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lukamia 3rd May 2010 19:22

Donīt you think that there are a lot of people "good and ready" in a company with 400 pilots, already in business for 40 years? Usually the nationality doesn‘t really matter on this topic as on some others, too.

Please, keep this post on a professional level as this replies are not helping anybody.
This only leads to respect being lost.....and we do not want that...
If this is OK in your company, please refer to that thread...

batoboe 3rd Jun 2010 11:41

gone very quite....
no more news? should we assume hiring is complete for 2010?

HossaJose 4th Jun 2010 00:22

Yes, and in the meantime we just do the usual thing... we get 2 ACMI 747 flying for us...

HighLoader 8th Jun 2010 09:47

or they simply report sick
There are too many that "simply" report sick. Like that is going to help anyone. Whatever the reason is (evil captain, nasty destination, ...), it will not hit CC or the company or anyone in management. It is a fellow colleague that will have to take over the trip, most likely having his floating days moved or being taken off a nicer trip. I cannot understand people that on one hand want roster stability, but on the other hand destroy that roster stability for their colleagues, by "simply" calling in sick.

jetlag1969 18th Jun 2010 16:23

Don`t get me wrong here, I `m totally against DEC`s within CLX.
But why is it "illegal according to regulations" to have this guy flying on the
left seat ???
Which regulations are you talking about and what do you know about this guys previous experience ?

And I totally agree with Highloader.
Reporting sick is not an option. :=
Roaster stability bye bye ...

It`s for the Union to deal with that case.
That`s what they are here for.
And they have been doing a damm good job so far... :D

In the meantime we better stick to the roaster and use our energy to
support the Union !


FlightLevel390 20th Jun 2010 16:54

Has anybody an idea how much a Typerating for the 744 is in Europe?

givmi 28th Jun 2010 14:31

number of pilots at CV
Just a quick question...how many pilots actually work at CV?

alkor 1st Jul 2010 20:42


I ve just read that the parc is looking Captains and FOs (747 rated) positioned in lux,china and LA, 3 year contract.

Could it be cargolux?



Dr Esteban 1st Jul 2010 23:34

Would anyone be so kind to post a few example rosters?

Thanks a bunch!

16down2togo 2nd Jul 2010 16:35

rosters,guys, internals, hmmm why would you like to join. couple of dozends of pages and you can't still make you're mind up?????
It's long haul, your're not gonna be home every night, bunch of the best guys you will ever gonna be flighing with, if you are looking for a left seat saspo,
stay away, please!!!!!!!!

HURZ 12th Jul 2010 23:37

Are they locals??? I remember the golden boys and girl who did their ATP with LH and got the oportunity to join CV around 2001 after flying 2 years with LG on the 737. Most or all of them were not "Burgers".
I know them all and they do a very good job. They learned to fly Jets on the 737 and thatīs imho the best A/C to learn how to fly a jet......
RC, it is not about where people life, itīs more about how we do our commuting. It has to be done the responsible way. One can life in Timbuktu, but has to report well rested for duty. Most of the time Iīm more rested (Iīm one of the commuters) for a flight than the "locals" are, since I leave my "home sweet home" one day before FLT duty and have a good rest without my kids waking me up 6 in the morning. I really hope our management is geting away from this nonsen asking new hires to relocate to LUX.

@ Couch pot: as RC said, nothing is wrong with hireing LG guys and gals. They have to pass the test and perform according to CV standards. When they have the ádvantage to join CV for flying with LG, itīs OK. CV decides, hopefully in a reasonable and professional way, who they hire........

Happy landings


413X3 26th Jul 2010 20:26

she's looking good. Photos: Boeing 747-8RZF/SCD Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

Helm737 29th Jul 2010 13:58

Hello folks.

I was informed about starting Type Rating on November 8 :ok:
Anyone else??


Supahfly 29th Jul 2010 16:56

Congratulations Helm747
Looks like your patience has been rewarded, welcome to the club :ok:
And great news to see CLX is starting training new guys again, we need them!

Good luck on the training,

PS looks like your gonna have to change your alias in December;)

Dr Esteban 30th Jul 2010 21:36

@ helm737

May I ask when did you apply and when did you have your interview?
Also, did you just fly the 737 before or do you also have widebody experience?

Thank you.

The Doc

Helm737 31st Jul 2010 20:35

@ Supahfly: thanks a lot. I appreciate your welcoming words... and I can't wait to change my alias :}

@ Dr. Esteban: I was on the waiting list for one and a half years, applied around two and a half years ago... it was a bit of a wait, but no regrets!

I only flew 737NGs. Got 6000 hrs on it by now, 2600 PIC. No wide bodies... so far.

It feels simply awesome to get a go after all... and maybe it makes the job even more special to you after you had plenty of time to reflect about what you really want.

cheers ;)

Dr Esteban 31st Jul 2010 20:40


Thanks for the info. I guess patience is an important virtue!

All the best in your new job.

The Doc

jetlag1969 31st Jul 2010 20:59

Hey Helm737,
finally you got the desired call.
Congratulations !!!
See you in our training department :)


Bluebird 31st Jul 2010 22:09

I have been offered to start training in september!

Absolutely worth waiting for :ok:

LBR 31st Jul 2010 23:58

To all who will start this year with Cargolux, enjoy the training!
If you flew 737 before it should be relatively easy.

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