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trancada 10th Sep 2014 14:48

I applyed for them since one year ago, i update my application, regulary. No answer until now

Chewwy00 11th Sep 2014 09:04

From what I heard (two buddies flying there), morale is low: people working 25-26 days a month right now. A lot of people leaving towards Middle East because they cannot get a stable roster/social life with Cargolux...
Time to command is another reason for them to leave:more than 12-13 years.

Hiring resumed to normal process now.



Wireless 11th Sep 2014 09:24

Wow that's not good. I thought they recieved 10 days off every 28 days and could attach leave to those days. Has that system gone?

16down2togo 11th Sep 2014 11:17

No it's not. And it is not even practiced unless you are one of the greedy ones
who sell all their off-days!

Indrapoera 11th Sep 2014 11:25

Chewwy, If you don't know what you're talking about, don't say anything then.

From what I heard (two buddies flying there), morale is low: people working 25-26 days a month right now.
This is absolute rubbish! In the current 28 day roster period I'm only working 14 and this is without one single day of holiday/ vacation leave.
People who're working flat out are selling their OFF days, this is a voluntary thing so if your buddies are complaining about this, they're the only ones to blame.

A lot of people leaving towards Middle East because they cannot get a stable roster/social life with Cargolux…
Time to command is another reason for them to leave:more than 12-13 years
The rosters in cargolux have always been unstable, that's part of the deal I would say. I heard of a few people leaving for the ME, but most of them are captains anyway. Time to command is long, but that's the same with every respectable company. And from what I hear the times of quick commands in the ME are over anyway.

Maybe morale has been better but this has nothing to do with the arguments you came up with… :=

lancilov 12th Sep 2014 08:07

why quit CPT at CARGOLUX?
INDRAPOERA, it seems you know what you are talking about.
What I don't get is, why would ANYONE leave the left seat position with cargolux, as its payed more that any ME airline, plus the pension is massive which only comes on top...? unless you are from ME, i really can't see why someone would leave... can you please explain, if you know the guys? thanks man

lancilov 12th Sep 2014 08:54

cheeck, thanks for the info...
Obviously, even in CLX its not all roses, but of course it depends on the individual what they want from life...

g109 13th Sep 2014 15:28

pay system
Good day,

what sort of gross and net pay can I expect as a new joiner FO, what sort of increments do you have?
also, what is the net pay for a year 1 capt.

Married, no children.


newscaster 15th Sep 2014 10:09

Have they resumed Karachi?

Wireless 16th Sep 2014 09:14

Regarding the floating days off: Do they "move" around quite a lot even when you're close to them, say 3-4 days to go? Also can the company replace those floating days off with work if they wish and move them to a later roster or do they have to give you them in that 28 day period?

Could anyone be so kind to pm me an example of a roster? Much appreciated.

Thanks, Wireless

sled dog 29th Sep 2014 15:07

Local media are reporting CV pilots starting a "work to rule" action in response to rumours of out-sourcing jobs, etc.

Buster Hyman 1st Oct 2014 23:26

Yowsers! (Sorry if already up...I'll delete if so)
dumpert.nl - Welkom aan boord dames en heren

South Prince 15th Oct 2014 14:48


Just came across the video, even test pilots do not dare something similar. Never flew the queen of skies but looks scary.

Cliff Secord 15th Oct 2014 16:00

So that's why the flowers for sale in my local shop all have squashed heads, petals missing.

ymdemar 26th Oct 2014 12:07

Hi Morane, I'll have the test in November. Could you tell me more about the small talk and the case study please?
Thank you.

lancilov 29th Oct 2014 11:51

Salary cut?

I have been reading cx thread for several years now, so as far as I have seen in previous posts, you are a credible person...
I have received an email they will call me for assessment soon, however if what you are saying is true, i aint coming...
Is this the result of recent union negotiations?
Are these conditions now black on white, or is something being considered?


safelife 8th Nov 2014 16:10

One should be aware that starting 2016 an accommodation no further than 90 min driving time away from base will be legally required (EASA FTL), and to be proven by the pilot (hotel room is sufficient).
Commuting from further away will then require an apartment nearby, or a hotel room before each rotation.
TNT pays for the hotel at base, I think Cargolux don't.

Wireless 30th Jan 2015 02:11

What's the honest latest with Cargolux recruitment?

I waited years to be in a position to apply to them. I've had an application with Cargolux for nearly 2 years. I've rung interpersonal and they just say the application is still waiting to be viewed by Cargolux, nothing they can do. It's not even been looked at. Yet I read they are still recruiting.

I can't understand it. B744 rated, 3500 hours total, EASA ATPL. Only thing I can think of is my UK address puts me at the bottom. I keep a keen eye on all references to CV. I see the ppjn reference says they're still recruiting but the future is uncertain.

lancilov 30th Jan 2015 09:34

I was just re reading few posts back...
1 passed first stage, waiting for second stage.

Couchpotatoe, you were saying if you get in before conditions get worse its ok, and otherwise its a tough decision.

I try to undersand this as more sooner than later, CWA will be signed and conditions will be shit. What does this mean for people on the old contract, ie if yours is signed before this new deal?

I thought everyone is in the same both and all conditions will reduce, regardless of you having old or new contract?

In my company we have a contract with employer and then base agreement "contract" and that can change (ie small increase in basic pay, per diems, etc) but not the contract basic salary ( it technically can also, but historically never has so, but i didnt keep up with inflation either)

This CWA, what does it represent, an entire employee contract? So in that case it affects only ppl that come after it has been signed and ppl prior that are still "ok" ...
Future seems uncertain


lancilov 30th Jan 2015 09:39

Well, honestly, i did selection in ams on monday and got told tuesday i fit the requirement for cargolux and waiting now for 2nd stage.

At my selection, there was only 1 other applicant; cca 55-60 year old guy, i beleive he was going for cargolux italia as DEC, but i am only assuming this as he was italian, and the administrator told me he aint here for joining mainline cargolux, but we did have some similar tests, only i had few more that cx requires extra...

Strange if you already have a 74 rating they dont take yu, its cheaper...
No idea man, sori

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