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WrldWide 3rd Dec 2016 16:49

The IR validity requirement is a QCAA requirement if you are DEC.

michaela74 3rd Dec 2016 18:32

So the IR validity doesn't count for first officers? I just got the green light for direct entry Airbus rated F/O. If I get a course date soon it's going to be very tight with regard to my IR expiry date. Can anyone in the know tell me how deep this pool is for Airbus rated F/Os and where can I expect to live with a wife and two kids.

APU_inop 3rd Dec 2016 18:36

I think they've shortened the required validity depending on your previous experience and fleet of joining.

WrldWide 4th Dec 2016 21:46

That does not apply to flight deck. Flight deck obtain an annual exit permit, come and go as one likes.

Paper Lad 5th Dec 2016 13:22

My understanding is that an exit visa is still required under the new system. The method of applying is different and is aimed at those workers who are having difficulty getting their employer to grant one. The new system allows a worker to apply directly to the Ministry of something or other for the granting of exit permit and requires three days notice.

As previously stated, QR grants pilots a multi exit visa so the new system has little effect.

captain_j 6th Dec 2016 04:38

hey guys!

I want to apply for the qatar pilot cadet program but i am a little confused. on their website the minimum requirement is to be a national. but places like ctc aviation are saying its open to any nationality. which one is true? and what do you guys advise regarding their cadet program. i am new this. thanks.

P.S. the link where i saw the requirement Cadet Pilot Programme

mmorel 6th Dec 2016 13:03

International saving plan vs End Of Service Benefits
Does anyone know which one is better to choose?

I think they contribute more into International saving plan than End of service benefits.

End Of Service Benefits or, International Saving Plan: employer pays 10% of basic monthly salary into the plan ?

striker26 11th Dec 2016 23:31

a320 schedule
Could someone also give a detailed description of a320 monthly rosters?

Thanks in advance

Arrowhead 12th Dec 2016 01:11

NTR DEC Widebody
Can anyone confirm if all experienced and TR A320 Captains tha join will automatically go onto A320, or if some/any go A330/A35/A380?


mprribeiro 12th Dec 2016 08:15

I've been in the talent pool since last month and no idea about when they will call us. I've applied for FO non type Boeing 777 or 787.

mprribeiro 12th Dec 2016 15:44

Originally Posted by Conqueror (Post 9606683)
How many were you for the interview? There are really good number of candidates coming everyday in Oryc Rotana only 2 fail out of 8 for ours

We were 6. Just 1 failed. Anybody here in the pool ? For how long?

max767 13th Dec 2016 11:46

I have an interview coming with Qatar Airways as DEC Boeing, can anybody tell me what to study for the 50 ATPL questions ? Will 'ace the technical pilot interview' book be enough to pass the test?

APU_inop 13th Dec 2016 13:52

Get LPJ and study the big databank. The "qr specific" is no longer up to date, a couple of hundred questions are available per subject. If you go through them all you should be fine.

terveydeksi 13th Dec 2016 17:57

Originally Posted by Conqueror (Post 9607092)
I am in the pool for a month now

2,5 months here

jedy 20th Dec 2016 11:39

Been in the pool for 1.5 years and now joining date in few months.

NTR captain 787.

Can anyone be so kind and share how the roster is on the 787. Ive been hearing lately that the offer is blocks of 6-4-3 days off. Although is not in the contact is that expected?

And also how long does the training last? In other words how long before getting the multi exit visa to go home during days off.


catotoi 21st Dec 2016 16:06

Just applied for Non-type rated 777 fo position.

Anybody knows how much time require for first invitation mail?


ArmandoHill 24th Dec 2016 11:19

Thanks for the info guys. Have a great day.

Oishi 25th Dec 2016 07:27

Just been reading an article online in The Gulf Times that the Qatar Govt are soon to implement a rule that expat workers over 60 will not get their contracts renewed. Some provisos maybe regarding which job & which nationality. Will this affect Qatar Airways pilots?

WrldWide 25th Dec 2016 19:34

Qatar Airways pilots dont have renewable contracts. Is considered permanent employment.

terroroftheskies 28th Dec 2016 09:18

Originally Posted by Captain777max (Post 9581449)
I have applied for the boeing type rated FO position

Question for thos who have had a response... how long did it take for them to get back to you after you first applied.
Its been 3 weeks for me still no word fromthem

i waited for 2 months and theyve gotten back to me about some of my docs, need to be updated. Thats about it. I guess u have to be patient thats all.

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