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austrian71 4th Feb 2008 17:00

gals and boys, calm down, its not you telling me the cv philosophy, just some mates flying couple of years on the rhs and asking me how to join nje, because they want to FLY again within a professional field, they are not willing to wait decades for upgrade due to too many retired 747 captains who fly lhs with cv,they know about the payrise due to new tax agreements with portugal, about shiny bus.jets range from c550 to f7x, gV, they told us to feel like a dummy sitting on the flightdeck and looking how the heavy metal flies them (instead of the other way around), they aked me how to pass the screening process, because they dont fell comfortable with the cv interview - they told us it wasnt an serious airline screening , whatever it means, everybody who is happy with this job - ENJOY, the people who complain about are sure not the majority (hope so), but also a minority has the right of their own opinion. Take care.

ex dog 4th Feb 2008 18:01

Cargolux Details
Can anyone help me is Mr Eric Ellingworth still with Cargolux ( from planning i beleive ) would be great to catch up with him again

bluefalcon 4th Feb 2008 18:01

Nose Door,

Im thinking in applying. Could you please tell me if there is any chance of getting programmed out of a city other than luxemburg say for example, begin your days of duty flying out of BCN (ive seen a weekly flight there) and/or finish the trip back there or somewhere other than LUX. (For commuting reasons)


nose door 4th Feb 2008 18:25

What a fantastic day's sailing A71.... ahhh got a wee bit of a tan, and even had a family of dolphin's visit us, they complemented us on how professional we looked. But hey ho, how were the tuna sarnies... did u check the expiry date? Off fishing tomoz, if you want we could catch and bring you back some fresh tuna for your sarnies!!!
As you rightly said, if the guys here "for a couple of years" want to leave...well let them...make way for the good guys who want to do the job, go out and enjoy life, drink beer and find entertainment, without fu*king whinging all the time. And i'm sure they will be very impressed by NJE, as yep, you have some ace guys there, and gr8 machinery, but if they have to fly with a jumped up, over opinionated God like you, who is a connoisseur on tuna sarnies...well good luck to them. Me, well Ill take life as it takes me, with a smile on my face knowing full well my day is getting better due to the fact that the hangover will wear off and that i don't have to sit next to you for the next 7 days!!!
BTW next time your in Lux, pop into the office and ask to have a look around for yourself....you might even be surprised.....we have a twirly machine in the office with subsidized fresh tuna sarnies

burgerking 4th Feb 2008 23:44

nose door,

after 8 years with CV and still not trying to leave: this is the worst CRAP Ive heard about our outfit. Too tired to go into details now. Talk to you later.

burgerking :ugh:

Flightwatch 4th Feb 2008 23:48

Hello ex dog,

Eric is indeed still with us and in the rudest of health! As he is quite a frequent contributor to PPrune then he has probably already replied but if not let me know and I will point him to this thread.

Happy catching up, Flightwatch.

ray cosmic 5th Feb 2008 05:26

What a bitch-slapping event this thread turned into. Unbelievable.
Is it perhaps possible to simply ignore people like this Austrian fellow?

ex dog 5th Feb 2008 07:42

Mr Ellingworth
Thanks Flightwatch,

Have made contact

nose door 5th Feb 2008 08:35

Good evening A71,
What a great day's fishing, 25*C, clear blue skies, but i have some bad news for you i'm afraid...no tuna! Aparently they're further out to sea, yep that is a large area of water...bigger then a lake, now you know what a lake looks like, yes, well if you imagine the same picture but you can't see the other side, thats a sea, and an ocean is bigger then that, but not to digress back to the point at hand. How was your day, did you have a choccy milkshake to wash down your tuna sarnie, i don't normally give out advice, but why not try ham or cheese, try a bit of variety, that way you can actually back up what you are saying as opposed to trying to bluff your way through, it is also advisable to drink lots of water, as when your telling all your colleagues about how many guys want to leave cargolux and join a non profit making organization, they will probabbly want to hear a bit more from you as to "why"? and you don't want to let your throat get dry, as you'd then sound like "sdaffy duck" on the radio, and that would'nt be be very proffesional now, would it?
Met some guys over dinner this evening, from another freight outfit, lufty cargo, you might have heard of them, do you have any friend's there, do you have any pearls of wisdom for them? Anyway, we got talking about this and that, but the one point that they did mention and this was the interestiong bit is actually, the amount of pilot's that actually leave Cargolux or lufty is actually very small, probably 1-2% per year, actually go, and of that 1-2% is one guy who probably fills at least the 1/2% as last year he left luty to join CV and then 3 month's later left CV to join Lufty again, now where is the sense in that, we think he just like to do physco test's so he can actually tell guys he's good at them.
Oh well must off to bed, think about doing some wine tasting tomorrow, if you would like to imprees your colleagues in the other seat, go out for dinner with them and order a good bottle of New Zealand Red, they make some excellent red's now, as well as white wines. You know, that a lot of people really enjoy a kiwi over aussie, as the flavours are a lot more subtle, (and that's wine i'm talking about:=)
Try a stoneleigh, from marlborough county, now i'll probablly have to give you a bit of a geography lesson here, as we're talking about marlborough countynot country, this one is south of the equator, (not where your ciggie's are from,) you might have heard about that one during your flying exam's, it's also known as the 0 degree latitude, not to be mistaken for the 0 degree longitude which is also known as the greenwhich meridian, so called because it passes through a small town called farnborough, but you probabbly know about that place, one day you might even cross the equator and the only way you'd know is that your pee goes down the toilet the other way, but that's all for another day.... well my friend, you don't mind me calling you friend do you, i must hit the sack, as i have a beautiful ewe waiting, and someone has nicked her coat, she collect's cow bell's you know, so to impress her i told a little white lie!! I said that i had a little Austrian friend who might just be able to get her one.:rolleyes:

burgerking 5th Feb 2008 18:28

Nose door,

you must be a lux office guy fantasizing about the life of a cv pilot!

Sure the akl stop is great - more often its going to be los, kmq, gyd and the likes. Mostly min rest on the way there and back.

Sure it is still a good company, very professional and not many are leaving right now - but please: stop the BS!!

enjoy, bk

ray cosmic 5th Feb 2008 23:52

Nose Door puleeze... maybe people in the office will think that each trip is like this. Unless, you -because of special favors and a standing bid- only go to AKL.
As the Burger says; it is not a continuous wet dream, but it belongs certainly to the better jobs around in the Freight/ Long Haul world.

btw, I like tuna sandwiches....

nose door 6th Feb 2008 00:25

Double whopper with fries, and RC...
This will be the last one, for a while at least, as soon i'll have to go u know where. But I just wanted to let the Austrian 71 king of the hill, know that we can very gracously arrange for him to come and visit us and to try the phsyco test for him self, (probably for the second time so he should be a bit better at the spot the dot thingy) and that way, when he is asked by all these mysterious people he knows, what cargolux is really like he will now hopefully be fairly well informed about us, as opposed to the shite he has been spouting!!! So you see in the previous post's i have put all the clues in there for him to work it out what a great bunch of guys and girls we really are, proffesional, educated, well paid, with a good solid company behind us, that posts profit's most, (well almost most,) years.
So if there are people out there who want to join, you have to do it for the right reason's. The flying is great, the routes are the best of any -400 operater in the world, but to play hard, we work hard, and even though we have a few issue's with whoever or whatever, on the whole we have a load less issue's then a lot of other operater's.
But if you don't like to party....well ur best staying at home.:ok:


oh, blue falcon, sorry no special treatment, you start in lux you finish in lux, if u want to commute, it's make ur own way.

HossaJose 6th Feb 2008 21:32

Total Time

as far as I know (happened to me last year) you will get a negative reply if you don't have the TT required. This is apparantly due to the Level-D / 0 flighttime training they do on the -400.


Buster Hyman 14th Feb 2008 02:47

5 days in AKL is like a week in a padded room, IMHO!;) At least there's plenty of time to head back over to MEL & have a good time...you know, you passed through there on the way in.:p

Straughanie 14th Feb 2008 10:57

Too right Buster... at least you get the weekend in MEL before having to put up with 5 days of speights drinkers and all black supporters...

No credit for the wally that decided to break up the long MEL layover and keep the long AKL

:ok: Straughanie

16down2togo 14th Feb 2008 18:37

Gentlemen what is your problem?
CR2, not a pilot at all by the way, want to show some possible joiners how magnificent the world once was?
Cargolux is still a good job, not in anyway as outstanding as it was but those projectives ---- let's rather close this threat forever and start a new one, I'm tired of this howling, it has changed, a lot, but still, ---.
Things might change - again.....call me a darwinist, well,
And still there are much worse opportunities!
I'd like to welcome any volonteers in joining one of the better, not best, anymore, outfits to probably bring it towards the glory it once had.
Just my wishes,
good night

CR2 14th Feb 2008 22:53

? eh ?


DHC6to8 1st Mar 2008 20:17

Just got the invitation
Am I going to be in for any big surprises for the selection? I have had a look around at the different threads regarding this... but I am just wondering if somebody has any new info (up to date)...
Never failed any selections yet... guess we'll see!

ray cosmic 22nd Mar 2008 00:44

CTS. I would prefer to refer it the off days as a block of 3 and a block of 6, where you might have a rest day in front if you crossed a bunch off timezones. Or do you get 4 days as well after a MST?

ray cosmic 22nd Mar 2008 16:09

thanks for the explanation gents, was not clear to me!

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