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gdukkoq 15th Nov 2011 15:49

2 weeks only and you mad... Get ready for some real hard surffering then:ouch:

inner 15th Nov 2011 16:12

I'm wondering why qr is doing so many applications? Are there sooooo many people leaving or did they buy soooo many aircraft?? Seems like there is no limit on their need.


capt_j 15th Nov 2011 22:17

I blew the sim and got a no email after 8 days. I thought the HR interview would be the hard part for me. I feel stupid because they are clearly eager to hire anybody they can get their hands on.

I would like to try again in 6 months, has anybody gotten a second chance?

stud7094 15th Nov 2011 23:54

can any of you waiting to receive an interview go in and edit you file still? i can and that makes me think that is why i have not received a confirmation email yet. any ideas would be great as i want to make sure i get an interview

for example under my account options i have this
"Last Access to the Submissions List" with nothing next to it.

fishbath21 16th Nov 2011 05:49

Hi guys,

I will be joining Qatar soon. Just want to ask a question which I need to know. On my day off if I want to leave to my home country, do I have to pay anything fir my ticket on QR fleet? Second, are u on stand by seat? Third, can I go as much as I want or they will say "hold ur horses buddy" 


vape 16th Nov 2011 07:31

hy guys, anybody interview on the 24th of October?
any news ?

have a good day.

Capt Krunch 16th Nov 2011 08:50


posting on multiple threads is not necessary. read your same post on the other thread

ITO 16th Nov 2011 11:48

@ stud7094

Having the same issue as you. Sent you a PM.
Don`t know if other are having the same thing ?

blusky75 16th Nov 2011 14:20

@ capt_j

don't feel stupid!!! you will have another chance. and next time you will do a better HR interview...this happened to me, I passed QR interview but in the past I had failed other interviews in other Companies. The important is not to be depressed and take that as a good experience for the next interview!!
Good luck!

spearomic 16th Nov 2011 16:35

Yes indeed, it is always fustrating to fail an interview but you can use this experience to nail the next one. Waiting to join this great airline as well. Waiting for the contract. Waiting is long but hopefully worth it.

21-Lancer 16th Nov 2011 18:14

@ capt_j
Take it as a step forward mate. I'm sure we all know this feeling. The most important thing is to realize what you've done not up to standards and make it right next time. All the best capt_j!

For all of you experienced guys, I need your advice:

Today I got an email asking me to upload 2 more documents. The thing is that I already uploaded 6 docs and now I have no free slots in application upload section for other uploads. So I have to delete 2 of the documents I already uploaded in order to have 2 free slots for docs requested.

The question is what docs should I remove? I already uploaded the licence, the medical certificate, my passport, the civil logbook's last pages and the jet fighter pilot experience certification letter and the CAA licence certification. I think all of them are very important for screening process so this supplementary request is quite confusing. Should I assume the recruitment team already downloaded and eventually printed the docs uploaded with initial application, and I can remove any one of them in order to comply with supplementary upload request?

Any smart suggestion is welcome.

Thanks a lot!

gdukkoq 16th Nov 2011 19:08

I was dealing with this as well, and lucky enough I know how to use photoshop. Basically making multiple documents in one file (for exemple all 3 pages of your logbook together on the same picture), keep a good size but export with a little bit less resolution to respect the weight of the file, it will still be good enough for them to read.

av8tordude 17th Nov 2011 11:51

1.5 months (typically)

imnotwhoyouthinkiam 17th Nov 2011 13:34

@Aviator: Check the numerous posts about this topic. Tickets are not usually issued more than one week before you are due in Doha for either the assessment or to join the airline. In many cases people recieved their itinerary the day before they were scheduled to leave.

flyer79 17th Nov 2011 22:02

Hi All,

Sorry to ask again this question, that has been posted many times already. How long does it take between time you initially applied on their website and to receive an email or confirmation that you've been selected for an interview.

I have applied already a 1,5 month ago and still nothing. Quite anxious to be honnest.
I met the requirements to apply and don't mind going on the 320, although my current plane is 737NG.

Anyone please can reply, or give a word of advice or HR email?


CDNATPL 17th Nov 2011 23:53

Took two months for me

winterinhell 17th Nov 2011 23:56

someone explain to me what are these documents?
guys,please,i need ur help here..of all the documents they ask me to bring to the interview, 2 of them kinda confusing me..
1) letters of refference/recommendation
2) human performance and limitation cert
what are these 2 docs anyway as i dont seem to have any in my possesion. from whom do i need to get the letter of refference from?
please,ur explanation is highly appreciated.

gdukkoq 18th Nov 2011 05:53

from whom do i need to get the letter of refference from?
From your parents !!! :}

etravis82 18th Nov 2011 05:56

logbook authentication
Im interviewing next month and have seen some comments about needing each page of your logbook stamped. Iv printed out my logbook a couple times now using logbook pro and dont have company authentication stamps on any pages. Is this going to be an issue at the interview?

Brie 18th Nov 2011 10:03

Strange, some posts were deleted. I'll try again. For the logbook to be stamped, can you do it afterwards when you are hired? If my current company knows that i apply for QR, i'll be the first one who is going to be fired. Can it be stamped by the authorities eg?

Someone who had the same problem??

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