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Flightwatch 29th May 2017 17:24

Originally Posted by final06 (Post 9786172)
May be too optimistic.
This is an ongoing problem. We never had enough crews, and we are not talking about a decent and working standby system.
We had contract captains that spent the better part of 10 years in the company.
F/Os were not amused to say the least.

I resemble that remark!

Did my 10 years and had a great time thanks to guys like you. Won't happen again unless KLM are still throwing guys out before 65. Don't think I would enjoy it much nowadays though, too much work not enough play (like 5 days layover dunnunda!).

16down2togo 29th May 2017 21:01

flightwatch you are so right! Left at the right time, this company has changed to it's worse, management and pilot attitude wise.
On the other hand people are starting to live in the past and not fighting the
current situation, blaming it to the union which is fighting hard.
The biggest thread in Eu ops is the bloody EASA, just doing what the companies
want, designing rules that might work for Easy and Ryan but do kill you on long haul.
Enjoy your retirement! Good timing!!!

final06 29th May 2017 22:02

Indeed, it was great fun to fly with the ex-BA guys.

However at CV they have been occasionally used by management as leverage against the pilot group.

All the best for your retirement! :)

CharlyGolf07 2nd Jun 2017 16:58

I am applying too, just right now, awaiting a reply.

When i read here the latest comments from2016/2017, then i can't get rid of the feeling it is all so political. But young guys asking substantial questions are not heard.

Ok, we understood that conditions seem to became worse or tighter than before.
And we all know that cargo aviation is not the easiest one.

But when i look back to the places where i worked for or am talking with other pilots in some layover pubs, then i barely find anyone who is satisfied. The majority of pilots seem to complain about their rosters, payment, training dept or whatever.
And maybe it is good so, because without complaints there wouldn't be anybimprovement.

Well, for my point, i will just await if i will be invited. And then see further. All the same discussion i had before already with previous airlines.

fda747 2nd Jun 2017 22:28

And your point is ? :ugh:

trancada 13th Jun 2017 22:21

Cargolux signs equity contract for launch of Henan Cargo Airlines ? Air Cargo News

So the brand CARGOLUX CHINA will never happen?
For those pilots who where interested in Cargolux China, things might change?

HURZ 16th Jun 2017 21:31

Originally Posted by ray cosmic (Post 9802753)
What you have been provided with is information that led to the current state of affairs by the ones that have a couple years within CV. They see a decline in conditions which in the grand scheme of things seem to make little sense. The newer guys might lay low in their first year, but feedback on the line is that their life is really pretty tough. Rosterchanges, little off time, not enough money. Nothing one cannot survive, but the better half at home is living through this tough time as well and they might not be as patient. Unless you did this kind of operation before, seriously have a sitdown at home to see if they like to play along. For us to fly the longhaul takes a toll on the private side which is often overlooked, and by the time you realize it it might be too late.
In effect you will have 6 days per month you can count on to be home - and the vacation when you have so scheduled. This means anything you need to do, such as medical, accountant, medical specialist or anything not easily changed needs to take place in those few days. In hindsight your rosters will look alright, but the inability to plan anything is something you'll have to get used to. Most of us are still frustrated though when the FOD get changed or a flight is delayed into the off days or vacation.
I have been too long with CV to know how it is "out there" now, but the input from the newer guys is that they did not expect it to be this hard living the CV life.

and that's why I left CV...

mansaloco 16th Jun 2017 21:45

And where did you go if I may ask?

CV_Insider 19th Jul 2017 09:24

Cargolux China now Henan Cargo Airlines
Cargolux China was a project name until the official shareholder agreement was signed in June 2017. Nothing in regards to the project has changed except that an official name for the future airline has been published. Chinese regulations are very strict when it comes to the approval of names for an airline. Henan Cargo Airlines will be owned 75% by chinese shareholders, mainly HNCA located in the Henan province and 25% by Cargolux Airlines Int. S.A. As from the very beginning intended the operating base of Henan Cargo Airlines will be Zhengzhou and therefore all employee contracts will be chinese contracts without any association to the Luxembourgish social system. Start/End of Duty however will be Luxembourg on both schemes. 14 On/12 Off and 18 On/17 Off. A global health insurance and LOL will be provided by Henan Cargo Airlines.

747-8driver 20th Jul 2017 00:05

Originally Posted by Couchpotatoe (Post 9804871)
The Cargolux pilots that voiced their interest in joining the airline in China for a rapid command opportunity might be overthinking the risk involved now.
Are there any guarantees that you can keep everything you have in Lux and get even more by being upgraded in China? Off-days in Europe, social security in Lux, health insurance for your family in Lux? And after you got your command and your hours in china, you will return to Lux like you were never gone?
I don't think so and would be quite surprised if this would materialize like announced.

According to the present CWA you would lose your seniority after having been on unpaid leave exceeding a consecutive period of 3 years.
Better think again before leaving CLX.

Knee Trembler 22nd Jul 2017 10:59

Just wondered if anyone is attending next weeks assessment (24-26.7)?

Feel free to PM.


CharlyGolf07 24th Jul 2017 21:26

What do you want to know exactly?

Jetmga 2nd Aug 2017 10:33

ATPL test cargolux
Hi guys,
Does anyone know if there is an ATPL test during these 3 days? If yes, how many questions?

Nice week for all!

Jetmga 8th Aug 2017 19:32

Thanks 👍🏽 It Looks like no one wants to give any tip about the screening...

Aeroshizzle 9th Aug 2017 08:48

Originally Posted by Jetmga (Post 9849765)
Hi guys,
Does anyone know if there is an ATPL test during these 3 days? If yes, how many questions?

Nice week for all!

About 20
If I remember correctly was 1 or 2 questions from each atpl topic. If you use 'ace the technical interview book' or Google They have similar questions.
Good luck!

final06 24th Oct 2017 19:11

Seems they cannot find the right people anymore:


Caveat emptor:

"The additional manpower is needed to cover the projected network for the next years and support the diversification of our operations."


balthazar1 3rd Nov 2017 09:08

Cargolux new joiner
I'm looking for "concrete" informations about the lifestyle and work conditions in Cargolux.
They are hiring First Officer, and I would like to apply.
But, after reading the 73 pages of this post, I'm not really sure if it will be a good idea.
Some of the posts on pprune can be very negatives as they are written by non-motivated pilots, but always argumented by other pilots happy of the company.
What is the stand by time or distance to be called ? I live at a distance of 90 minutes drive from Luxembourg Airport.
Any informations about the roster, rest outstation ?

final06 5th Nov 2017 18:08

It all depends on your personal and family situation.
Also on your previous flying. Different perspectives.

We have new joiners who were used to being at home every night in their previous job. Guess how they (and their families) feel about flying longhaul?

How do you or your family cope with the permanent roster changes?

How do you cope with 24 hr rest periods, i.e. reporting for the next duty when you are tired again?

Cargolux is no longer the airline it used to be.
Still for some it is a good gig despite the fact that most of the great layovers we used to have are gone - forever.

Doppio 16th Nov 2017 15:30

I've been invited to do the Mollymawk as part of the screening for Henan Cargo Airlines as DEC... Are there any places online to practise this test apart from the Mollymawk website itself?

Also, does anyone know if the entire screening proces for Henan is the same as if I would be applying for Cargolux? That would help tremendously with the preparation.

Please reply or DM me with any information.


hawkeye red 17th Nov 2017 06:50

Doppio....have they offered you to fly as DEC with Cargolux until Henan starts up ?

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