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Starbear 18th Aug 2010 15:38

Jet2 Recruiting now
Advert on Flightglobal for B757/737 both seats. Is this an odd time of year or very forward thinking?

OutsideCAS 18th Aug 2010 15:57

Believe it to be 'forward thinking/planning' - suspect they're (Jet2) getting a little head start on the others just about to launch their recruitment plans very shortly............

captgeorgekajo 18th Aug 2010 16:09

odd, the link to their website says no jobs available now?!?

Firestorm 18th Aug 2010 16:26

They will be accepting applications via their website from the 24th of August so there's not much point in applying via Flight Global Jobs as I have just found out! It does seem to be a bad case of forward thinking which is rather unusual in an airline in this day and age!

Go or Stay 18th Aug 2010 16:53

Would any current Jet2 pilots like to share any views on their T&Cs, is it a happy ship, how are you treated by management and what is an average roster like?

Have tried a search but can't find any current details.
Many thanks

Crosswind Limit 18th Aug 2010 18:11

I suspect they're testing the waters, trying the same thing they did last winter just a bit earlier this year. Probably because those recruited on the cheap last time (part time/temp contracts) are leaving as well as a load of full timers heading for the middle east. Not surprising really.

fly-half 18th Aug 2010 19:21

Great news! I shall put an application in but will it be the same rubbish 70% contract they had this year?

Spoke to a captain friend of mine who is with them and he has heard they have had a bunch of request for references from the Middle East.

I would love to work for them but it would be hard doing so knowing I was having the piss taken out of me. (first officer here, 2800TT, B737NG&CL).

tonker 18th Aug 2010 19:43

I have been here for nearly 5 years, and like any bunch of people who work together we moan about this that and the other. But most of us are still here.

The bases are great and there is a good variety. Blackpool, very much a flying club atmosphere as its a small but busy base. Edinburgh, not currently as busy with a nice bunch of people led by a popular base Captain and obviously next to one of the best cities in Europe. Manchester is getting busier and bigger with only the car parking a bit of a regular moan. Leeds, HQ and much busier. If you like the hustle and bustle etc and need to build hours, plus living next to some really nice countryside and towns then this is for you. Newcastle where i am based is a popular and friendly base. Again a great city next to some outstanding countryside.

As an F/O you will take home approx 2800, depending on the base and the hours you do. I average about 450-500 hours a year. At Leeds i guess nearer 700 hrs wouldn't be far wrong. I put in 250 per month into a pension scheme and the company matches it. There is a new loss of license scheme which can get you up to 1,000 per month for five years. If you go sausage side whilst in service, your folks inherit about 137,000 for the pleasure:ouch:

Regardless of base there is one common theme and i bet it's the same at most airlines, the folks you work with by and large are your good friends and are there to do a good job for everyone.

Good luck anyway:ok:

Coffin Corner 18th Aug 2010 20:04


I assume the 2800 is take home pay?

hollingworthp 18th Aug 2010 20:04

Hi Tonker - is 2800 net or gross?

wingbar 18th Aug 2010 20:56

Are these guys wanting rated people on the 73/75 or are they likely to take non rated but with experience as well?

Jet2 would suit me well I'm from Yorkshire!

hollingworthp 18th Aug 2010 21:00

The ad is open to both rated & non-rated

B757 & B737 Captains & First Officers ? Various Bases - 1400919926 - Flight Jobs

cap.pulitov 19th Aug 2010 13:14

wow..:D Can someone post please more info on EDI Cap. 737 roster and salary? Very curious as never been invited for interview last year when GSM went down..Now in the sand w new shinny type rating and a bond..But missing Scotland already..
Many thanks

JB007 19th Aug 2010 13:46

This is good stuff! Not interested myself, but does anyone know if they are permanent positions been offered or that 'p!sstaking' summer contract?!?

The non-type rated recruitment is excellent, although I suspect the numbers may not be big but airlines desperatly short or with un-happy pilot work forces should be taking note...

Lets hope this is the trickle to the beginning of the flood gates opening...

PAPI-74 19th Aug 2010 16:06

About 47.5k then (give or take) Gross.

....assuming that you get paid this 12 months of the year.....

wingbar 19th Aug 2010 17:35

Hi guys,

Just applied via flight global, and attached CV etc.

However, on the actual Jet2 website it said that all Aircrew recruitment is closed until sometime in 2011!

Can anybody shed any light on this?

BackingBA 19th Aug 2010 17:44

This is what the website says.

Currently, vacancies for Cabin Crew/Aircrew are now closed but we would like to thank-you for your interest in Jet2.com. Please visit the website again in early September as we will be recruiting again for Summer 2011

Pin Head 19th Aug 2010 17:49

will they take rated experienced 756 fo's for upgrade to Captain? How short are they?

PAPI-74 19th Aug 2010 18:04

Blagh Blagh!!

They only want pilots with Turbo Prob experience. Sorry!

wingbar 19th Aug 2010 18:09


Thanks for clearing that up, not too long then before it's open.
RTFQ on my part!

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