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hawkeye red 9th May 2016 07:00

@rotorhead....What a tremendous load of crab. The 4 pilots were not fired because they were sick too often...they were fired because they were not sick, despite claiming to be so. Right by the book....get your facts in order.
Roster is changing because that is the bread and butter for any cargo airline, and by contract you are available 19 days per roster period. If you can't take it, then leave and go back to SN...they did really well....

Kim Jong Il 9th May 2016 10:35

Could someone confirm if "MIC - Dynamic Coordination" is part of the DLR assessment for Cargolux? It's not in the CBT provided. Thank you very much.

hawkeye red 9th May 2016 14:22

30N30W....if you are part of the CLX family you should know.

rotorcloud 9th May 2016 14:56

@hawkeye i know three of the four fired pilots very well! So be cautious what you say! There was a big fight between pilot union and management. Sick rate in general was/is hight. Management hired privat investigators to illegally spy on all pilots who called in sick between Jan 2015 and March 2015. They want to frighten the pilot group not to call in sick anymore - that was the main reason and they were all sick but left home within the first five days (according to a guideline from the Luxembourgish health insurance you should stay at home the first five days) But this is not a breach of law that allows flight ops management to kick you out after 18 years of being in the company! Nobody of them had a warning letter. Clean record! This are the facts! But letīs wait what will come out of the court cases. I am confident!

A320driver33 9th May 2016 15:31

Originally Posted by Kim Jong Il (Post 9370597)
Could someone confirm if "MIC - Dynamic Coordination" is part of the DLR assessment for Cargolux? It's not in the CBT provided. Thank you very much.

Yes it is part of the DLR assessment.

hawkeye red 9th May 2016 16:02

rotorcloud...you are a fool....when you hide behind aliases like PPrune you are not really aware of who you are talking to, are you ?...I may just be a person with very inside knowledge of the entire situation, and trust me, all 4 violated the rules of the Caisse de Maladie...not once, not twice but on several occasions....

rotorcloud 9th May 2016 16:32

don`t get abusive my friend! I know the facts. And i don`t get a shit to whom i am talking to! You are definitely NOT a colleague of the Cargolux pilot group. Otherwise you would`t talk like this behind the back of these illegally fired gentleman.

hawkeye red 9th May 2016 16:44

I am indeed...and these colleagues were NOT fired illegally. You can argue about the methods to expose them (which were despicable), but what they did was a crystal clear violation of the Caisse de Maladie rules, which in turn is a fault graves, ie. a dismissible offense. Check your CWA buddy....

rotorcloud 9th May 2016 17:00

Sorry but this is definitely NOT fault graves! If you intentionally damage an aircraft or steal something - yes. But this here is something completely different. And by the way these caisse de malady guidelines are not applicable outside luxemburg. What a joke is this? You have a sinusite, you`ll get antibiotiques that won`t allow you to fly for two weeks. Then you go out on your third day of sickness to buy some food in the supermarket and get fired immediately without any pre warning!???
But please let the court decide. Be aware that in Luxembourg court cases take up to five years. Even if you are fired illegally - it takes a looong time. Management knows that and strengthens their strategy of management by fear.

polaris79 10th May 2016 22:58

Originally Posted by Kim Jong Il (Post 9370597)
Could someone confirm if "MIC - Dynamic Coordination" is part of the DLR assessment for Cargolux? It's not in the CBT provided. Thank you very much.

Hey kim... Im unsure of this cbtthat u are referring to.. Where du get it from? Have u been imvited fpr an interview already buddy?

Kim Jong Il 11th May 2016 05:30

Only for DLR. They provide you with a CBT when you are invited.

Alain747 12th May 2016 23:13

Hey Gents, what is the latest on the Cargoluc china deal, I saw the package. Is anyone actually already flying there?also, what's with the tax in china, being a european ?

polaris79 14th May 2016 02:33

Thnx Kim.. How about the Chinese ATPL.. Do u have any Chinese ATPL study material yourself?

Kim Jong Il 21st May 2016 10:36

Question about DLR. In the handout I received from DLR they mention a "Physics / Basic Knowledge" test. Does that also apply for the DLR for Cargolux or is that only for future students of Lufthansa FA? If yes, what level is required for the Physics test? Secondary school is a very long time ago!

captain.weird 21st May 2016 11:44

As DEP you will not get Physics. Instead you'll get some ATPL questions.

Kim Jong Il 21st May 2016 12:21

Thankd Capt. Weird! I was a afraid I had to quote some obscure laws from way back when!

A320driver33 21st May 2016 14:41

Someone who did DLR in Hamburg recently remember any test of mind calculation?

negativeclimb 30th May 2016 12:03

About Math, the excercises are completely different than those which are sent via email.
I have found them quite harder especially because are time limited and I didn't finish all of them.

N75537 3rd Jun 2016 20:09

Hi guys, first my two cents:
I went to the DLR last month, its a tricky long day but we all can pass (I did!).
I didn't had amazing scores in the CBT provided (I thought quite bad in MEK and RMS), but hey, I did received the yes!
In the actual test the level increases with time, and as the colleagues said, they go up to the max level in CBT's (roughly).
Some differences, for example in Math some of the questions were NON multiple choice, and the time available is not too much as usual, so apply usual "test procedures" of skipping and then reviewing long questions back. There were no mind calculation or basic knowledge tests, also, no interview whatsoever.
There were also some psychological tests to check your profile, as usual many questions in not-so-many minutes.
The English test was quite to a standard, some of the questions where local expressions or old English, but can be done specially if you have lived in an English country.
The MIC is good fun, is just a game, not related to a plane or simulator you could practice. As the brief says, you have an altimeter, a compass and an anemometer, and they all move up and down as they wise, every time you managed to "compensate" it the dials just move away requiring more input, is just for checking your scan. Also you have the monitoring task, but it has a good pace and can be done.

Just be well rested and relaxed, they are just tests not the actual Cargolux interview. I don't recommend travelling there in the same day, and for the way back the tests ends around 1630-1700 for real, so keep that in mind.

For the new guys, good luck!

N75537 3rd Jun 2016 20:12

Now I need to ask, is there anybody in/around CLX who could provide the forum (or PM me) with the new Collective Work Agreement? The job offer is great as they say conditions "as per CWA" but then there is no way of getting it... Here in my country they are all public, but seems like they have different policies there...
Thank you!

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