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PropDude 1st Feb 2015 18:16

feeling stupid...
Flight Experience Option B-2:

3,000 hours total time
2,000 hours are on high performance turboprop or jet (ATR 72 Canadair CRJ100, CRJ200, CRJ700 Challenger 600, 601, 604 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Embraer 135, 145,170, 190 Falcon 50, 50EX, 900, 900EX, 2000, 2000EX, 7X Gulfstream II, III, IV, V Saab 2000)

Flight Experience Option C:

On a multi-pilot turbo-jet aeroplane certificated to the standards of CS-25 or equivalent airworthiness code or on a multi-pilot turbo-prop aeroplane having a maximum certificated take-off mass of not less than 10 tonnes or a certificated passenger seating configuration of more than 19 passengers, at least 500 hours flight time or 100 route sectors.

I don't get this...:ugh:

So someone with 500hours and or 100sectors on the q400 can apply ? :confused:
Then why do they have the B-2 Option?

Yellowbird89 1st Feb 2015 22:17

Someone going to Amsterdam in February for GPSS?

teobull 3rd Feb 2015 09:36

A friend of mine is scheduled for Amsterdam Assessment on the 13th of February.

Nero7 9th Feb 2015 07:49

Any Info on the tests
I just got the message that I am up for the first round of tests at the AMC in Amsterdam.
Does anyone know what kind of test they use and if there is any training software available? Or even something about these psychological assessments.
Any info is appreciated.

Yellowbird89 16th Feb 2015 17:41

Hi ,

Now i passed also selection 1 waiting for step 2. are you still waiting for the Interview ? I do so


C56XL 17th Feb 2015 08:37

Could you be so kind and give some information about the the first step?
What kind of tests etc...

Thanks :)

born2flybig 17th Feb 2015 09:44

How long did you have to wait for the results?


Baldur29 19th Feb 2015 22:19

Just 1 1/2 days...

Clapampa 20th Feb 2015 11:16

Either for good or bad result? .....one week waiting... Still no reply ... I'm afraid it means nothing good...

Baldur29 24th Feb 2015 08:29

I've send you an PN.

Clapampa 24th Feb 2015 08:58

Replied on PN... Thanks!

Climb360 24th Feb 2015 09:23

Guys, I received the email from IP this morning that I have been placed "on the waiting list to possible be invited for assessment... This could take several months."

Anyone have any experience how long this usually takes? By PM if you prefer :ok:

Frolic 24th Feb 2015 11:37

It took 3 weeks until I got an email from the aviation medical center regarding an appointment for the assessment.

philou 24th Feb 2015 13:03

Great...I'm still waiting since late June 2014...:ugh:

Climb360 24th Feb 2015 13:51

Anyone invited to the assessment care to share their experience?

Just trying to get an idea of the minimum requirements that they actually invite, because the three groups as set by IP are pretty widespread...

Frolic 24th Feb 2015 18:53

FO 5500hrs B738
currently doing A320 typerating :(

Baldur29 24th Feb 2015 20:05

Hi, may I ask you when was your Assessment in AMS?

16down2togo 24th Feb 2015 21:11

The division of requirements is most likely to be explained by the lesser requirements of our southerly dependance.
Beware of it, it's your life and it's going to bite you at one point, promise!

HURZ 25th Feb 2015 23:34

Think twice
As 16td2go alreay said.... watch out. Most, if not all jobs offered are down in our slavery sister Cargolux Italia. You will most likely regret to join this outfit since T&Cs are most likely worse the Ryanair....Even joining mainline in LUX could become an unwanted adventure. If you have a good and secure job, think twice... Flying a 747 is not worth an adventure you might regret one day...

Cliff Secord 25th Feb 2015 23:45

Why would joining mainline possibly be an unwanted adventure? Are things heading that bad?

Also, I thought it was a separate process to join ICV rather than you apply thinking you're going for mainline to find out the jobs actually for the terrible conditions at Italia?

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