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Frolic 13th Jan 2011 18:21

And can someone pls confirm that CLX requires you to have a FULL ATPL?
Actually I do have 3000hrs on B737 but a frz. ATPL or in detail a CPL-IR MCC and ATPL theory credit.

As posted some pages before someone's application got rejected due to the licence?

Tophat320 16th Jan 2011 15:37

Thatīs interesting because I heard from InterPersonal that some were invited with frozen ATPL. But I also heard that ATPL is neccesary due to Luxembourgisch Law for the ZFTT. If someone of them was hired, what happened thereafter without an ATPL?

4Turbofans 17th Jan 2011 10:04

Jar Atpl
Hi guys.
I talked to Interpersonal and the Cargolux office.
Unfortunately no chance without JAR ATPL.
Best :bored:


Tophat320 17th Jan 2011 13:59

But I guarantee that some were invited without ATPL, im 100 % sure about that!

Frolic 17th Jan 2011 15:26

How long ago? So when did they invite people without ATPL?

CV747 17th Jan 2011 15:52

....they were probably luxemburgers...rules are not the same...



cosmiccomet 17th Jan 2011 15:59

I had the same answer from Cargolux about the Full JAR ATPL.

I have JAR CPL IR ME Frozen ATPL and FAA's ATPL with SIC B744 (2,600 hrs SIC) and PIC DC10 (3,100 hrs SIC) and I couldn't get an invitation for the interview.

I wrote to Interpersonnal asking the opportunity to get the interview and if I were positive I would invest money in getting a full JAR ATPL but the answer was also negative.

chimichanga 17th Jan 2011 16:33

cosmiccomet: Sounds like your PIC time is on the wrong piece of paper? Did you get the JAA Comm license after flying on the FAA ATP license for awhile?

Yes, you will not get past the secretary looking at applications without that box checked.

wiseoldowl 26th Jan 2011 14:41

Day 1
Hello all!

I have just read Loulou's post about the assesment on Day 1: http://www.pprune.org/4776899-post391.html

There's an exercice that lasts about 30 min, can someone tell me how long in average the other exercices are?
I know it's a bit of a silly question, but I'd like to have an idea of how long the computer tests would be and how long the psychological questions.

Thx for your replies!


Frolic 26th Jan 2011 16:57

Does anyone know if there are still vacancies?
Any Numbers?

Pow-wow 27th Jan 2011 08:18

Hi guys,

wiseoldowl - there really is no fixed number, the exercises are all very different in time, some a few minutes and others 30 mins...it varies...well it did when I was there a few years ago anyway.

Frolic - I have no idea of further vacancies, but there seem to be courses starting at the moment.


wiseoldowl 27th Jan 2011 14:07

Thanx a lot for the info..Is it safe to say that most of the day would be answering personality questions and a bit less for psychotechnical ones?
Or do they come mixed together?

I'm invited in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to see how, if at all possible, I can "organize" the day in terms of breaks and stuff..

PH-JPC 27th Jan 2011 15:29

I'd say there are more psycho- sensomotorical tests, and in between every now and then long lists with personality-questions.
You'll be following a program on the computer that presents all the tests and allows you some minutes of rest in between some of the tests, as well as a 45-minute lunchbreak halfway the day.

wiseoldowl 27th Jan 2011 15:35

Thanks! That's exactly what I needed to know!

sled dog 30th Jan 2011 17:40

rotorcloud, please read the thread, and all will be revealed............

A pumps 30th Jan 2011 18:04


Has anyone received an email from them saying there application is being considered?

I just logged into my account and it says "in progress"


A pumps

CR2 31st Jan 2011 17:21


Seems perhaps Proonbuggas don't like Flucker........

Try this link -8F #1.

Loadmaster is of course PIC

DSC_0675a | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

FrontRunner 31st Jan 2011 17:35

Nice picture CR2! I can't wait! :ok:

1975 1st Feb 2011 11:19

Yes I received the same email 2 months ago, and have the same status on the website


atila_101 2nd Feb 2011 05:06

Mine is as well "in progress". Does anyone have any info about possible recruitment.

Anyone who is "in progress" is B744 Type Rated?

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