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flynhigh 22nd Jun 2007 03:55

Fly 747
Thanks again for all your help and great info. Can you please also PM me some info on selection process such as the Tech exam and the sim, you might want to post it here as I sure many people will ask for it. Once again thank you.

goatherd 22nd Jun 2007 04:29

Tell Me..

Which idiot told you 2 years (or 18 months) to command???? Been here 3,5 years and no command in sight. I was told accelerated command at my interview but guess what, that changed!! There are guys here with over 15 000hrs and they are waiting and waiting and......The company does not even have the decency to say sorry guys, we know we are screwing you but this is your career plan. Careful what you believe, come here with your eyes open and your butt cheeks clenched.


six7driver 22nd Jun 2007 05:41

goatherd are you on the bus or boeing? actually thought accel command PIC minimums was 2000hrs, have a few friends flying on the 777 as FO's ex-767-757 capts, but less than 2000hrs pic ...all have been there for more than 21/2 years with no upgrade in sight, but do know one friend, high time captain but not good enough for old DEC mins who did get an upgrade after only a year or so.....what's even more strange is that a friend was just hired as a DEC for 330, cheers..

Payscale 22nd Jun 2007 06:48

Accelerated command is just another DEC scheme. Everyone should start from the begining. I havnt been overly impressed with the superior skills of either. It may be 4 yrs on the bus these days, but....when the A380 arrives the airbus will loose 160 captains over 2 years plus the ones leaving the company. It will come down again...

Heading Select 22nd Jun 2007 07:37

Ok, but whats it like for the single guy? In DXB and enroute with the troops? I have heard it to be an international feast...true?

Schnowzer 22nd Jun 2007 08:17

Loss of Licence insurance is 36 moths
I never noticed that one. Very clever. You think you're covered for three years salary but in reality all they give you is a bag of insects.

Now that made me laugh, good one Muttley!

donpizmeov 22nd Jun 2007 08:40

A little off the topic, but .....

KAL are now no longer needing a type rating for the B744, B777, and those B737 things. All that is required now is 2000hrs PIC airline transport (widebody preferred) for the 777, 3000hrs PIC airline transport (widebody preferred) for the B744, and 2000hrs pic airline transport (have you ever seen EFIS?) for the B737.

Also press releases about EK are now stating 200 aeroplane fleet in 5 years, where it was only 156 by 2012 a few months ago.

Interesting times.


Crinklstein 22nd Jun 2007 12:01


I say again....We are talking about Emirates here.


If you really want something to do, I proprose that you do some research with the clinic and find out how many pilots have called in with issues of fatigue and check the ASR reports as well. Then you may give us a "brief" brief. Lets go back as far as when they first started cataloging those safety reports. Then you may enlighten us with your findings and entertain us mere mortals with your divine intellect.

When you're done and you confirm EK pilots work harder than Cathay pilots for less money.....then please tell us what to do about it. In fact may I nominate you to contact the company with these issues and put forward your 5 point plan. Please keep it brief. Anything longer and you'll lose us laymen with yer high falluting tone and jargon.

This is a rumour network dude....what anyone says here whether it be fact or fiction should be checked against the facts. Dubai is a middle-eastern success story. These guys have done really well and so has Emirates. Their success of Dubai is linked with the success of the airline and vice-versa.

Off for a cold one....:yuk:

Heading Select 22nd Jun 2007 13:21

Ok, but how much is it there for a Porsche 911? (new)

montencee 22nd Jun 2007 13:25

Well Hallejulah, a post from Crinklstein that doesn't sound as though he's selling Moms Apple Pie.

Trouble is as a 'Johnny Come Lately' you have not witnessed the unnecessary and opportunistic erosion in lifestyle and standards occurring at EK in the last six years, an erosion that I suspect that you are part of (see my post 978).

Doubtless you are acquainted with your two fellow countrymen, both F/Os with EK for around three years, who have both decided that EK is no longer for them, both bypassed for command by countless B777 F/Os, accelerators and DECs such as yourself.

And I doubt that they and the other five on the 'out of here' list for July share your 'joy of life'.

kokkos 22nd Jun 2007 13:41

Correct Don.

Heard about the 777 guys how hand-flew to 15000'. Cautioned by EGT for not following the automation policy.

Heard about the guy who asked JH if he can move back into company accom, after selling his "show-villa". The answer he got was: "over my dead body".

Standard disciplinary hearing now is:"no increment for 2 years" Now that could equate to $130000, if you have 20 years left.

Suddenly the KAL fine system doesn't seem so bad.

As Don says; Interesting times.

Sooooo check out. [email protected] !

Heading Select 22nd Jun 2007 13:42

Hmmm, why would you leave now? Would you not get the command first?

Crinklstein 22nd Jun 2007 14:58

Oh so i am a "DEC" now am I?

Wow...you must have a crystal ball...you just seem to know it all....No time for know it alls.

I think I might need an extra beer this time.


southflyer 22nd Jun 2007 15:17

Man..... it really makes you wonder where they get these clowns from...

fish bowl, eh?? no wonder...

Crinklstein 22nd Jun 2007 15:44

I'd like to comment but I am not getting roped into this dribble.

Cheers boys ;)

thefoxandfirkin 22nd Jun 2007 16:04

Calm down ladies!!

On a different subject .. the Porsche... about 350,000 AED but two things:

1) No use in DXB, too small!
2) It's gonna get dented, that I can promise!! :ooh:

Better idea... Nissan Armada.... it's the closest thing to a battle hardened mini-truck, your Mrs will love it on the school run!! :E

The Fox and Firkin

ce650flyer 22nd Jun 2007 16:15

SIM Eval
Got an intrview in August and was wondering about the sim eval. Is it the same old thing or are there any quirks with the sim or with what they want you to do??????

Thanks in advance

freddi16 22nd Jun 2007 19:14

ek interview
Hi Fly 747 Can You P.m. Me Some More Info About Inerview Process?

Driverherlikeuownher 22nd Jun 2007 22:32

Ek Recruiting E-mail
Hi all,
I have been trying to find an e-mail address or telephone number for EK pilot recruiting. Any chance someone can post it here. Have a good weekend. Thanks.

CI100 22nd Jun 2007 23:34

With that user name, it shows exactly the type of the person you are, and I don't think I want someone like you here....so you won't be getting it from me.


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