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Apuleone 7th Jun 2016 21:02

Hi guys

just received an invitation for the 3 day assessment in Lux after passing the DLR for CV-China.

is there still another ATPL/Tech-test to expect? If yes, any help is highly appreciated.

thank you very much in advance

Kim Jong Il 8th Jun 2016 06:36

I understand you get 20 open ATPL questions before the sim, but more practical than the ones during DLR.

Apuleone 8th Jun 2016 07:03

Thank's Kim.

madmaxfr 12th Jun 2016 15:28

Hi Kim,
I have received their documentation to prepare the simulator but they don't describe the Take off and ILS procedures for example. Did they explain it to you just before the simulator ?


fda747 14th Jun 2016 23:51

Make sure how to do a wing-wave that's all

South Prince 15th Jun 2016 12:33

Incomplete statement fda, it must be a very "low level wing wave".

Apuleone 15th Jun 2016 16:32

Granduc sent me an email asking about Tipps for the DLR

Can't send you a reply via mail, so here you go:

Hi Granduc

DLR: well, do the CBT's you got from DLR.
Don't believe those guys in the internet that get 99% on the cbt's. It's impossible.
On the visual memory for example i could hardly remember 3 numbers.....

The most important thing if you go there is to be fully concentrated while doing the tests.
Do not get distracted from the people next or in front of you. They might be faster but that doesn't mean a thing....
I brought earplugs, water and chocolate, focused on the tasks, didn't care about the others....

And for lunch i can really recommend the little Bistro 20m to the left of the DLR building. Looks shabby but they serve really good arab-style food.

Wish you good luck !

promotionseeker 16th Jun 2016 10:26

What to expect from physics?
Hi guys..
Could anyeone comment something about physics and math on the DLR?
Are they mixed together?.. too many questions?.. how hard are them?..

Funflyer1975 16th Jun 2016 14:28

If you guys would have a choice between Cargolux China Or Cargolux Luxemburg. What would it be?
They both have advantages and disadvantages.
Just wondering...

mansaloco 17th Jun 2016 07:41

Definitely CV China......
Great adventure
Great management
Healthy air quality
Great pay and conditions compared to other Chinese offers

But then again.....
They all apply to Luxembourg as well


Tough choice....


Why don't you go ahead and list for me please advantages and disadvantages of each.....
To see if we are on the same page

BrianHQ 17th Jun 2016 17:54

Originally Posted by N75537 (Post 9398051)
Now I need to ask, is there anybody in/around CLX who could provide the forum (or PM me) with the new Collective Work Agreement? The job offer is great as they say conditions "as per CWA" but then there is no way of getting it... Here in my country they are all public, but seems like they have different policies there...
Thank you!

Highlights of CWA for new hired pilots:

35 days vacation iso 42 days

3 floating off days and 6 consecutive off days in a 28 roster period; no rest day before off days like old contracts.

So you work 2 days more every roster and lose 7 vacation days per year initially. After 5 years you get the same as old contracts.

Salary scale:starting at 4,159.72 gross (about 700 less than old contracts and you will never catch up)

Upgrade salary: you move back down

For pilots who are promoted to the position of Captain, the new Time Unit in the Captain scale will be calculated based on 1⁄2 of the years served minus 4 Time Units. E.g. after 12 years of service: new TU = ( 12 / 2 ) - 4 = 2
Needless to say many accepted candidates did not show up for the training ...

Hushhushhush 18th Jun 2016 12:01

According to ppjn staff turnover is high and many copilots are leaving. Is morale really so low in Cargolux? It's a shame that they changed the CWA. However, when I look at the conditions of the majority of the European airlines, Cargolux still seems pretty good.. What changed over the last few years that makes people want to leave now??

South Prince 19th Jun 2016 09:09

You can always seek a job in Cargolux Italia, was told management over there represent a high level of fairness, honesty and it is in Europe.

Immelmann1979 25th Jun 2016 11:42

Mental math
Hi all

For those who went to Hamburg recently, are the CBTs the only tests you get, next to maybe some personality tests?

In the paperwork they mention mental arithmetics, but there is no CBT for it...


jiggi 25th Jun 2016 13:30

Only CBT's in Hamburg at DLR. They are pretty much the same as the ones that you get with the preparation package.

Immelmann1979 25th Jun 2016 15:39

Originally Posted by jiggi (Post 9419761)
Only CBT's in Hamburg at DLR. They are pretty much the same as the ones that you get with the preparation package.

Cheers jiggi. About the same difficulty too?

jiggi 25th Jun 2016 15:56

Slightly more difficult, they get harder in the end. But don't worry, I got max 20% in practice running memory span test and I still made it through the DLR

Immelmann1979 25th Jun 2016 19:06

Originally Posted by jiggi (Post 9419898)
Slightly more difficult, they get harder in the end. But don't worry, I got max 20% in practice running memory span test and I still made it through the DLR

Ok thx for the info. And what about the test with the dails? ( black &white ). Also bit faster? More difficult?

Wiegger 30th Jun 2016 11:52

CEO of CLX has resigned. The substitute is the CFO, Richard Forson, who takes office for the second time. Better you to check the link below:


sled dog 30th Jun 2016 17:22

Is that the same Forson who almost made SAA go under '

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