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Jet2 Recruiting now

Old 8th Oct 2010, 23:29
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Don't remember a 5-7% paycut.

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Old 8th Oct 2010, 23:52
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At the risk of getting my head bitten off by some on here I have accepted Jet2s offer. I would much rather not have to pay for a TR or take only a 70% contract but after sitting home throughout the summer I don't have the luxury of having principles from the position of a good job.

However I see it as a job that pays £30k a year plus allowances and has 5 months holiday (a bit like a teacher). I have been offered 1 of the 2 bases I asked for so I can live at home with my family. There is every chance I could get a command in a year and even if I don't I'll have a Boeing TR and 5-600 airline hours and experience. Even if Ryan or Easy offered free TRs and 100% work there is every chance that I would be based on the other side of Europe. Not something I would want for me or my family.

I am ex military and pre-2008 many of my colleagues walked straight into BA or Virgin but today you need a TR for either company. At the moment nobody offers 'free' or bonded TRs so while its not great, for me with my circumstances it's the best deal in town. In 2 or 3 months better deals may come along but I feel a bird in the hand etc.

The people at Jet2 seem very friendly and are doing their best within the limits set by those above them. They do however seem a bit maxed by the volume of applications.

I am now taking cover, release the hounds of hell.


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Old 9th Oct 2010, 00:07
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Binsleepin, welcome aboard! May i ask which fleet you are going to join?

I have read the comments on here with interest, sure in an ideal world things would be better, easyjet wouldnt be promoting pay to fly, Thomas cook wouldnt be getting cadets to pay for a rating work the summer then no guarantee of future employment, jet 2 wouldnt be asking for you to pay for a type rating and work initially on a 70% contact. The fact is that this industry is cyclic and things will change, as they do all the airlines will have to up the anti in order to attract / keep pilots.

As others have said Jet2 is a friendly pleasant place to work, and as it grows I hope it will mature into a company of choice. Sure there are growing pains at the moment but the future has the potential to be bright.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 09:15
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Some of you are not placing your work environment high enough on your priority list. It makes a monumental difference where you work, as opposed to chasing a type or money. There is a future at Jet2 – I am convinced – but to begin with it is going to be bitter/sweet.
I am not disrespecting the ex-mil pilots, but you get alot as it is. I met a 2 Herc pilots that were getting their ATPL’s paid for as part of a repat programme. I think they were off sailing after too, which they found rather amusing. I am fully aware that you have served – and I was in the AAC myself for a bit before you shoot me down – but expecting it all on a plate in civi-street is a bit much, so is rubbing our noses in it.
This is why the BA Nigel’s mince about like they are the ‘mut’s nuts’, which is a club they are welcome to trust me.
Back to my point about choosing your environment – if you want to play with the Nigel’s crack on, but if you want a relaxed, hard working, professional, friendly place to work......well it sometimes with a tax attached.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 10:20
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brave move - I can fully understand you are keen to get flying again. Do you really think you will get a command in a year ? Sounds like an empty promise or are they really that short of FOs with the hours.
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good job mate! I might be heading there soon!
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 10:34
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brave move - I can fully understand you are keen to get flying again. Do you really think you will get a command in a year ? Sounds like an empty promise or are they really that short of FOs with the hours.
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So I was right - hand over the gratuity to Jet2. Your perogative and good luck.

But I suggest you've a lot to learn about the nasty, deceitful, civilian world of false promises into which you are emerging. The ethics and standards by which you've lead your working life to date are no longer in play.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 11:03
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As was mentioned, I am by no means a fan of the current situation. It may seem unethical, but is it not a tough decision needed to be made to keep everyone employed in a profitable lo-co airline. If they need to save millions to stay in business, this is one way of doing it - and probably the only quick way of doing it. If they don’t, how can they expand in the future (100% contracts etc for us) or prevent themselves becoming another XL?

The British Forces - since you mentioned it - are currently undermanned, but are still cutting back troops and cancelling their orders for much needed modern equipment. By not recruiting, closing stations, extending the life of poor equipment, giving jobs to contractors, back-to-back tours etc...are they not doing the same?
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 11:07
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Starbear i cannot resist this so here we go.

Charlatan and Shyster two words that you used which are chosen to be emotive in the nature of identifying Jet2 and the current recruitment. Such emotive words but used so incorrectly, as you are so fond of dictionary definition i thought i would do the honours for you :-

From the OED regarding charlatan

  • a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill

So you inserted an emotive word to create an image through your post that was totally incorrect as i am not sure that the term would apply to any through the recruitment process.

There is a phrase up't North "You cut your cloth according to your cap" now sadly the economic cap in the UK is looking a little shabby this morning. I see London underground are about to lay off 800, yes thats correct 800. That from a service that is almost a "demanded right " by Londoners. No where does that leave the rest of the economic structure especially holidays and travel which inherently is peoples' disposable income ?? How much disposable do think the British public will have next year.

So i see you didn't answer the question, you expect airlines to fund 100% contracts even though there is no work for those pilots in the Winter ?? Is that really what you are saying ? If the answer is "NO" well welcome aboard the reality express stopping at all stations to full time employment in 3 years time.

Now i have to quote you "Every single point you make about other airlines could possibly be viewed as a genuine reaction to these exceptional times but this not new for Jet2 as I have pointed out a couple of times now, this is their modus operandi even in "good times""

Absolute twaddle my friend up until last year all crew were employed on 100% contracts i was one of them i know. Other airlines do have poor practices, Easyjet operated a flex crew on an hourly rate, i haven't looked but i am sure you were on the Easyjet forum banging on about this and the dreadful way to treat professionals. However what is being offered here is a 70% full time contract and therefore covered by full time employee employment rights and protection. This is not a temporary contract. Yes there are different deals being passed around, some 70% and some 100% that is applicable to a candidates experience i am sure.

I need to quote you again ( this could get repetitive ) "If any business is in dire straits through no fault of of its own then I believe almost every single employee would work for nothing to ensure its survival but again that's not what we are talikng about here is it. "

Fighting for survival ? Actually i think UK plc is fighting for its survival the only people who don't seem to think that are the deluded souls of union leadership who drag cabin crew out on strike in the middle of a recession. I think every business in the next 18months will be fighting for survival especially if the double dip appears up on the horizon. So the businesses that enter the next 18 months in a lean fighting shape ready for that period i believe will survive that period, sadly and i say sadly with a heavy heart its takes whatever it takes to get through this mess. I truly hope that those who have accepted a 70% contract are 100% when the British public decide to take a Winter holiday again. I joined Jet2 knowing money was less than industry standard, but that i worked close to my home, i sleep in my own bed every night, i work hard but i get paid a reasonable amount. I think anyone who has had to work away from their husband/wife and kids will forgo that little bit of extra salary to have a job near their home town. That is also a job that will be there in 18 months time.

Final quote "Jet 2 are NOT responding to market conditions but they using them to exploit some very, very vulnerable people and pilots in particular. Well you will just have to excuse me in joining you from the sidelines and applauding in your upschool support in such disgusting way of behaviour. If you are correct (ergo I am wrong) Jet2 cannot survive without applying such iniquitous conditions, then perhaps they shouldn't be in the market in the first place."

Market conditions i think read the previous paragraph the market conditions in the Uk are dire and may get worse. Now you mentioned "very very vulnerable people" you could have added one more "very" just for emotive effect. These are professional pilots we are talking about, i am not sure i would ever describe any pilot i have ever met as "very very vulnerable" this isn't care in the community this is a group of people who make decisions on a daily basis and understand the background of decisions. More emotive stuff from your good self.

The offer is on the table for these "very very vulnerable" people if they don't want it that is their choice. I hope those offered take it, can afford to take it and i understand that some cannot. But Jet2 have been open and up front throughout from what i have heard, open and up front are they the actions of shysters and charlatans ???

Finally and this is finally i am not defending the actions of management (they are more than able to do that themselves), what i am hoping is that management protect the business that i work for so that i may still be working for that business in 2 years time. Sounds selfish ? ask the same question to the 1000+ employees of the Dart group i reckon you will get the same answer.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 11:09
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Firstly, Congratulations. It is your decision only, what we think is irrelevant.
I am however keen to hear the exact deal on offer ie £25k or £16k etc Money totally upfront or loaned to you etc.

You may not wish to divulge, which is fine, but when I said no to paying £25k up front and still got an assessment day, I am interested to hear if there are other options on the table.

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Old 9th Oct 2010, 11:23
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Thomsonfly pilots accepted i believe a 5-7% pay cut so in effect were working for 95% salary for one year
That is incorrect. Where did you get this false information from?

Don't remember a 5-7% paycut.
Neither do I EPRman!
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Sorry to hear that cv,
at least you have flown commercially some on here never will. My emergency plan is to become a train driver, although those seats are almost as hard to come by as flightdeck !
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I just thought I would add a little history here.

Historically Jet2 used to employ contractors during the summer months to cover the extra capacity needed. This in the past has proved to be an unreliable source of pilots,
1. due to the variable quality of the contract pilots whos knowlege or willingness to learn Jet2 sops is suspect, this has caused CRM problems in the past.
2. Because of the nature of the contract not all contractors were "company orientated" when carrying out duties.
3. The number of contractors available at the start of a season is not guaranteed.

By offering 70% permanent employee contracts (that includes loss of licence cover , pension schemes etc) jet2 has far more contol over the summer workforce and the quality of the operation is vastly improved due to the pilots being trained fully to Jet2 SOPs. All the time Jet2 continues to grow then these contracts will mature into 100% full time (core pilot) contracts. The gamble is when the Jet2 expansion slows those on the 70% contract then will be stuck with it until natural wastage or further expansion happens.

Thomas Cook have for years offered summer commands and then taken on cadets who have to pay for their rating then work for the summer with no guarantee of future employment. Although the 70% contact is not ideal at least it is permanant employment!

So before this turns into a complete slagging match of how "ethical" Jet2 are, would you like to consider that the company is attempting to control quality as well as costs in a constructive fashion? Personally I would like to work for a company that has control of its long term costs, continues to expand and remains profitable despite the downturn! That secures my future and everyone elses at Jet2.

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bluepilot, you said:

Personally I would like to work for a company that has control of its long term costs, continues to expand and remains profitable despite the downturn! That secures my future and everyone elses at Jet2.

Should we understand that you think it's acceptable that YOUR OWN job security is achieved at the expense of new joiners who do the same job as yourself but are rewarded 30% less than yourself ?

And the "maturation" of their contract into a 100% one is left to the only subjective judgment of your generous management. It could last years before -should I say "if"- it ever happens again... remember, the general T&C of this industry have been constantly downhill for a while now. This "upgrade" to 100% may have happenned recently but it does not mean they won't find a way to circumvent it in the future... we all know how this industry is.

My point is that the dramatic deterioration of our conditions is also partly the consequense of the I'm allright Jack attitude you are showing now.
We like to criticize the french when they organize massive disruptive strikes to fight for their future, but at least, they do something unlike us. We only moan or simply accept the so called "economic context" explanation we are fed with, while the fat cats are getting fatter at our expenses.
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this is not an alright jack attitude, which would you prefer? retern to temporary contractors OR 70% full time employees. And yes the job security of all at jet2 is a MAJOR consideration..

I think this is a reasonable response to a problem Jet2 had to face and a far better solution than offered by other airlines (Thomas Cook was one example i used).

As always these solutions are not ideal, but in case you didnt notice there is a recession and costs HAVE to be controlled, if you think it is unethical then you have a choice.

Once the cyclic curve changes then the pilots may be in a position to improve on their terms, until then other solutions have to be considered.
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No, we're out of recession. This recruitment from Jet2 is being instigated due to an upturn in the economy and a forecast growth of the business when the "very" good times actually arrive, the contracts offered should reflect that. Nobody is going to recruit 100 or so pilots if they are still "in the mire".
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It's very much a case of I,m "alright jack". If you feel so strongly about the financial security of your Company volunteer to take a 30 % pay cut and allow one new start to take 100% deal. you say it is " neccessary " to use 70% pilots, which are essentially contractors, but why is it also "necessary" to get them to pay for their training to fly for Jet 2. The answer because they can. Is it the case that Jet 2 made a profit of 12 million last year? You compare the other Airlines as if that excuses what this outfit are doing. I reiterate Starbear is accurate and correct in his description. The likes of Ryan, Easy and now Jet 2 are expoiting pilots and making a mockery of our proffession. I say again shame on you and any one else for condoning such behaviour.
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bluepilot and capt kingkong,

Anything can be defended with a good rethoric and well constructed phrases based on a seemingly unquestionnable logic of economics... that's how governments are ripping off countries, or good lawyers are keeping criminals out of jail...
Ask your boss how he likes the "crisis" and how much profit he makes out of it... while you satisfy yourself with "less money than the industry std"

you guys buy it, your choice... but don't insult the intelligence of those who can clearly see out of your little bubble...
If you can sleep ok while some of your colleagues doing the same job as yourself are making 30% less money than you, then I sincerely hope that you are not part of the "great bunch"
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Hi folks,

Just tried logging into my application and it's come up with a message that it's been deleted

Anyone else had this problem?


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