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Delron_Buckley 28th Mar 2011 11:58

We had a nice momentum going (...) during the DM saga, let's continue that!
I fully agree, SC. Though in the meantime, lets not fall prey to the trap of dividing ourselves in terms of "us" and "the Americans" or similar.

As far as Im concerned, were all colleagues, with DM being one of us! :ok:

Stupid Copilot 28th Mar 2011 12:15

Though in the meantime, lets not fall prey to the trap of dividing ourselves
Okay thank you, you have a very valid point, I'll edit my post!

hawkeye red 28th Mar 2011 15:58

@stupid copilot....why don't you let your voice be heard on the ALPL forum....or even better join the board at the next general assembly. PPrune is hardly the best place to voice your concerns.

Best regards

Hawkeye red

Stupid Copilot 28th Mar 2011 20:34

PPRuNe is hardly the best place to voice your concerns.
Again you're right Hawkeye! I won't post here any more and I've edited/removed some other posts.

SC out/

acmi48 7th Apr 2011 10:56

what !!! black smoke still coming out of the lorang building ?

Pow-wow 10th Jun 2011 16:35

News on Qatargolux :)

Qatar Airways takes 35 percent of Cargolux

09/06/2011 2:44 pm

http://www.aircargoworld.com/var/eng...olux_large.jpg Qatar Airways has purchased a stake in Cargolux

After months of speculation, Qatar Airways has reached an agreement with Cargolux to acquire a 35-percent stake in the Luxembourg-based carrier for an undisclosed amount.

The deal will help Qatar expand its freighter operations into the European market. Qatar currently owns five freighters and has placed an order for four Boeing 777Fs. In addition, the carrier is exploring the possibility of converting A330s to cargo planes. Compared to Qatar's holdings, Cargolux has a massive freighter fleet; it currently operates 16 Boeing 747Fs and has ordered 13 Boeing 747-8 freighters, making it the launch customer of the new craft.
The agreement signed today is the first major step by Qatar Airways towards substantially expanding the cargo side of its operations, a great opportunity to capitalise on a rapid growth business," said Qatar's CEO Akbar Al Baker after signing the agreement with Cargolux's CEO Frank Reimen. "We seek to fuel our growth plans by further developing our air freight business as a major part of our overall product offering and develop Qatar as a leading global cargo hub and one of the major players in the international freight market by 2015."
Baker added that Qatar and Cargolux will experience more growth next year when an international airport opens in Doha. The goal, he said, is to make that new airport a cargo hub.
After the signing, Reimen said the deal is the start of a symbiotic relationship.
We have identified numerous synergies owing to the complementary nature of our businesses that will enable us to develop scale and reach and strengthen our respective hubs in Luxembourg and Doha," he said in a statement. "The implementation of the cooperation plan will be a driver of high customer satisfaction, enhance our competitiveness through improved returns and benefit the Luxembourg economy overall through extra trucking and handling tonnage, and the creation of new jobs.
Cargolux has entertained offers before. In 2005, Etihad Airways unsuccessfully tried to buy 33.5 percent of the carrier for $130 million.
Reports of an impending deal have been trickling in for the past few months, and as Avianform's Dirk Steiger told Air Cargo World last month, the rumor mill isn't done yet. He expects to see Qatar up its stake to 49 percent.
"It is obvious that they will want to increase their stake to ensure they have the maximum control over their investment and the future growth of the joint venture," he said.

1975 11th Jun 2011 23:05

Does anyone have any ideas what this means in regards to the recruitment status in the future, latest info being status quo until maybe early next year

Sansha 13th Jun 2011 13:22

Starting date :
Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone has some info about the futur starting date(s)?
I'm actualy in the waiting pool to start in cargolux and I have to admit I'm very exited about it :-)

Have ( all ) a nice flight :ok:

freddi16 23rd Jun 2011 10:25

Hi anyone can give me some information about working condition at cargolux?
Roster,salary,ecc any info is appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

FCS Explorer 23rd Jun 2011 10:31

If u couldn't find that Info on the previous 28 pages u probably just failed the Basic entry Test.

freddi16 23rd Jun 2011 15:04

Don't warry i've read it ,but many post like the first one are little bit old ,maybe nothing is changed?
Any italian pilots there?

czechairman 24th Jun 2011 14:07

roster/schedule questions
Hi, I'm interested in learning more about Cargolux.

1)How early do you receive the roster for the following month?
2)Do you bid for a roster or are you assigned one?

Appreciate your feedback

freddi16 24th Jun 2011 17:45

Hi chzech d have you already done the selection process for cargolux?

czechairman 25th Jun 2011 13:08

Not yet, just started application now. It appears this company would be a good fit for me.

czechairman 28th Jun 2011 03:06

pay and schedule
Freddi16, I'm sitting here in Shanghai on a layover.

It appears they change the schedule multiple times in the month, something I'm used to with the Chines but can be frustrating if you are not used to being a pawn on the chess table. I fly out of Lux on a contract job for a Chinese carrier. With all its faults, Cargolux is a dream job compared to the contract flying world in my opinion. We just did 26 hours of duty and the Chinese say it's o.k. because we went to the hotel for 4 hours while they fixed the TCAS so they minused the 4 hours from 26 duty and made it 22 hours which is the CAAC max with 4 man crew.

It would seem to me that living in Luxembourg or Italy for the Italian job, would be the ideal way but of course everyone is in a different situation.

We check in with Cargolux ops and they are always courteous, and seem to be organized, nothing fancy, but good. If you're happy with long haul flying it is an excellent place to be. Good luck

czechairman 28th Jun 2011 07:27

max age and EU passport
What an experience reading all of the posts. Auststralian71 got is @#$% kidded by "nose door" that was a great read, I couldn't stop laughing :D No job is perfect, we just try to improve what we have.

Anyway, if Ray Cosmic, Flighwatch or any of the more senior guys could tell me if 39yrs old is going to disqualify me to be a new hire? I read the post with the guy who had just turned 40 and didn't make it, but I'm not sure if the reason was because of his age or something else.

I was thinking to stop by and talk to your Chief Pilot the next time I'm in Luxembourg (I fly with Yangtze River out of Lux) I think I would be happy with CV and I know my family and I are wanting to move to Luxembourg, whether I get a job with CV or not but if I'm absolutely not getting an interview because of my age, well, I'd rather know now than to get my dream crushed later. Also, if I show the legal right to live and work in Luxembourg would that count? or is the EU passport a must? The profile on the web site just says legal right to live and work so it's seems that I would be fine, but there was a previous post where someone said you had to have the passport. Thanks again for any info you have.

Flightwatch 28th Jun 2011 09:25

I have been retired 6 months now so am in no position to tell you any valid gen. As you say things change frequently at CV so who knows? The current guys may be able to help but a visit to the CP when you are next in LUX sounds like a good idea.

Good luck.

czechairman 28th Jun 2011 16:06

EU passport and age requirement
Thanks Flightwatch.

I found some of the answers myself actually. I just got off the phone with Martin Wallenbon in recruitment. She says that as long as you have the right to live and work in Luxembourg you don't have to have an EU passport in hand so I was relieved to hear that. Just to make it clear. I am married to a women who holds an EU passport and with this, I am able to get the unrestricted right to work and live in Luxembourg which at this point in time satisfies CV. For any of you interested in this, your wife has to get the job first, then you can get the right. Also, you have to live with your wife :eek: they're so picky....just kidding.

With regards, to age, Interpersonel should not disqualify someone because of age since there is no official age limit. Once it goes to the Chief Pilot, the final decision is made and your age then may be a factor. They are mainly concerned that you won't be with the company long enough to upgrade and therefore be discouraged. This is what recruitment has just told me. I just got off the phone literally 5 minutes ago with them.

Well, the grass is always greener from the other side, but this grass looks really really green to me :O

I find Luxembourg to be a wonderful place to live. Low crime rate beautiful courntryside, low taxes. I just attended a concert at the Circle Cite building at the main square. Such a gorgeous building. I suppose everyone has their own tastes but I find Luxembourg to be the idea European country. Yes the homes are expensive, but drive twenty minutes from Luxembourg City and the prices really drop quick. Well enough said. I appreciate any comments and hope someday to join.

freddi16 28th Jun 2011 17:08

Chzech check your pm

1975 30th Jun 2011 16:01

Hello there, I am one of the so many on the pending list at interpersonal, with an accepted application with no further progress. I am on my way to Lux next monday to say hello and hand out a copy of my CV. I have a few friends flying for CV, and they have encouraged me to do so. Has anyone had a bad experience by doing so, feeling that they are intruding by showing up? I have tried to call and asked to speak to the managers, but have been told that they are not accepting any direct calls. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I am travelling a long way, leaving home on sunday, and want to make sure that I am doing the right thing... :)



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