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Fart Master 14th May 2010 09:35


apron 14th May 2010 10:14

Gents...I have an EK interview soon and was wondering if anyone had a copy of some aptitude software that is available online. It is called Cockpitweb Aptitude testing. I would be happy to purchase any copies that people have and no longer require. Not sure if it is of any use but worth a punt. :ok:

Wizofoz 14th May 2010 10:46


In fact you're pretty much EXACTLEY what they are now looking for.

Wizofoz 14th May 2010 10:49

(Ironically, this guy lost everything to Bernie Madoff the same time his book came out.)

....Doesn't exactley speak volumes for his authority on his subject matter, does it?

MosEisley 14th May 2010 14:27

Obviously not but I still think the title gets the message across and I do love some god irony.

cl65 15th May 2010 05:15

According to another pilot, the quiz has been significantly changed and it is not from Ace the tech pilot interview book.

He did mention reading: understanding performance by AJ walters.

Does anyone have a copy or know where i can find this book in US or canada or uk?

If anyone has gone thru recent interview, you could please share your experience on quiz, interview and sim?

Also, could someone point to me in the right direction in finding weather reports in metric system, eg TAF, Metars, RVR , decoding , as am i not used to metric system.



Jupiter5 15th May 2010 06:54

There are only 30 easy multiple choice questions based on basic ATPL. All current jet drivers should know answers. There is no need to go and spend weeks reading various books.
Aptitude tests include around 6 modules and you can not prepare for it. It tests your cognitive skills, reaction time, coordination, reasoning, math and so on.
Group excercises are easy - evaluate the ability to work as a member of an efficient team.
Around 55% of candidates fail the sim check and at the end another 20% fail the psych evaluation. Most of the psych questions are pathetic and irrelevant but your answer does count. Let's say that a candidate is single and his/her parents are dead. Sample question: Do you hate your mother or do you argue with your wife? I think that one company in Australia (maybe VOZ) started using similar psych tests untill they realised that some of the best drivers in the industry were turned away as psych. unfit.

cl65 15th May 2010 07:09

thanks jupiter
May i ask when you went thru interview?

did you study by using ace the pilot interview or anyother books?

any weather questions? metar and taf reading and decoding?

Any math questions for quiz?

were the quiz answers close to each other and was it difficult to guess?

How was your interview overall?

so basically if you finish one phase, you get to go for the next phase?

How soon will they tell you that you passed and have been selected?

thanks again.

cl65 15th May 2010 07:14

You mentioned that the quiz was simple and it was out ATPL.

Was that FAA ATPL OR JAA? Did you study from JAA ?

i do not have access to jaa atpl questions.

jetdriven 15th May 2010 10:17

Hey Jupiter, do you mean 55% of those who fail, fail on the sim, or did you really mean that more than half of all those who attend the selection actually fail the sim?

atpcliff 16th May 2010 20:12


Are you sure about that? So having about 3100 TT and 2900 on A330 (1100 h and current), B737 (1600h) and A320 (about 200h) I should be above that requirement... is it correct?
Thanks again
I'm 99% sure the above means they've lowered the minimums again. It was 4000 TT, and guys were less were having their applications immediately rejected. Yours was not, obviously.

Also, I was at the KLAS (Las Vegas) job fair a couple of weeks ago, and the EK reps told me the mins were lowered again to 2000 hours on aircraft over 10 tonnes. It was 55 tonnes required, when hiring started, in Sep???. Then it was lowered to 55 tonnes recommended (Dec?). Then for the YYZ job fair it was lowered to 2000 over 20/25 tonnes, and just before the LAS job fair to 10 tonnes.

I believe EK will have to keep lowering their mins and/or hiring DECs, UNLESS they improve the T&Cs for the current pilot roster. I would NOT want to be an EK recruiter now, and it will only get worse for them, for the foreseeable future, unless they fix the T&Cs.


pschweitz 17th May 2010 15:49

Stay in Dubai for life?
Got a phone call to interview for F/O position soon.
But... Just wondering. Are you expected to live in Dubai for the remainder of your career with Emirates? Do they even allow any commuting to DBX at all?? Maybe after a few years on the line? or NOOO?? :=

Orangewing 17th May 2010 17:04

Mate, forget about commuting - period. Just forget it, no matter how long you have been at emirates. Especially to Baltimore! (lovely city, by the way) :E

Snake man 17th May 2010 18:39

Of course you can commute..........! From Sharjah! And provided you complete the compulsory off-base notification first. Easy! :bored:


Wacked 17th May 2010 21:06

Are they offering about fast track commands to more experienced guys? I have about 9000 hours all on medium jets and i don't really want to spend 3-5 years in the right seat with emirates. I wouldn't want a DEC either. I know they used to do a fast track deal. Did that work in practice and is it on offer now?

six7driver 17th May 2010 21:54

Wacked...sorry to disappoint you friend, but no fast track commands, and worse is that there are loads of guys with your type of experience that have been waiting now for more than 4 years to get a command. Right now as things stand FORGET 3-5 years, you are dreaming, as an FO try 5-7 AT LEAST, and this little gem of a job will include a 90 hour month :uhoh:, with health consequences from flying at least half of that time on the back of the clock through up to 12 time zones in a week :eek:, on pay that isn't enough to save even a penny if you have kids, bonus included!!!:sad:.

only telling the truth


Wacked 17th May 2010 22:23

Thanks for your reply six, and I take you at your word. But the whole thing doesn't seem to add up. If Emitares are really looking to expand by the amount they say and so many are leaving, I guess the guys will get their chance soon.

Another quick question. If everyone is doing 90 hours a month and everyone can only do 900 in a year, what will they do when everyone runs out of hours?. I remember Ryanair reached this crisis in about 2003. Lots of people got a month or 2 off, and they had to hire in wet leases to keep the place going. Is that really an option in Emirates?

kennedy 18th May 2010 04:31


one way EK get round this is too factor your augmented flights, and we have quite a few of them.

Eg. A augmenting FO sits in the seat for 6 hours on this 10+ hr flight, that's all that is counted towards his 900 hrs.

A capt does a 34 hr Lax return, he logs 27 hrs in his 900, as he augments one way.

We have muliple examples, and don't expect days off for months in excess of 900, you will be given ground duties, sim support, office days, etc or like a friend of mine allocated leave to eat up the leave the company hasn't allocated already( with 2 weeks notice not much he can do as his other half can't get off)

As it has been mentioned before, although EK has a fatigue monitoring program, I've never seen any improvements to fatigue levels in EK

As we say Keep recovering!

DMN 18th May 2010 08:05

Just curious, what do you do for ground or office duty?

Scanwing 18th May 2010 22:40

Hi guys,

Having recently been down to DXB for the interview and being offered a job Im still undecided.

One of the major concerns I/wife has is the accomodation. We were not too impressed by the Villas at Silicon Oasis as they are a little bit of nowhere.
Is it any chance to be put at Emirates Hills/Lakes/Springs/Meadows?
Is there anyone out here, current EK F/O that has taking the allowance and bought a own villa?
If so, how big mortage can you get and which interest rate could you expect? Also, is it a straightforward process to buy a property or is it a nightmare? Is the allowance enough?

Any information is higly appreciated.

Many thanks

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