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nose door 5th Jun 2008 10:37

time will tell......
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Well time will tell if they were right to turn down the interview...cos a lot can happen in a week in politic's and even more in aviation....so in 10 yrs time if they passed the current 'dot to dot' test, who know's....to be offered a job, first you must get through the interview....then you are in a better position to make the call.... not before you have it...just ask my old m8 Austrian (From previous post's) now where has he gone...been a bit quiet recently...i'd have thought he'd have spouted his vast knowledge on this....he ho...
Hope it's locked !!

Jungleland 5th Jun 2008 19:53

Speed alive:

To answer some of your questions.

Salary hasn't changed for many years except the increse of index from the Luxembourgish state. Per diem has technically increased (from USD to EUR).

After training you get about 4,200. As single you end up paying about 30% tax. About 800 tax free per diem is on top of that.

Roster still the same, 4 and 7 in every 28-days. 42 days vacation.

Average trip is about 7 days.

Hours flown is everywhere between 400 and 650 depending on seniority I would say. Some other guys would disagree. But it is a difference to always fly Shanghai and back or stay a week by the pool in Brasil.

Future outlook. Ah, now it gets interesting. Here probably some of my colleges will "correct" me. But whatever you hear the best answer is - nobody knows. The latest information in print is that in 2015 the company will have the same amount of aircraft as they have in one month (16). I fly more and more with guys saying they now expect between 15 and 20 years in right seat. Many have started to look for other jobs (not saying they will find something better). People, although small numbers, do resign for Air France and NetJets mainly.

Negotiations for a new CWA is coming soon. We all hope for some improvements, mainly regarding the rostering. Still one's private life is not always respected. For example they call you on your vacation or time off, they bring you home late (on off-days) etc etc. The whole operation is very tight. If something goes wrong (AOG, wx, overnight delay in LUX etc) the network (including the crew's rosters) is very easy distrubed.

Jungleland 8th Jun 2008 09:27


I am very well aware of business strategy and what goes in the press and what not. But the main point I was trying to make was, once again: "(...) whatever you hear the best answer is - nobody knows". A few chosen ones maybe do know, although I believe even our management doesn't know. They're too busy with all the court cases going on.

Now, having said that, I just informed about what was the latest in print. One should take it for what it is. Also, from a personal experience, I informed about that I fly with many (and I mean many) colleges that look for other jobs. That's fact. But again, if they find something better, who knows.

Also a personal opinion regarding an expansion. Cargolux have in total 25 747-8 aircraft on order (of which 12 options/purchase rights). If they elect to utilize these options it won't be in LUX. The cargo apron (the current and the who-knows-when-future one) and cargo center won't take it. Then Cargolux have to expand somewhere else.

Just my own guess.

Until then we all should hope that our management have a plan for us. :confused:

acmi48 8th Jun 2008 22:01

not to mention the new customer friendly airport taxes..
any movement 23-2400 standing landing fees doubled,any movement 2400-0600 standard landing fees trebled..got to pay for the new green house and park and ride somehow...

highflyer321757 22nd Jun 2008 14:13

I see that you have recently gone through the job application process, was just wondering whether you have accepted the job offer,if any?

Secondly, what can you tell about the second interview(with Chief Pilot/Manager recruitment)?

Many thanks!

CR2 30th Jun 2008 21:01

- Relational competence questions à la: You´re flying with a seasoned
captain who doesn´t talk much for ten days. How do you break the ice?
Snorri still there? :}

Flightwatch 13th Jul 2008 14:58

From the A1/E44 highway take the exit (no 9 I think) signed to the Airport/Senningerberg follow signs to airport to next roundabout, continue via the second exit south-west (do not go round to airport terminal). Go straight through the next set of traffic lights with the Etap and Ibis hotels to your right to the next set of lights where you turn right into Rue Kilwee. Continue 100 metres and the entrance is on your left, a lifting barrier. Press the call button and the security guard will let you in, follow the road around to your left to the front of the building and you will see the door marked reception - enter there and the receptionists are straight in front of you and will tell you where to go.

Good luck.

P.S. If arriving by air walk out of the terminal to the main road and turn left. Keep walking past the first set of lights and as above, it will take about 20 minutes.

Oops, beaten to it!

acmi48 13th Jul 2008 17:23

you cant get past reception unescorted so you will be meet
and taken to the various offices

if you get lost once past the ibis remember on the main road igonore buildings on your left even though they display cargolux logo's this is the old main building and hangar..your target is the lorang building behind the cafe check inn which is on your right..


CR2 13th Jul 2008 21:22

Walk out of airport, turn left. Find pub on opposite side of the road. It's behind the pub. :} (Called Check Inn as acmi48 mentioned)

If the person you are looking for is unavailable, check pub :}:}

hawkeye red 15th Jul 2008 10:54

......whatever they told you about the working conditions is propably what is agreed upon between the pilots union and management. That is, however, a distant truth when you start. Then they will roster you in stark violation to the collective work agreement, they will tell you that you are expected to fly on your off days if they are short of crews, they will cut down on your resttime, crew control will monitor your every step, and report to the chiefpilot if you do not comply with what they want you to do, etc. etc.
Good luck though...

Hawkeye red

ray cosmic 15th Jul 2008 17:11

wow hawkeye; what company are you working for? Doesn't really seem like the Cargolux I know...

Launchpad McQuack 15th Jul 2008 20:08

How strict is the requirement to reside within 2 hours of base/10 hours before duty? Are there any specifics (2 hours by train/car/bus etc)?. Do any of the faster trains like the ICE etc pass through or near LUX?



ray cosmic 16th Jul 2008 04:46

It is just a requirement to be there, your mode of travel is your decision to make. If you don't make it, there's no excuse. But I suppose that's normal.
Regarding fast trains: you'll only have a TGV connection into LUX. From the German side everything goes via Trier. Not being familiar with the German part, I suppose you can go fast until Trier, and normal afterwards to LUX.
Mostly people drive from f.e. Cologne, and leave some time before their expected wake-up call. Mostly it's spot on, but if the wake-up call comes later than anticipated, they'll have to spend some hours in the crewroom.
Also in winter time they allow more time for travel, which can make it a pretty long day.
As alternative you'll find crewmembers sharing an apartment in Trier or surroundings, costing them maybe 150EUR all-in per person.

nose door 22nd Jul 2008 22:15

QUOTE]Chief pilot clearly said tha expecting 10yr for upgrade right now would be "very very conservative". Was he selling me the job?[[/QUOTE]

very conservative, as it will take 20yrs or 5?

call is yours...if you want variety...CV, if you want routine CX, you'll do Europe-DXB-HKG, with a PVG turnaround or something, and then same way back to europe, they say command in min 18 month's....if you get past the "Ayre's rock assain's", but then you'll get more days off at home with CX, and depending on how you pay your tax...slightly more $$$.... but if you want to know more ask me old mate Austrian 79 ( from previous post's) he seems' to be full of in depth knowedge of all things CV....now where has he gone....


16down2togo 23rd Jul 2008 18:25

I would say CV if you don't want routine, CX if you want routine and no fun at all.
Moneywise it's strongly depending on the US$ and where you're living as the HK$ is still somehow linked to the US one.
I don't see 20 years for the upgrade in CV but if that's your primary factor, stay away better opportunities out there those days, not in central Europe though!!! Unless you're 25 and qualified.
Good luck.

Jungleland 24th Jul 2008 09:02

I hope the chief pilot knows more than we do... he should anyway. What we know is not too optimistic (no expansion for the next 8 some years). See previous posts.

Regarding CV or CX. I think one should think about having a European or Asian contract. I would prefer the first. A European contract is more regulated and one should be more protected in the long term. See what happened to the guys at Oasis, or what happened the the 49’ers at CX. And much more. I believe Asia is far away from Europe regarding the labor laws. As well is the States.

But yes, Luxembourg is very special. CV also had cases where people were unfairly dismissed. Guess it happens in Europe as well, but much much more in Asia and elsewhere.

And another good point with CV is that you have a European contract and homebase. What guaranties do you have that CX will let you stay at a base in Europe, or when you upgrade then might ask you to move all your family to lovely clean aired Hong Kong? With the Asians you have no guaranties.

I had quite a similar choice, and I went for CV rather than an Asian carrier. And I don’t regret it.

Just food for thoughts.


Jungleland 24th Jul 2008 18:43

Ok, that's a good start. But I still think the Asian companies can do whatever they want with you. And doing that they would not consider local laws. They would simply offer you a new contract based in HKG, they won't fire you.

sengasengana 30th Jul 2008 07:27


CTS is pretty accurate with accommodation, but a wee OTT and something to consider: CV might be holding back expansion plans for obvious reasons, since a new CWA negs are coming up. This has happened before and the real head of the company is known to run the show this way...

This has of course impact on ugrades and should be of consideration when thinking about joining. Naturally it doesn't help anyone right now but might make a difference...


luxfreight 30th Jul 2008 15:29

Alcione, not sure if you got my PM but may I suggest websites "athome.lu" or "fishbach.lu" failing that try asking someone in Personnel.

Jungleland 2nd Aug 2008 11:44

Maybe one should get the permanent contract (1 year after joining) before making too many changes in personal life, like moving there or moving your family to there etc. During that year it also gives you an idea of which areas you like and can afford ;).

But it's a nice company, easy to enjoy. Somewhat strange sometimes, but that's not the company, it's the business we're in.


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