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Frozen Turtle 1st Feb 2017 10:42

Would someone have some recent insight concerning training bonds at QR for Type Rated DEC?
Some older post suggested there is a separate bond for line training and TR, presumable for cadets/SO?

APU_inop 1st Feb 2017 10:52

Rated: no bond
NTR: 3 years

Frozen Turtle 1st Feb 2017 11:05

Thank you APU_inop

Irongear 1st Feb 2017 14:12

Could someone who has recently joined QR advise about the housing situation please. Does the airline still provide company accommodation or just the allowance?

Appreciate your help!


tunpilot 1st Feb 2017 17:01

SO joining date
does any body knows something about the joining date of SECOND OFFICER

BR-Pilot 1st Feb 2017 20:39


Originally Posted by Irongear (Post 9660846)
Could someone who has recently joined QR advise about the housing situation please. Does the airline still provide company accommodation or just the allowance?

Appreciate your help!


We were told on September assessment that new joiners should be placed in company accommodation at first. Anyone interested in getting the house allowance and renting on his own would have to apply and wait.

aviation2020 2nd Feb 2017 08:59

Originally Posted by PayJay (Post 9658501)
Does anybody have the 50 questions about the ATPL exam?
I Have no clue what they ask,
Thanks..for pm ing me..

Hello Every one

i will appreciate if any one could guide me on 50 questions ATPL exam.

Irongear 2nd Feb 2017 09:37

BR-Pilot thanks for clarifying that!

Crashlanding 5th Feb 2017 16:54

Police verification certificate
Hi any one from UK in Qatar, quick question, what is the police verification certificate Qatar ask for since there is no such document in the uk.

Was it the basic CRB check
Or the ARCO police certificate (which appears to be for embassies rather than companys)

Feel free to PM me if you dont want to reply directly to this post

Cheers CL

Black Pudding 5th Feb 2017 20:47


I have no idea what they are referring to. I would simply email them to clarify they mean the CRB, which is what I think it is.

When is your start date

Good luck

Crashlanding 6th Feb 2017 04:17

Everyone thats PMd me has given the CRB, so id go basic CRB check, which makes sense as its the one UK companies would use.

I was swimming 6 months, with a large notice period. Should start july

TugaFly 6th Feb 2017 10:18

Any info on the Skype interview? I read that it's mainly to check your english, but what kind of questions do they ask?

Cyclopps 6th Feb 2017 10:29

Hello guys, heard the question bank has just been changed to JAR. Would appreciate a pm of the new question bank. Thanks

Always Moving 6th Feb 2017 10:33

EASA yes
Yes they are EASA questions since I had no idea of what they were asking on half of the questions.

Anyone has a question bank?


PapaHotel85 6th Feb 2017 13:17

Question bank
You have to study the main ATPL topics. There is no question bank summary. The latestpilotjobs is not up to date any more. Just study the ATPL topics once and you will be fine.

Mgggpilot 7th Feb 2017 10:09

My status on the applications page has changed to "Interview Schedule Pending"
Guys what does this mean? It has changed few hours after I did my Skype interview

Black Pudding 7th Feb 2017 10:15

I am guessing it means you will be called to Doha for the exam, interview and sim if you pass the interview. They will fly you here (Business Class if available on the flight) and put you up in a nice hotel for a couple of days.

Mgggpilot 7th Feb 2017 10:28

Thanks @Black Puddin

That sounds good.

Mgggpilot 7th Feb 2017 15:32

I need your little help guys
Under Advanced Candidate Zone, I am supposed to upload documents, but when I try to upload I get the message "Please contact HR department for further details."
Could you please provide me with HR department email? or if anyone can provide a help please
Many thankshttps://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/...s/cleardot.gif

flyjeff 9th Feb 2017 07:19

Anyone else here who got a joining date in July?

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