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mickey11 9th Feb 2017 06:26

Flyjef, is that for B777 ? are you type rated?

flyjeff 9th Feb 2017 06:38

Yes, for the 777. Coming from the 737NG, so not type rated yet.

Ramy83 10th Feb 2017 15:42

Hi , any idea how long after the skype and filling the data on the advanced candidate zone will they send an invitation to DOHA for assessment.

Mgggpilot 11th Feb 2017 10:53

I received invitation the next day.

Ramy83 12th Feb 2017 10:23

I got the email to fill the form on the 26th of jan and till now no other emails received

Ramy83 12th Feb 2017 10:33

When did u got the email to fill the form on advanced candidate zone ?

willieaviator 14th Feb 2017 08:10

hi all,
I've checked the QR pay and benefits. but still have few questions.
can anyone help me with my questions?
over flight pay is over 850 hr/yr. is it paid annually or what? and how does it calculated?
how does the monthly flight pay calculated for a captain? and layover pay?
Is there a QR B777 captain here can answer my Qs?
Thanks so much.

APU_inop 14th Feb 2017 15:52

Yes it's paid once annually. For captains, I think, it's 138 qar per hour flown above 850 hours however, it's not from new years eve to new years eve, I think that they start and finish their calender year in the spring. The per diems are paid monthly as well.

In addition to the hours flown above 850, you get a normal flight pay for every block hour flown.

striker26 14th Feb 2017 17:55

Can anyone elaborate on the housing for FO's? Where are the company accommodations located and how do you find the accommodations in general?

willieaviator 14th Feb 2017 19:25

Thanks APU inop.
So, the normal hourly pay is 69 qar. average how many hours does one fly there?
how much is the per diems?
and how about education allowance? you claim it by combine your kids (up to 3) school fees?

Reveal1 14th Feb 2017 22:31

Does anyone has been called even if have less of the 1000 TT Multicrew ??

VIPER1616 15th Feb 2017 01:55

Anyone in the Talent Pool!!!!!!! News about this pool please

APU_inop 15th Feb 2017 06:41

willieaviator you don't always log all the time in the aircraft but you get paid for all of it. so it is 138qar for every hour flown whether it is at Stick or in bunk. plus another extra 138 per hour above 850.

willieaviator 15th Feb 2017 10:20

Yeah, like ULRs. Thanks again. And do you know anything about the education allowance?

TonT 15th Feb 2017 12:13

Hi all, i need help for the reapply..... can anyone tell me what do i need to do
can I use the same one I've used or do i need new eamil?
can I apply one month before the six ends?
can I Email the HR for any question or is it a problem?
I've study LPJ for 50 ATPL Question (is it true LPJ its not update)? i find Volare question better.
Pm please

Black Pudding 15th Feb 2017 17:49


Six means Six.

If after Six, you have a problem trying to reapply, simply get a new email address and use that.

As long as you study, be positive and smile, you'll be fine.

Make sure you google everything and anything about Qatar Airways espes fleet size, aircraft orders, new routes and future routes. Also, have a good look at the Qatar Airways website for news. When they ask you what do you know about Qatar Airways, make sure you know as much as possible. It will show you have taken the time to do your homework.

Good luck

BR-Pilot 15th Feb 2017 19:53

Originally Posted by VIPER1616 (Post 9676405)
Anyone in the Talent Pool!!!!!!! News about this pool please

I'm in the pool since September, still waiting.

Follow this thread: http://www.pprune.org/middle-east/583672-qatar-talent-pool-fo.html


dd061 16th Feb 2017 11:13

I just got an email that said i been placed to Talent Pool. When i entered their website/career Application Status: On Hold . Is it normal ?

terveydeksi 16th Feb 2017 14:39

Originally Posted by dd061 (Post 9677929)
I just got an email that said i been placed to Talent Pool. When i entered their website/career Application Status: On Hold . Is it normal ?

First of all, congratulations!

The status 'On Hold' is normal when you are placed into the pool.

You can follow this thread, as mentioned above:

What is your flying experience by the way?

robmolos 16th Feb 2017 17:31

Hello guys,
how is life on 777?
and how about 787?
which one is to be preferred?

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