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pilotarosa 30th Sep 2015 11:50

Hello has anyone from the selections of the 17th heard anything back?

piet85 19th Oct 2015 07:50

Hello pilotarosa,

Do you maybe know where I can find a database with atpl questions for the Cargolux DLR. I have mine at the end of this month. Thank you!

pilotarosa 23rd Oct 2015 07:26

about the DLR ATPL questions if you search on prune for Lufthansa Italia you will find a wealth of very very valuable information. that may seem old (2005) but they aren't.
the test you get are the one that they sent you, plus an extra small test at the end. But this test you really can not prepare for. Good news is, that in my opinion it was the easiest of the day.
Other suggestion is to just relax and take each test as it comes, once done forget about it. it seems obvious but it works.

Good luck

piet85 26th Oct 2015 10:24

Thank you pilotarosa for the information! On the Lufthansa italia link I found this:
1- what's the function of the eustachian tube?to equalize the pressure in the ear
2-what part of the ear is responsive for equilibrium?the otholit
3- function of hemoglobin?oxygen to the body
4-environmental capture?something to do with skill rule
5-main factor in global weather changes?heating of the earth
6-causes of windshear?strong temperate inversion
7-if you cool an air mass to its dewpoint?umidity 100%
8-if maintaining constant angle of attack the airspeed is 3 times faster what happens to lift?9 times bigger
9-some question regarding airspeed: answer is crate mach
10- question about traveling along parallel 60N: answer 1800nm (cosine of 60=0.5)
11-what is a rate 1 turn? 3°/second
12- the sun is 40°W, when will it be at 85°W?After 3 hours (15° per hour)
13-something about turn indicators: rate gyro
14-real wander in gyroscope: due internal friction
15-how is a gyro erected in an ADI?leveling switches and torque motors
16-some question about gyros: answer gimbal
17-instrument that indicates low pressure stage in an engine? N1
18- if after 50nm climb you have reached 20.000ft what is the rate?2000ft/min
19-red light from tower?don't land
20- acceleration error of attitude indicator during take off?pitch up
21- same as above for the human body?pitch up feeling

Are you getting the questions above? You passed the DLR then I guess? Thanks!

pilotarosa 27th Oct 2015 09:48

Hello you are in the right road, but search more as there are more ( look into the italian bits also) . It took me a while to find them. I do not post them as i do not have them anymore, goodluck for the search, and maybe see you at the next phase!

f27m50 11th Nov 2015 12:45

Hi guys,does anybody have info regarding the physics part which they are talking about in the briefing package?

regards and thanks in advance

pilotarosa 19th Nov 2015 08:54

Good morning, is there anyone who has done phase 2 in Luxembourg that can give some info? I have been reading the whole post but the info on phase 2 seems to be very little.
Thank you!!!!

CaptainProp 27th Nov 2015 10:22

Cargolux is to create 100 additional pilot jobs in Luxembourg and has announced a fleet upgrade that will replace two 747-400BCF with three nose-door equipped 747-400Fs.

The pilot job announcement comes as management at the European all-cargo carrier prepares to meet with pilot unions on Monday about signing a new collective work agreement that will lift the threat of further industrial action by air crew.

In a statement, the Luxembourg-based carrier said: “The next meeting with the unions is scheduled to take place on November 30 and Cargolux is confident that, based on the board decision, an agreement can be reached subject to LCGB accepting the job security agreement and a compromise on the very few remaining open items.”

Cargolux will hire an additional 120 staff in 2016 including 100 new pilots in Luxembourg, stating: “With this measure, the company aims to improve the current roster situation as well as the work-life balance among its crews. The introduction of enhanced part-time and stand-by systems for its pilots further supports this goal.”

Cargolux is also replacing two Boeing 747-400BCF with three nose-door equipped Boeing 747-400Fs, and will expand its fleet to 26 freighters until the third quarter of 2016.
The airline added: “The board’s decisions underline Cargolux’s ambition as a truly global player and set the company firmly on a continued path of growth and strength.

“Despite the challenges of a potential industry action by one of its unions, Cargolux is confident that the above investments in flexibility and reliability for its customers as well as work-life balance for our crews will bring sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.”
They seem confident in the negotiations...


homebuilt 1st Dec 2015 22:49

Has anyone here an idea of the yearly wages for newbies that would be hired by Cargolux within this new hiring process?

trancada 2nd Dec 2015 03:33

Any news about the negotiations, for their new collective work
agreement? As the last one ended last Monday, 30th November.

What are the future expansion plan? They will replace the 3 747 BCF with 747 ERF.

What about CARGOLUX Italia? Or the Cargolux China that has been rumoured , to support the Pacific Region operation.

trancada 2nd Dec 2015 13:43

Latest news .


So, Cargolux’s collective work agreement (CWA) has expired. According to articles in the Luxembourg press, (German here and French here) talks went on till 1am last night, after 12 hours with no agreement, and re-started at 10am this morning. While the ground staff and OGBL union are happy, the pilots are still concerned about their rest day, as well as possible outsourcing to Cargolux Italia. And, according to one article, Cargolux’s last-minute announcement that it would expand its fleet and hire 100 new pilots in Luxembourg, was not welcomed by the LCGB pilots’ union.


Cargolux’s management appears to have averted the threat of a strike following another day of negotiations with its unions yesterday.

Last night, Cargolux issued a triumphant statement noting a “major breakthrough” on the Collective Work Agreement (CWA).

“The perseverance of the negotiating teams yielded a principle agreement with both unions on the new CWA terms that sends a strong signal on the company’s commitment to job security for our staff and an increased support towards maintaining the competitiveness of Luxembourg as the prime air freight hub in Europe,” the carrier said.

“Cargolux and its social partners are happy to have arrived at this positive result and will continue to fully focus their joint efforts towards enhancing the success of the company.”

Unfortunately, Cargolux’s “social partners” were a little more circumspect – but strike action seems to be off the table. The LCGB union also issued a press release, stating: “Although no final agreement could be reached, and the LCGB cannot sign the slightly too enthusiastic press release by Cargolux, today’s negotiation round brought new movement to the Cargolux collective work agreement negotiations. Cargolux and the unions will continue their negotiations in the upcoming days with the intention of finding an acceptable solution for all parties involved.”

But Hubert Hollerich, of the OGBL union which represents more ground staff, told The Loadstar that a deal had been reached on the four main issues: Cargolux Italia, pilot vacations, pilot rest days, and the joint crew schedule committee.

“Now, we have to do the fine-tuning of the text. Of course, our union strongly welcomes Cargolux’s initiative to hire 120 employees – 20 ground staff and 100 pilots. This shows that the Board of Directors is optimistic and believes in the development of this company.”

The unions and airline management will complete the negotiations by Friday. The carrier added that all parties “share a common vision for stability, sustainable growth and prosperity at Cargolux”.

Cargolux averts strike as unions near agreement

trancada 2nd Dec 2015 13:51

Cargolux unions are divided over possible strike and new collective work agreement.

The larger union representing Cargolux staff, OGBL, is to attempt to push through a new Collective Work Agreement without input from the smaller LCGB.

Last week, LCGB, the more militant of the two unions, announced it would ask its members to vote on industrial action. But OGBL secretary Hubert Hollerich told local media his union could unilaterally sign off the new CWA when the existing agreement expires on December 1.

“It would not be optimal, but we will do so as a last resort,” he said. “We are the majority in the staff delegation, so we can.”

This, however, is disputed by the LCGB and the Luxembourg Airline Pilots’ Association. Its executive secretary, Dirk Becker, told The Loadstar: “The OGBL cannot unilaterally sign a collective work agreement. This has been confirmed by legal advice and by Luxembourg’s l’Inspection du Travail et des Mines (ITM) the Inspectorate of Labour and Mines, which is the governmental body in Luxembourg directly linked to the ministry of labour.

“The deciding factor if a collective work agreement could be signed by only the OGBL is not the number of delegates in the staff delegation affiliated with the OGBL, but the number of votes received in the last valid delegation election. In order for the labour minister to approve the signing of a CWA only by the OGBL, the OGBL would be required to have received at least 50% of the votes in the last delegation election, which took place in August 2011.

“This is not the case as it has been confirmed recently by the ITM. So the labour minister cannot legally approve the signing of a new collective agreement only by the OGBL.”

Meanwhile, the LCGB continues to be frustrated by the growth of Cargolux Italia, which it accuses of “social dumping”.
Noting that three of the four Italian-registered and piloted aircraft are “routinely dispatched within the Luxembourg route network”, the union said the government was losing $5m in taxes and that management was not acting in the interests of the country.

Cargolux, however, said its Luxembourg operation had grown faster than its Italian one, adding two new aircraft this year and leasing a third.

“We are still hiring staff – crews as well as ground staff – here in Luxembourg and have ambitious plans to increase staff and crew levels in 2016, all of which would be jeopardised by adverse industrial actions,” said the carrier in a statement to media.

“While Cargolux Italia has increased its activities, it should not be forgotten that Cargolux also profits from Cargolux Italia’s expansion, as we are able to open up new markets due to the traffic rights that Cargolux Italia has; commercial traffic rights, for instance to Japan (Osaka and Tokyo) and Russia (Novosibirsk), that Cargolux does not have from Luxembourg.

“With a current market share of 14%, Cargolux Italia’s position as the number-one home carrier in the Italian market shows the importance of developing both airlines in parallel.

“Its low cost and highly efficient production allows Cargolux to continue to fly to financially challenging regions such as Africa with all the positive impact on our global network.”

It argued: “Every single job at Cargolux Italia secures three additional jobs at Cargolux in Luxembourg.”

It did not address LCGB’s claim that Italian aircraft regularly fly on the Luxembourg network.

While LCGB admits that it is “well aware” of the consequences of industrial action, it has been angered by the rejection of its plans for cost-savings of some $10m a year. Saying it had lost faith in the negotiations, LCGB said a strike, which it believes its members would support, “remains the last option to convince Cargolux senior management to return to a constructive negotiating style in good faith”.

Negotiations are due to resume on November 11, and it will hold the vote on any action beforehand.

LZ-DOC 3rd Dec 2015 05:34

old application
Dear all,
I have just reapplied with Cargolux, but the option "Add. questions" is not valid.
Does someone have a clue how to activate it?
My answers are way out of date as my previous application is from 2009...

negativeclimb 3rd Dec 2015 10:24

same problem for me...

LZ-DOC 3rd Dec 2015 11:29

Where bouts are you on the process?

fda747 9th Dec 2015 20:42

strike starts Saturday :D

trancada 10th Dec 2015 15:32

Cargolux Agreement with pilots in the air again as Union pulls out of final talks
Despite its recent triumphant press release that a deal with pilots had been sealed, The Loadstar’s inbox continues to ping with unhappy and terse statements from both the LCGB union and the carrier.

Yesterday, Cargolux issued another release, saying that the union had “surprisingly backtracked on the principle agreement reached on 1 December”.

It added: “Cargolux cannot help but wonder about the reliability and credibility of a social partner who agrees on certain compromises, only to negate their own decisions days later….[the union] does not care about the negative implications of their decision on all Cargolux employees (of which pilots are in minority).”

In response, the LCGB claims that Cargolux’s management has reneged on its agreements in the final text for the Collective Work Agreement (CWA).

“The text did not reflect what was agreed,” explained Dirk Becker, executive secretary of the Luxembourg pilot association, ALPL.

The disagreements, over pilot representation and Cargolux Italia, have led to the union backing out of any further negotiations and stating a “decree of non-conciliation” – this effectively opens the way once more for a strike.

The pilots want the text to specify that if growth in Luxembourg is not achieved after three years, then Cargolux Italia’s fleet would reduce by one aircraft.

The management’s text, however, did not specify three years, but up to the end of the CWA – which lasts three years unless one party calls for its end. The text also failed to state that pilots must be represented by pilots.

Mr Becker made the point that management could come and go, so the text of the CWA needed to be so specific that it could not be interpreted a different way by a different CEO, should there be one.

The sad thing is, however, that all the noise around Cargolux – which is currently branding itself as the ‘Global Cargo Carrier of Choice’ – is harmful. It gives its customers a lack of certainty which will surely damage the carrier – and if that happens, then any benefits or costs savings the pilots and other staff have made, will be lost to lower revenues.

A continuing threat of strike action fails to help anyone, and just piles pressure on already difficult talks. And withdrawing from talks altogether seems yet another step backwards.

More excitingly, according to CargoForwarder, the carrier is ready to launch its joint-venture Chinese airline in the next couple of months.

Here, the union is relatively silent. It said that the carrier could not fly in and out of the EU – a point which is likely to work for Cargolux’s management too. The pilots offered secondments at the Chinese carrier, but the offer was rejected by the management, presumably because they’d prefer to work with less troublesome pilots in China.

Mr Becker agreed that the situation was bad for the carrier and its staff.

“It was a tough decision,” he said. “But enough is enough.”


Oh dear. Poor Cargolux

Mr.Nomads 11th Dec 2015 04:34

Cargolux loses it`s shine
After more than 25 years with Cargolux I can only recommend all Wannabes to reconsider their application.
It`s not the best choice in Europe anymore.

It certainly has been a great airline with fantastic people (I miss the Icelanders so much) with a great spirit and a good CWA.

This all changed when the Qataris took the Swissair shares, sold them some time later but left this chinese traitor in position as CFO and interim CEO.
Mr. R.F. almost scuttled South African Airlines:
"Forson has resigned abruptly from the national airline, but declined to comment yesterday on the reason for his departure. However, it is understood that his departure is linked to the R7bn in currency-hedging losses suffered by SAA in 2002-03."
So he ran away after causing big disaster.
Now he is our new Chief Financial Officer ! :D

But the worst is yet to come.
Our new CEO Mr. D.R. who had to leave Kühne & Nagel on account of wrong strategy with resultant high losses. :ugh:

In exchange we lost our best and most reputable manager, Mr. Robert van der Weg. He was the key figure in Cargolux as VP Sales.

And where do we stand today ?
Management cancelled our CWA a year ago which basically means, that we lost all our privileges which we fought for in the past 20+ years.
Luxembourg protects it`s employers not the employees.

Without a CWA, Cargolux can offer new pilots whatever they are in the mood for.
They don`t need to abide by the old CWA.
Significant lower salaries (B scale = A scale minus 5 or more), less OFF days, less vacation, full 13th month salary only after 5 years, just to name a few...

With the introduction of the new EASA FTL rules Cargolux can implement minimum limitations which will have tremendous impact on our quality of life.

As if that were not enough, management drives a wedge between pilots and the rest of the company. And it`s working.
So I`m asking everybody in Luxembourg, how much intelligence is necessary to figure out, that an airline needs pilots ???
Here an oversimplification:
1- Airline owns aircrafts to make money
2- Pilots needed to fly aircrafts
3- No pilots no money.
4- Airline goes bankrupt
5- Pilots find another job anywhere in the world
6- Ground staff No job anymore

As long as the witch-hunt doesn`t come to an end, Cargolux is by far the worst choice at the moment.

Consider Far East: same treatment for much more money :rolleyes:

homebuilt 12th Dec 2015 17:49

Yes, thank you. Won't anymore consider moving from where I am.

Airbusguy320 16th Dec 2015 11:05

In the press they say there is an agreement about a new CWA.
Any details for the new contracts? Is it really that bad or have the unions been able to stop some things?

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