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Little Maurice 3rd Jan 2017 11:57

For anyone applying: be careful what you wish for!

Morale is at an all time low and there are almost no benefits to a 747 type rating. Lots of people weighing options in the Middle East, so perhaps better avoid the unfolding nightmare in LUX altogether, and apply straight away with the ME3! The ME3 will kill CLX any way, so why waste time on a useless type rating, doing duties that will ruin your health?

A little bird told me that at the moment there is a lot of infighting going on within our beloved training department, as there is a scramble to stab each other in the back in order to jump the seniority list for captain positions.

Advice for anyone ignoring the warnings here: be very wary of anyone in the training department. Almost 90% of the people there are only working there in order to stab everybody else in the back; comfortable schedules (custom made by their little friend KL in crew planning), very little jetlag, a cozzzzzy 9-17 office job to recover from all the "hard" work, and the usual brownnosing with management. Training department = company spies, selling their souls for a few goodies. The rest of us can do the real work with endless roster disruptions and roster changes, fly round the world trips, ruin our health and social lives, and enjoy LUX layovers in the NH. :mad:

The big irony however is that this mentality is coming back to all the backstabbers in the training department like a boomerang, as not all wishes for quick upgrades can be granted as this would collapse the entire training department. Hence all the backstabbing among each other. :p

Last one out, please turn off the lights!

ECHIE 9th Jan 2017 22:08

Hi little Maurice,

Are you really working for CLX? Where is this opinion based on? I am working in the training department for Cargolux and I can tell you that most of us, First Officers, working in the training department we don't want to jump the seniority list for a quick upgrade, no backstabbing here. Also as maybe you know, the months from October until X-Mas are the busiest months in our business, so least training as possible done during that time and most trainers fly the same as a regular pilot.

Besides all this we do a lot of extra work in our free time, like preparing courses etc... why? Because we love to train people. I love my work as TKI! It's a lot of work but I enjoy it!


A very happy Cargolux pilot.

fda747 10th Jan 2017 21:53

Echie & Ray Cosmic Little Maurice is spot on and you are the backstabbers he is talking about :ugh::mad:

16down2togo 11th Jan 2017 10:11

Although I have to agree not everything is bright those days in our lovely
little outfit and there is room for improvement in nearly every department,
presenting accusations like these if you are really a part of cv is bloody stupid since there is no known case of anybody jumping the seniority list for at least
16 years. BTW that's what a seniority list is for in the first place. So should you have proof of what you're stating, please take action and don't whine around on a public forum like an 10 year old! Or join your beloved ME3 airlines, where everything is working out so brilliantly when it comes to crews.
And I'm not and never was in the training department!

Hurdle 28th Jan 2017 14:29

What I am curious about, and would like to ask ECHIE now I read his comment. If CLX is so in need of FO's, and I talked to a few captains from CLX and shared this same story.

So multiple FO's and CPT told me CLX is in dire need of experienced rated and ntr FO's (this is last summer). So I applied to CLX. Within 3 days I get a reply that I match all requirements but the management prefers people with a higher education than I have (Dutch general higher secundary education, they prefered direct university entry high school level. Even though I was at that time senior FO on a regional jet with almost 3k hours on type). When I met more CLX crews there were very surprised how this was possible. Could you shed some light ECHIE?

space-shuttle-driver 29th Jan 2017 00:42

Same thing happened to a buddy of mine, which makes me think that there may be such a pattern, sadly.

Hank Moody 29th Jan 2017 11:29


Personally I think you should have gotten a shot with your experience.
But it's not a secret that you need a university entrance degree. It it's clearly stated on the website. We can agree or disagree about that requirement, but that's a other discussion.

ECHIE 29th Jan 2017 20:10

@Hurdle, indeed as said above by Hank Moody, Cargolux has as requirement university entry level, equivalent to Atheneum or Gymnasium in the Netherlands. My excuses and maybe one day this will change.

Hurdle 31st Jan 2017 20:22

Hi guys,

thanks for the reply, it is highly appreciated. Shame its like this, but it is as it is in this case. Better luck next time.

Aeroshizzle 5th Feb 2017 15:16

New info
Hi all,
I passed the MollyMawk and have been invited to the interview,
To any of the Cargolux guys and gals, is there any insider expansion or news that I could use at the interview to impress?

Or any other advice would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


final06 6th Feb 2017 08:37

Who do you want to impress with your desire to work under the new CV T&Cs?

Flying longhaul you should ask yourself if it would be a pleasant experience for me to sit together with you in a cockpit for 11 hours.

Anyway, good luck to you! ;-)

747-8driver 6th Feb 2017 09:37

Final06 is right, it's not pleasant to sit next to him for 11 hours.
You would be far better off sitting next to me ;)
Regarding the new T&C, a deterioration compared to the ones we have but an improvement for a lot of people coming from short-haul.
Don't compare them with ours but just accept them or stay where you are.
Besides, it's not just about money right?

Aeroshizzle 6th Feb 2017 10:49

Yes I can see that ^^

True the T&Cs have changed but haven't been given it directly so will make the judgement call when it comes. But would most likely be better than what I have now anyway,
I've been a contractor all my flying career unable to land a permanent contract, plus my wife works in lux so being based here would not only be a jump to the jumbo, but an opportunity to settle down too.
So let's see, I hope I'm Cargolux caliber and to see you all soon

16down2togo 6th Feb 2017 11:17

although I do not like the change of contract, there are numerous of
the new guys in a better spirit than some before and it's always what
you make of it for yourself.
As for the interview, be yourself, it's not rocket scientists that they are
looking for. You don't even have to sneak around the moving close to LUX
part since your wife is already working there!!!

jeehaa 7th Feb 2017 10:48

It seems that as of yesterday, CLX is also accepting "school of higher general secundary education" as opposed to pre-University education. This has been sent by interpersonal to candidates who were not accepted to proceed earlier.

elbe 6th Mar 2017 10:21

Good morning¡
Does anyone knows how long it takes for an answer (to proceed to the first step) since I applied?

hamilton 8th Mar 2017 18:50

Can anyone advice how long does it take to well prepare mollymawk test having a reasonable time to study?is about 20 days enough?
Thanks for your reply

Aeroshizzle 11th Mar 2017 08:17

For me, I had my application on file previously. And when the new requirements came, I up dated my info, and got a call about 3 weeks after.

MollyMawk was quite tough, 20 days should be fine. I had 2 weeks and it was enough for me.

elbe 11th Mar 2017 14:14

Thanks for your the info Aeroshizzle!

hamilton 11th Mar 2017 18:27

Aeroshizzle,thanks for your reply

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