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Black Stain 13th Jul 2008 13:42

If your not happy do something about it.
Pssss.... They are doing something about it Notanotherhilton :ugh: You may not understand it, in fact many posters here participate unwittingly; but be sure that loading the recruitment dice is a powerful tool indeed.

THR MCT 13th Jul 2008 15:11

Salary increase
+9% on the Basic salary not bad, better then nothing at least it will compensate for food and grocery inflation let us wait and see. but what realy matters is why Qr is not pushed to copy emirates and introduce the company provident fund and annual profits share + Currency exchange protection plan:confused: these are the concerns of most pilots at Qr.
I think this issues should be adressed immediatly if they want to keep this airline flying otherwise people are already looking to greener pasturage over the fence." knocking to our neighboors doors"
Fly high fast and always be safe:ok:

Tintin 13th Jul 2008 16:05

annual profits share !!!!!!!!! guys get real

Lulu qatar 13th Jul 2008 21:48

Qr stock market
Stock market or not we dont care we just want bonus like Emirates,Singapore Airlines,Air Asia ,Air Arabia .......
If they can why Qatar can not ? or Qatar is too poor ?

Tintin 13th Jul 2008 22:20

Maybe because Emirates and Singapore Airlines are profitable so they share there profits thats why it's call profit share ,,clear enought????, Qatar Airways are on the red what do you want them to share with you????? Ask for anything but please dont ask for profit share..

Lulu qatar 14th Jul 2008 01:23

Profit share
QA is in red ? mmm am not sure becouse we announced a order of 200 new airplanes . You think airline in red can buy all this birds ?
SIN,AK,A.A also ordered many airplanes but still give bonus .
Since am flying in QR we are 99 % on MTOW 232 T . Airlines in red dont have pax to reach MTOW .
Its not about making profit or not its about weather airline want to keep there staff or want them to leave .
Q.A is doing excelent job in training pilots for new type ratings and making them leave after some time .

knotaloud 14th Jul 2008 07:58

This is a rumour forum, right? Then the rumour is around 33K for FO's and 44K for captains as guaranteed minumum monthly up to 70 hours. Overtime reinstated; education increased by 300%.
Announcement as soon as the catamite king (I love that Black S. Wish I'd thought of it myself.) can find a window of opportunity to call HIS pilots together and tell them what a bunch of fools they are so they can all applaud.
Pity I have a root canal scheduled that night so I won't be there.

JungleJett 14th Jul 2008 12:56

And how reliable is (are) your rumour source(s)??
Or are you like me and you have an imaginary friend who tells you feel good stories??.....

salamalikum2 14th Jul 2008 13:48

?? quote
.."around 33k for F/O and 44k for captain as guaranteed minimum monthly up to 70 hours...."
What does that mean....???????:ugh:

By the way, if i fly 70 h/month as a cpt right now i make already more than44000QR!

Who's next....??:ouch:

togaluck 14th Jul 2008 15:41

you're taking into account your housing allowance... with out it is 36700...
now 44 sounds better...

but i doubt we'll get it anyway...

loc22550 14th Jul 2008 16:43

Anybody else with a better offer, please raise your hand .....:ugh:

Knotaloud:"education increase by 300%"(it means multiply by 4)!!!
Put the bottle down and come back when you will be fit and well.:ouch:

I known the sun is hitting hard during the summertime,but still it's not a reason....

knotaloud 16th Jul 2008 04:38

Thanks for helping me with my multiplication tables loc. Don't you have to change you handle now you can't use the company mail box?

Guys, it's a rumour network and I've passed you a rumour. Do what you want with it but I'm not standing out in the sun for anyone.

Here's more. LoL insurance 48 times your basic salary. Around 2K increase in housing allowance.

CEO PITA 16th Jul 2008 06:12

Its a rumour forum but dot give us info wich can make us sick like decrease in salary you just mantion .
44K avrige Capt on A330 is taking home total 55k or more F/O 48k

salamalikum2 16th Jul 2008 08:24

O i see Togaluck/Rippa..: 44k/33k :the new "basic" including 70 hours/month...
Not bad indeed.....So not realistic for Q.R.i'm afraid:{

ninja 20th Jul 2008 20:37

Qatar Airways Assessment (non rated)
Hello, please can somebody provide me with a detailed breakdown of the interview process for a non type rated first officer position. I'd appreciate if we can stick to the subject and not wonder off course, as many of the previous threads relating to this airline have done. I have used the great tool on this website, otherwise known as the search function; however this has proved to be of painstakingly limited information.

Therefore I'd just like to know what is involved in the 3 day assessment and possibly any information relating to pay and accommodation.

Thank you for your replies and safe landings. :O

Safari Goat 21st Jul 2008 00:02

You sit in front some Qatar Airways pilots and a guy from HR. They ask you questions about you and then some tech questions, I suggest you read the "how to ace a pilot interview." you also do a written exam, same kind of stuff. Then if they like you and you did not mess up that day you will go into the sim and fly a raw data visual approach, a missed approach , loose an engine and come back in to do a G/A with engine out. You will get a brief on what you do. Then you will go home and wait for the call.The pay is pay. You can survive. Living is hot and life is good.

BUSTRASH 21st Jul 2008 09:15

I did the assesment in May on A320 Sim
Sim is visual circuit of Doha.
V1 cut with A/P and F/D
S/E engine ils to a go around
another s/e ils and done.
written test 18 questions
sicological test. 16 questions
Interview. Personal and some technical questions
All depends who interviews you.
Make sure all documents are complete and in english
New suit, be nice good luck
Trip on J class there is wonderful, Hotel is so so
Not much to do but lots of western and asian restaurants.
Oh you must also do the Icao english test if its not on your LIC.

BizPilotBrazil 21st Jul 2008 18:26

Bush or Safari,

Do you remenber a some question of the Psico and Tech, test's?

ninja 21st Jul 2008 21:18

Safari and Bustrash, thank you for your replies. Do you remember any specific questions they asked?

loc22550 23rd Jul 2008 13:04

Very quiet suddendly...
Heard that some people in office have pretend a annoucement should be done in july regarding salary "increase.."
Well Countdown has start..7 days to go.....

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