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BA Direct Entry Pilot.

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

BA Direct Entry Pilot.

Old 25th Jun 2014, 09:07
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Good luck to all who applied! Just out of curiosity what were some of the "essay" questions that were asked? Thanks
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Old 25th Jun 2014, 17:42
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I'm still waiting to hear my fate. Anyone else?
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Old 25th Jun 2014, 17:51
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Likewise. Put my heart and soul into the essay questions!

1) What do you believe constitutes effective leadership on the flight deck? In the past, how have you demonstrated these skills and qualities? (Max 300 Words)

2) Describe a situation in which you exceeded your customers', expectations. (Max 300 Words)

They also requested a cover letter explaining why we wanted to leave our current jobs and fly for BA.
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Old 25th Jun 2014, 18:03
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Student88, aye still waiting here too.. I didn't expect to hear straight away, due volume of applications. However the checking of emails is driving me bonkers now.
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Old 25th Jun 2014, 18:15
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Sleazy pilots wear uniform for day 1 of the summer sim as it's effectively treated as a line check (with stuff going wrong) under ATQP. It's really no big deal. Easy were also flirting with the idea of hats recently but thankfully that initiative has been buried.
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Old 26th Jun 2014, 06:17
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Just shooting the breeze until we hear everyone's good news.
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Old 26th Jun 2014, 13:31
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And we do not wear hats to the sim...
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Old 26th Jun 2014, 14:07
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And I've been invited for an assessment... so there!

(My first with a British airline since graduating 6 years ago! )
Superpilot is online now  
Old 26th Jun 2014, 14:13
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Good luck with this but I hope you won't use that "STFU" Remember what goes around, comes around.
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Old 27th Jun 2014, 10:36
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Thank you very much!
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 20:17
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PPRuNe Person
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In my previous airline we didn't wear uniforms in the sim, it was slightly odd to look across flt deck and see matey in his chinos and polo shirt. The uniform seems to make it seem more like a normal day at work. Nothing quaint about it...
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Old 30th Jun 2014, 02:10
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Sorry if I gave that impression. I don't have a command yet. Only been operating commercially for 3 years. Flying privately for much longer than that though.

So then, can we assume the assessment questions will be the same style and variety as previous years? Is anybody aware of any changes?

Must say the thread is very quiet compared to the previous BA DEP Lowdown thread. Are we all protecting our own in this crazy dog eat dog world?
Superpilot is online now  
Old 30th Jun 2014, 02:34
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Must say the thread is very quiet compared to the previous BA DEP Lowdown thread
Because far fewer folk can apply this time.

Maybe this thread should be renamed "BA A320 Direct Entry Pilot"
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Old 30th Jun 2014, 09:06
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Exactly. Huge amount who applied last time still aren't eligible and I think have given up constantly talking about BA and hoping.
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Old 30th Jun 2014, 09:13
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So, I guess I'm the only one who didn't get a reply yet
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Old 6th Jul 2014, 03:54
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So any updates on the First day? Are the tests like before or many changes?
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Old 6th Jul 2014, 10:42
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Similar to other recruitment campaigns but there's a whole new section added on to end of the capacity testing this year.
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Old 6th Jul 2014, 19:13
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Please tell me the 'radar' test has gone?!?
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Old 6th Jul 2014, 20:23
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Billybuds I don't think you need a radar to see the plans arriving from Madrid it has been evident for quite a while.
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Old 7th Jul 2014, 15:17
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DEP assessment Day 1

I got many information from PPRuNe so far, somI have to write something....

-2 computer tests, 1h 30 min
The first part was the typical BA exercise with the joystick (keep the cross on the center ) then the same with the "counting down" numbers, then only the colored shapes with a number written on them, and finally all together...

Second part was a new exercise which I didn't know about, which apparently is similar to a CTC fly school entry exercise...(that is what some ex-CTC guys said)...
It was 25min long (after the intro) where you were hearing ATC instructions from your headset, like Altitude , next waypoint and next atc frequencies...
Then you had to "set" them on generic Fmgs ...
Parallely to that you had to insert the top of descend (Difference of altitude divided by the rate of descend times two, that was a rule of thumb we HAD to follow...)
Then you had to go through a checklist of an electrical system (read an do actions), similar to ECAM actions of Airbus, whenever an Electric Master Warning or caution was being triggered...
Then we had to monitor a fuel system with 2 main pumps and 2 standbys , where every now and then you had to switch the main OFF and the StBy on, and after a while wise-versa...

After a short brake:
-verbal reasoning test of 36 questions in 18min
-numerical reasoning test of 24 questions in 12min...

I still wait for the Yes to go for the 2nd day (interview and group exercise) or the No to go home...
Apparently some other mates as well...

All the best to everyone...

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