, BAA owned no less than seven airports but was ordered by the Competition Commission to distribute its assets around, to make the UK airport scene a fairer place. A US organisation, GIP (Global Infrastructure Partners) now owns both Gatwick Airport and Edinburgh Airport.

South Korean Stansted Interest
The South Korean Stansted interest, meanwhile, seems to be related to Incheon's newly-expressed interest in developing an overseas portfolio, with foreign business only responsible for a fraction of its 2011 revenue. "Our overseas business since 2009 is only in its infancy", Incheon's representative explained to AFP. "We're mulling various plans to develop it including buying stakes in foreign airports or construction".

London Stansted Airport is the fourth-busiest in Britain, with 18.3 million passing through it in 2011. Incheon International Airport, meanwhile, is the largest in South Korea and it processed almost twice as many passengers in 2011. Three months ago, it was recognised by ACI as the world's best airport for customer service for the seventh consecutive year.

National carrier Korean Air has by far the largest airline presence at Incheon and the site has three runways, all of them over 12,000 feet long. This allows Incheon to handle the very largest commercial aircraft in service today, including Korean Air's fleet of Airbus A380s.

Whether Incheon International Airport Corporation intends to develop London Stansted remains to be seen but Airport International will present further coverage of this story as future facts emerge.

STN Ramp Rat 15th May 2012 15:40

Aero Toy Store are coming .....
EBACE: Aero Toy Store prepares to open FBO at London Stansted

pabely 15th May 2012 22:18

Aero Toy Store
That is a big space for only spending £2M refurb. I assume the facility itself cost them a bit more?

LTNman 15th May 2012 22:49

Also a very tall hangar just for business jets.

dc9-32 16th May 2012 07:52


B747's, B777's, A330's - not all biz jets are small :=

egnxema 16th May 2012 23:18

Was in STN terminal at various times Monday & Tuesday this week. It struck me how quiet it is compared to 5 years ago. Not just fewer people, but so many empty in branded check in desks. And there is an increasing air of gloom and shabbiness about the place - the newly installed safety nets hanging from the ceiling add to the run down appearance.

I hope that the airport is sold swiftly to new owners. The transformation of LGW is remarkable since leaving BAA. It would be good to see STN become a cared for facility once again.

Skipness One Echo 17th May 2012 00:10

the newly installed safety nets hanging from the ceiling add to the run down appearance.
Why??? What?

carbootking 17th May 2012 15:35

Heathrow humbled: Olympics stars run a mile from official Games airport
Hundreds of athletes and coaches forced to use Stansted

Crisis: Queues at Heathrow Terminal 5


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Matthew Beard

16 May 2012

Hundreds of Olympic athletes and coaches will be forced to leave London from Stansted rather than Heathrow because the official Games gateway cannot cope with the rush.

Major teams, said to include Canada, China and Australia, are booking private charter flights from the Essex airport after the closing ceremony, the Standard has learned.

The moves come after Colin Matthews, the chief executive of Heathrow’s owner BAA, admitted that Britain’s only hub had just 15 years to secure more space for flights or suffer the humiliation of demotion from the world’s airport “Premier League”.

It is a blow to the airport and comes as the Government faces growing pressure to address the lack of space for expansion at Heathrow. About one in 10 of the 10,500 athletes competing at London 2012 is expected to leave from Stansted.

The airport, which handles 70 million passengers a year, is expected to be full to bursting on 13 August, the day after

the closing ceremony, when 50,000 competitors, coaches and officials will vie with regular passengers to catch flights out of London.

It is highly unusual for charter flights after the Games to depart from anywhere other than the official Olympic airport.

A spokesman for BAA said: “We made the decision not to accommodate charter planes or private jets during the Games period to ensure our scheduled flights timetable can be protected during this extremely challenging time. 80 per cent of all Games passengers will pass through Heathrow which already operates at 99.2 per cent capacity.”

A Stansted spokesman said: “On arrival they will come in dribs and drabs but on departure you will get whole teams in one or two charters.

“We are definitely ready to enable teams to depart here. It’s no loss of prestige for Heathrow because they get 80 per cent of the Games family. Any airports would be happy with that although they might be nervous about the challenge.

“[Stansted is] a good alternative and you are not parking someone on the south coast or sending them to Manchester.”

The Greek government built a new £2 billion airport in Athens in time for the 2004 Games while the Chinese authorities ordered the construction of the world’s biggest passenger terminal in Beijing — designed by British architect Lord Foster — ahead of the 2008 Olympics at a cost of about £2.3 billion.

By contrast Heathrow has spent just £20 million gearing up for the Games — much of which is being spent on an “Olympic terminal” for just three days after the Games.

Other measures include hundreds of extra Border Force staff to reduce immigration queues; 1,300 volunteers to meet VIPs off their flights and chaperone them through terminals and new flexible rules on runway use allowing planes to take off and land using the same runway.

But the sheer volume of extra traffic means BAA is already diverting 10,000 flights to other airports over the summer and has banned charter and private flights completely during the Games.

That means VIPs on private jets will head to Stansted’s private north terminal. Megastar athletes such as the multi-millionaires of the US Olympic basketball team, swimming legend Michael Phelps and tennis star Roger Federer are all expected to fly into Essex.

There are no current plans to link the Essex airport to Stratford using Olympic-only road lanes. However it is thought departing teams would be entitled to a police escort to accompany them along the M11.


Fairdealfrank 17th May 2012 18:36

Expand LHR, do it now!

LTNman 17th May 2012 18:41

I spent a few hours today in a village about a mile or so from the end of Stansted’s runway. Most of the departures I had a good view of apart from when I was inside. So excluding Ryanair what did I see? Just 2 aircraft and not a single biz jet. Without Ryanair BAA would be sweeping the runway daily to keep the tumbleweed at bay.

No wonder Stansted will no doubt become the Olympics airport as it is the only London Airport out of the big 4 running at half capacity. Really don't know why it has gone wrong for this airport as it has so much to offer.

Aero Mad 17th May 2012 18:56

Really don't know why it has gone wrong for this airport
Come on LTNman, you know as well as I do. The problem is BAA running the place - they have no interest in it given that they are being forced to sell up and they already own the proverbial cherry on the cake at LHR.

LTNman 17th May 2012 19:10

I don’t buy that answer. The busier the place the more money they would get so it is not in BAA’s interest to run the place down.

STN Ramp Rat 17th May 2012 20:19

it is not in BAA’s interest to run the place down.
yes it is for two reasons

1) The entire BAA argument for not selling stansted was that it did not compete with Heathrow as they served two entirely different markets. Heathrow is a full service airport with a transfer product and Stansted is a low cost point to point airport. Any sign of any full service carriers showing interest in Stansted would have to be discouraged to avoid undermining their argument

2) They are not likely to invest significant amounts of money in an asset they may be forced to sell possibly at a knock down price. I understand that even the staff uniforms are unbranded now in the expectation of a sale.

STN Ramp Rat 17th May 2012 20:33

Olympic charter flights
This story is mischief making by the Evening Standard.

The London bid was always going to be a “low cost” sustainable bid and, If I recall correctly, the bid document said that no new airport capacity was required or would be offered (I am willing to be corrected on this).

From a very early stage the BAA said Heathrow was not available for ad-hoc flights or biz flights and that there were other airports in the London area available to take this traffic. To be honest if you had a closed group from East London why would you go to Heathrow it would take twice the time it takes to get to Stansted. Maybe the headline should be “Olympic teams decide to use more convenient airport” but that would not be as good a story

commit aviation 28th May 2012 15:10

Apparently the court of Appeal has given BAA permission to appeal against the competition Appeal Tribunals judgement from 1st Feb.

Not much more coming from "official" channels (they won't be allowed to comment) but any idea what the timescales might be?
All this continued indecision can't be good for the place.
No doubt the board will have their tin hats on and be standing by for incoming from MOL / Ryanair :E

carousel 30th May 2012 20:27

Safety nets
The netting is a temp measure while the roof glazing is being replaced, aparentley nobody wants to see pax or staff (even security staff) sliced in half by an oop's moment.:D

Leatherman 5th Jun 2012 20:38

reminds me of
Like in the movie The Excorcist? 1. 2 OR 3 I can't remember which?:ugh::rolleyes:

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