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offa 14th Mar 2011 16:21

I'm not sure what you mean by "rubbish" Both of the BCF's fly like a dream .... they are not being replaced but merely fillers until Mr. B finally delivers the much awaited Dash 8's.
(Just mind the step going into the cockpit and avoid banging your head on the luggage lockers and they're fine. OK they haven't got a nose door)

Flightwatch 15th Mar 2011 01:17

Believe me he knows what he talks about!

Have you ever carried more than 110 tonnes in a -BCF, my record in a -400F was 128t (not for very far but around 6 hours if I remember right).

In his job I am quite sure he knows the lease rates, I don't - do you?

The way an aircraft flies has very little to do with the bottom line!

Piloteur737 15th Mar 2011 11:12

Recruiting finished, could be possible.
But what about new rating-dates after June?

ray cosmic 15th Mar 2011 15:56

Flightwatch, true enough, but there are plenty destinations where we anaway can't make it up to the maximum structural limit, since we are Field limited.
I actually do not have 2 flightplans side by side, but my feeling says it doesn't make a big difference in for example NBO.
On the other hand, the company sold the 400s at a time when cash was needed and they received plenty of it for the deal.
So now it is a situation which is far from ideal, but as far as the official info goes, there were not a lot of options at the time..

Coto 16th Mar 2011 18:45

Hi there!

Does anyone know the terms and conditions of Cargolux Italia?


16down2togo 16th Mar 2011 19:05

Find them out by yourself!
And start to cry. whoever accepts them must be nuts!
you can't do yourself no good.
No comment.

CR2 16th Mar 2011 19:10


I've known him for 30-ish years.

He's been with CLX since the beginning, when some of you were still in pampers or not even thought about.

He knows his stuff.

Trust me, there are quite a few old-timers (ie senior Captains) giving sound advice here.

I am no longer with the company, but... those usernames that know each other... know each other.

Coto 16th Mar 2011 19:52

16down2togo: that's what I'm trying to do. Thanks for the help!

Sooner or later I will know.

When you need some info where I can help, dont hesitate to ask.

carholme 16th Mar 2011 21:02

748 at YFB
Here is one for everybody:

748 in YFB for cold wx. trials.


ray cosmic 17th Mar 2011 17:21

Cargolux Italia
This Cargolux Italia (ICV) is starting to pose a bit of a problem for CLX pilots.
It truly is a B-scale company with everything less than at CLX.
Less pay, less Per Diem, less off, less vacation.
On the other hand you might be able to create a real union and squeeze some better conditions from ICV. We all know that Italian unions can bring a company to its knees, and let's hope ICV will experience this first hand.
We from LUX are unable to achieve anything except for not accepting a contract down there.. This company is really a cancer on CLX which has to be removed.

Alcione 20th Mar 2011 08:06

Yes, it's sad, but it,s a major threat. Could happen or not, but just remember what happened with Lufthansa Cargo and Aerologic. There are a lot of examples.

When you start working in CLX they say to you to expect ten years on the right seat to get the opportunity of the upgrade. So you make a lot of commintmets, blowing up old bridges, hopping the best. You are still young but ten years is a lot of time. It's really a pleasure to fly the Jumbo all around the world. Nice fellows, good layovers, a fantastic instruction department and may other things......

My expectations for CLX are high. Though I feel insulted. Thanks to the efford of many many many people, we sail this huge crisis, including volcanos and snow collapses. Now we have this.

.So better us to be aware. Remember that we have been fined heavily for price collusion. Even our former CEO is facing now hard legal issues.

We can easily screw it up again, like we are doing now. I trully hope the best, but I was not born yesterday. This could be the end of CLX as known today.

For those who want to join us, be aware of the derivatives of what has been expose. Commit yourself it's difficult, but if we are honest and want to help the wanbabees, we shall report this.

Hopping the best:suspect:

PullinGs 27th Mar 2011 08:03

A cancer on Cargolux that has to be removed
To Raycosmic: I think that your wish is come true. If the conditions at Cargolux Italy are so bad than nobody from Cargolux will want to have anything to with it.

Coto 27th Mar 2011 10:15

Cargolux Italy conditions
Conditions are not that bad. Better than the majority of airlines flying in Europe. Or you think cargolux in luxembourg terms and conditions are the norm? There are A320 copilots flying for 800 in Spain... Wake up! Earn what you can now and, if you are young, choose another career. I am sorry for you guys, but I dont think you stand a chance. I am facing the same thing in my company, 5% unilateral salary reduction, seniority salary increases frozen. And the other side saying that all papers signed worth nothing because in the eyes of the economical crisis all measures are possible.

Tank2Engine 27th Mar 2011 10:22

Or you think cargolux in luxembourg terms and conditions are the norm? There are A320 copilots flying for 800 in Spain... Wake up!
Dear Coto, flying used to be a good job, so if pilots are stupid enough to fly for 800 then they (and yourself!) better wake up!

Why on earth should we lower ourselves to their level of stupidity and ruin what once was a good industry to work in? Do you think the CV Mxp management's bonuses are less than that of CV Lux? :ugh:

Coto 27th Mar 2011 11:01

I am not one of those pilots, I think I have reasonable conditions. But there are thousands of unemployed pilots( my wife one of them). They spend money mantaining their licenses current, to be instructor in a school there is a line of hundreds(schools making money with that too. Instructor rating=10000), towing gliders or other jobs its almost impossible to get. So if they can get a job in A320(even for 800), they'll take it, do the hours and apply to a better company. Can you blame them? In Spain there are 5000 unemployed pilots....the time where being a pilot was good it's over. Now adapt to it. Dont expect the impossible to happen...

PH-JPC 27th Mar 2011 12:10

Coto; you are right about the market going downhill.
And that is also why we should be so extremely watchful about not loosing what we have in the first place.
This is a general problem, not only for CLX T&C.

And be careful not to relativize everything... pilots in Mali or North Korea make even less money; should we conform to their income as well?

Stupid Copilot 28th Mar 2011 09:35

Where is the communication when comparing this to the recent D.M. saga?

No demonstration planned? No SMS with updates? No combative emails or posts on the forum? :confused:

"Disch isch unakscheptable u know!" :=

hawkeye red 28th Mar 2011 10:42

I am not an american and I was shouting very loud - as did more than 300 other CLX pilots.....

Delron_Buckley 28th Mar 2011 10:46

No worries... Things are kinda busy behind the scenes. Stay tuned.

Stupid Copilot 28th Mar 2011 10:51

No worries... Things are kinda busy behind the scenes. Stay tuned.
I sincerely hope you're right! You know, sometimes we accuse the company of bad communication skills, but in this case the people working behind the scenes could also communicate a bit better to us.

We had a nice momentum going (excellent communication by emails and SMS and everybody sticking together) during the DM saga, let's continue that! :ok:

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