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Airbusguy320 25th Mar 2016 13:24

Why did they have to sign a new CLA with such bad conditions for new pilots when they made 48 million USD profit in 2015?

htgd 3rd Apr 2016 13:03

Originally Posted by Hank Moody (Post 9314512)
i think if you have 75% average for MEK. thats already very good.
with RMS 25% is like 4,5 numbers. think that should be oke as well.
i really wonder how the RAG would be.

How was your DLR?

Did you find any differences from the CBT? They all run at level 3 during the assessment?

What about the ATPL questions? As Far as I know there should be System, Meteo, Air Law, Nav, Inst and Human Perf. Did you find any other topic?

htgd 4th Apr 2016 17:42

Originally Posted by Hank Moody (Post 9332778)
Hi htgd,

The DLR day is quite tiring, since it is a long day.
so having a good rest before is really recommended.
during the rest i was really think they where looking for astronauts or something.
some test i felt i really messed up and others i had a good feeling about it.
two days after the test in hamburg i received the good news.

the test in the DLR is like lvl 2-3 of the CBT.
practise is the key. i think most people can pass it if they put enough effort into it.
i started the CBT like 3 weeks before and did everyday a bit.
the ATPL Q are like the ones on this tread. for the rest the Q are really basic Q from the ATPL books.

Good job!! Congratulation!

I'm going to Hamburg in 3 weeks.
Keep in touch...let me know when they call you for the sim..

Take care.


trancada 6th Apr 2016 22:51

About Cargolux China, did you hear anything ?

The Crew 19th Apr 2016 18:12

CargoLux China

They will be using DLR to conduct assesments for both DEC and DEFO. Wether its the astronaut level , who knows , but unlikely that the experienced DEC's they require will be much under 40, and perhaps will be more challenged by this kind of ab- initio style of assesments.

I think there will be a chicken and egg senario at play here. The guys who are assesed by DLR, and are successful , then need then to pass the CAAC medical. This Medical designed for a 21 year old air force recruit, and the many MRI scans and blood tests, stress ECG s to name a few. Many will not pass.
So do Cargolux really need to send pilots to get the CAAC medicals first , then send them to DLR for screening?

Its going to be an interesting selection process. No wonder on the email that is sent out says it may be months before you hear back from them .
No doubt they will have to process alot of crew to ensure that they get the 100 or so required to start operations . You could still fail the medical 6 or 12 months down the line and there's zero Cargolux could do to facilitate your return to line . Worth giving up a stable european career for?

trancada 20th Apr 2016 16:21

Yes it will. I have heard bad stories about CAAC Medicals. Some corruptions cases between employers and CAAC when they want to dismiss a pilot.

All kinds of excuses serves. After arriving in Europe or the United States and finally they are able to fly.

16down2togo 21st Apr 2016 01:22

Since YOU heard them, they must be true, judged by your command of the english language you are the true institution to evaluate international procedures, not that I basically contest your quote.
I'd wish pilot exams would include the ability to form full sentences those
days, god bless computer tests since they seem to not need basic
contents of a full sentence to pass them. 'I can fly plane but chinese bad because other demand but me have level 6 and he no have'.

The Crew 21st Apr 2016 14:33

Isn't is " these days" ;)

Semantics apart, i understand that Chinese carriers all rubber stamp their pilots as ICAO english level 6 . Well why not , it saves the cost of re testing and proves that a chinese pilot's understanding of ATC comms cannot be in doubt , so any comprehension problems must be someone elses fault.

Its a blame culture in China, that being blame everyone else .
Good luck !

16down2togo 21st Apr 2016 23:12

You're absolutely right but I sincerely do contest quotes that couldn't even produce a proper sentence being of the 'I heard type' got told, maybe,never been anywhere near!
Thanks for the correction anyway!

16down2togo 21st Apr 2016 23:14

Mea culpa!

Kim Jong Il 29th Apr 2016 14:17

Hi Gents,
I'm invited for DLR in 4 weeks time. What is the best way to prepare? Still skytest? As I understand some of the excercises of skytest are a bit outdated. Anyone can provide any inputt?

jeehaa 29th Apr 2016 15:52

Use the cbt's provided

Kim Jong Il 29th Apr 2016 17:03

Originally Posted by jeehaa (Post 9360618)
Use the cbt's provided

Thanks jeehaa. That I will do for sure. I'm thinking using skytest too. Have used it years ago and succesfully passed for another company. Would you advise that as well or has it all changed since? Thanks

jeehaa 29th Apr 2016 20:59

I think that the CBT's reflect the actual tests better than anything else as they are programmed and distributed by the DLR center itself. The looks are the same, as is the operation of the apps.

standardbrief 30th Apr 2016 07:06

So whats the word from cargolux pilots about the china operation? On paper it looks like it suits me but im mid thirties with a narrow body command looking to move back to europe and would join as an fo. Thats ok if i could upgrade within say 5 years. Like the roster/plane/company, but is there something ive missed???

Thanks for all 'informed' opinions

Kim Jong Il 30th Apr 2016 13:45

I wouldn't know but I think it's really hard to predict the time to command anyway, even more with a start up. But then again, I am not "informed". Easyjet, Norwegian, Ryanair, Transavia, Jet2 and more all offering DEC if a (fast) command is what you are after. But you can always apply and see.

final06 30th Apr 2016 18:55

CV China does not exist yet. It is a project.
Not talking about an AOC or airframes.
Consequently they wil not issue contracts at the moment.
To be able to fly as Commander in China you need previous experience. Unlikely that there will be upgrades IMHO.
They did a roadshow in Berlin. Result: Zero
Will CV China have a bright future?
Nobody knows.
Did you read the latest news about chinese economy?

standardbrief 30th Apr 2016 21:41

Thanks for reply guys I already have a few tho hrs in the left seat of a narrowbody jet but no widebody time so im not looking at cargolux for the command, but I get what your saying theirs no guarantees of coarse. Wouldn't really care if I didnt have rugrats to pay for!

@final06 interesting point lets hope the office dwellers at cargolux have done their homework on china for the sake of all the people who do take the job.

A three day in a row assessment seems kinda full on and a long way to travel for me but will marinade on it a while

negativeclimb 5th May 2016 22:53

Guys Cargolux is a nice company but not for the command that it takes at least 12-13 years so do not consider it for your upgrade.

rotorcloud 6th May 2016 13:41

Nice company? Are you joking? Just use the google search function to know more about this company. You`ll be treated like shit - get fired when you are sick too often. Roster is changing continuously up to four times a day! You`ll end up more than 21 days away from home with a lot of flights all around the world! This is not the company anymore where you can retire. People are leaving, looking for other options. A lot of pilots are loosing there medicals because they cannot cope anymore with all this. You have been warned!

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