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Jungleland 23rd May 2007 19:53

No crewchange in PIK. Some flights to US via PIK (then with 3 crewmembers), and some returnflights as well.

But which days they are I don't know. Think quite frequent. Heard that the other day there were 3 stops that day. It varies.

Work to rule was just a couple of weeks I think. Since then they have a new CWA.

Kestrel_909 23rd May 2007 20:15

Ouch, I wouldn't fancy a LUX-PIK-SFO/SEA like today! I assume one crew would then do the likes of the SEA-SFO-YYC part and then another crew YYC-LUX?

I don't work for CLX, but some limited knowledge of the goings on through Prestwick. As far as I know, there are weekly LUX-PIK-SFO and LUX-PIK-SEA services, PIK-SFO service today, and there was a PIK-SEA on Friday. I'm not sure of any others routing out through PIK.

Some ORD, IAH and JFK flights returning to LUX route via PIK also, but not sure how regular they are.

balu_777 31st May 2007 11:26

Request current roster/CWA
Could anyone forward me please a current Cargolux pilot roster and if possible the current collective work agreement as well. Tried their local pilots union but no reply so far ... Rgds Markus :ok:
e-mail: [email protected]

LBR 19th Aug 2007 21:10

If the figures regarding the savings are correct they could easely hire some people but, it's only when you have to cancel flights because of delay code 64 that you need extra crew...

FCS Explorer 22nd Sep 2007 10:03

Thanks to everyone contributing to this thread so far and providing good insight and 'frontline' information.:D
i do understand no-one wants his personal rooster flying around the www, but maybe someone could shed some light on the average number of hotel overnights, layovers, flight hours...
how many days in row do you fly before you get (how many) hours off?
ppjn.com states recruitment started again. should i hurry to get my application in or is there a continuous process over the next months??
(my current company seems to be going down the drains:suspect:, but it pays so much for so little work - really a hard decision)

luxfreight 22nd Sep 2007 17:45

I thought that this thread should died months ago. Anyway....on average between 16-18 nights/month in a hotel.9days off (6 fixed, 3 floating). If I where you I'd put the application in now and then see how your company does. It's getting longer and longer to a comand so the sooner that you are on the senority list.....

CEJM 22nd Sep 2007 20:03

Just out of interest. Does Cargolux give you the oppertunity to work Part-time? If so, what agreement is in place i.e 75/25% or 50/50%?


Jungleland 22nd Sep 2007 21:06

They offer rosters off as part-time.

The year consists of 13 rosters of 28 days. Pilots can bid for one roster off, two rosters off etc up to 50% part time. Goes with seniority or special needs.

If you get approved two rosters of, two of your rosters during the year will be blank. The salary throughout the year will then be 84,6%. You loose the per-diem when you don't fly obviously.

CEJM 22nd Sep 2007 22:11


Thanks for your reply. However, you mention that when you have two rosters off you will get two blank rosters a year. Does this mean that you got two periods of 28 days off. Or can you choose to have one week off in every 28 days etc.


Jungleland 23rd Sep 2007 08:58

No, that's the catch. They only give whole 28-day periods off. They call that part-time.

For the rest one can use the 42 days vacation. Must take minimum of 5 days vacation at a time. So in 8 periods you will have 16 of 28 days off.

In every 28-day period one has 9 days off. They come as a block of 3 and 6. Before these one has 24hrs rest. So that will be every 28-day period 11 days off (including rest). With 5 days vacation on top of that gives 16 days. This can be done 8 out of 13 rosters (40 days). 2 days to spare.

42 days vacation with no part-time!

FCS Explorer 23rd Sep 2007 15:52

... another load of questions...
ok gentlemen, once again your wisdom is appreciated concerning the two core elements: work & money.

my current contract allows max 5 days in a row. now if i try to fix the mentioned 16/17 hotel-nights in the 28 day-roster it might look like:

10 FLT +( 1 rest + 6 off) +8 FLT+(1 rest + 3 off) = 28

do you have off-days or rest-periods abroad :confused: or is there simply no limit to how many days in a row duty is possible :confused:....?

So if I manage to get in (bringing 4.000 hrs B737), complete the training and get my 600 on type…
I’d get 4600€ minus about 26% tax + 1500 per diems (in the 10,5 months I work)= 4900 net!? whoa :D:O Nice. If correct. Plus between one and three extra basic salaries.
On page 3 of this thread in post #89 even more allowances for night/weekend and public holidays are mentioned. yes, ok, I’m a little greedy, but basically I just wanna know b4 I go.

lustforlife 24th Sep 2007 10:07

Hi FCS explorer,

Just to make you even more keen, I dont think you would have to pay 26% tax if you lived in Lux (or perhaps you want to live elsewhere).;)

Perhaps someone else who falls into the junior F/O bracket could confirm?


TheRednosedReindeer 25th Sep 2007 04:17

Hi everybody out there,
I don't know where you got the 26% from, but it could be realistic if you are single, however this is only guessing.
Married with kids, you pay more like 5% tax off the starting salary, plus some 8% social security (which I would - again - GUESS to be already incl. in above 26%).
Just don't count too much on remaining married for too long,
--> does anyone have a halfway reliable figure on divorce statistics in CV, by any chance?
As your salary increases, so does the tax rate, the progression is quite significant, I believe.
Maybe a captain could state his/her tax rate?
All this applies for sure when you live in LUX or D, for B I'm not sure, F has some different special deal for pilots, living elsewhere you may have to pay home country tax rates. Find out about your specific "Mutual Tax Agreement".
And last not least, 1500 EUR per diem is about the maximum you might get occasionally. My average over the last 11 months is 791 EUR (F/O).
At the risk of repeating myself, do not, by any means, count this as salary. You'll need to use a good share (if not all) of it, in order not to get depressive in the confinement of your hotel room!!
So much for now - TRNRD

Dutchjock 25th Sep 2007 15:50

correct me if i'm wrong:
If your average is 791€ a month divided by 24 hrs and divided by 4€ an hour that means you are working an average of just over 8 days a month.

or if you are a capt and divide it by 4.5€ an hour it means just over 7 days a month...

Very nice indeed

FCS Explorer 26th Sep 2007 22:13

5% ... u gotta be kidding !?
if you google for "doing business in luxembourg" you will come up with the 'chambre d'commerce' and on page 9 of chapter 6 this link:
there's a table from where i got the 25%, assuming that the amount stated in the first colum is the yearly income. (i'm sorry, i couldn't find the union-jack-english-language-button on the site).
thanks for alerting me on the loss-of-social life issue, but actually all my social life will fit in the 10/11 off-days.... :sad:... easily.

now tell us, is there a different per diem for different places or why did you end up with an average 800€?:confused:

FCS Explorer 29th Sep 2007 14:23

two more questions...
#1: how's the rating paid?
#2: if i take for example 15 days vacation in a roster:
will i still have the 11 OFF-days and 2 remaining working days or do vacation and OFF-days cancel each other? my current company counts every 3rd Vac-day as OFF-day. so after 15 days Vac i would loose 5 off-days from the total of 11 per month.

Jungleland 29th Sep 2007 20:38

They do not cancel each other.

If you come back from a trip the last workingday of previous roster, the new 28-day roster will look like:

1 day rest
6 off days
3 off days (no rest in between 3 and 6 off days if they come together)
15 vac days (if you asked for them here)
3 workingdays (going in to next roster most probably)

Away about 180 days/year. With €4/hour as F/O from checkin to checkout, plus night-, sunday- and national holiday supplement one will get about €1000-€1500/month as taxfree per diem.

Jungleland 29th Sep 2007 20:40

Rating is paid by the company. 4 years bond.

FCS Explorer 30th Sep 2007 01:27

that off-and-vac-deal sounds really fair.
the bond on the rating: does it mean i pay it back over 4 years OR by simply staying 4 years (and paying a leave-early-fee for leaving within those 4 years)?
my current employer "degraded" my payment the first years to get the money back. so basically I paid the rating...

ray cosmic 30th Sep 2007 23:15

You'd only have to pay for the TR if you leave earlier.
Per Diem around 800-1000 Eur indeed, I personally had a max. of 15 days where I had duty per 28 day roster over the last year. In that figur I also count days where I returned in LUX at 0600LT or had check-in at 2100LT.
All in all, if you live in the area, you really win a lot of time.
Strangely enough, it seems rosters for locals seem more friendly than the ones issued to commuters. Or to put it differently; Commuting for more than a few hours; certainly if it involves aircraft can be very tough on the person and his family.

After 600hrs on type and 3500hrs total you'll soon make a little over 5000Eur gross basic, since another index increase (auto salary increase in LUX) is expected soon.
So you could say, on a regular, normal month;
5000 basic
500 in night and Sunday supplements
1000 per diem net.

You'll pay "a lot" of taxes when single; married with 2 kids around 7%.
Only over the basic salary you pay the income taxes and 10,55% for Social Security and State Pension.
Over the night, Sunday and holiday supplements you only pay the contribution for Social Security and State Pension.

Its a worldwide and long haul freight operation; length of trips can be anywhere between 1 and 17 days; layovers between min rest and 5 days.
Very often around 20 hrs rest though on outstations, especially on the Eastern routes.

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