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tempesta 24th Feb 2011 09:18

what your advice would be , in order to achieve min req, if i'll be getting out of the coast guard at 34 with 2500tt 500pic of wich 2300 on a military ATR42MP(MARITIME PATROL VERSION) 2 BAH DEGREES and a master in aviation? should i apply first in a smaller cargo airline or should i go into wherever place offers me hvy jet time? Any advice from all of you guys will be appreciated!:O

HighHeinz 24th Feb 2011 11:35

Start date 2nd of May
Anybody else on the may 2nd course?

Counting down and can't wait to start!

ECHIE 24th Feb 2011 14:01

Hi HighHeinz,

I am also on May 2nd class. Looking forward with starting the course!!

Best regards,


Tophat320 24th Feb 2011 15:12

ECHIE, rotorcloud, High Heinz and Bennie Apple, congratiulations!
Can you check your PM please?

kwistax 25th Feb 2011 17:37

Hi guys,

I'm starting on the 2nd of May as well.

For the people wondering about the time frame regarding assesment, interview: I did the assesment end of October, got the answer 10days after, interview mid December.

See you all in ELLX,

1975 26th Feb 2011 13:46

Hello there.

Is anyone starting in may B744 type rated?


Tank2Engine 28th Feb 2011 03:35

goood stuff , i'm jealous of your lifestyle guys:)

I'm really looking forward to join clx in few years..hope it'll be the same..or better..:ok:
Well, let's not get carried away here.

Yes, it's a job. Yes it's a good job...but let's not exaggerate: with jet-lag, night flights and lot's of min rest/24h layovers in the network nowadays it's hardly the James Bond lifestyle that some previous posters claim it perhaps once was...

tempesta 28th Feb 2011 11:15

Thanks for keeping it real...

anyway i believe(hope) it is stiil a great lifestyle compared to the rest of the world/Europe...right now i'm flying at night/day 300/500 ft overwater for 6 h in a row...then refuel and back into the air for a total of 16hr in service..... and 12hrs rest before the next event.... no per diem, no 3 star hotels, just military rooms.. AND THEN YOU forget about THE PLANE FOR A MONTH,:zzz:, ... but your office full of paperwork is waiting for you and instead of being a pilot you become a lazy burocrat....:oh::oh:

ANYTHING (as far as flying jobs) IS BETTER THAN THIS!!! (love the flying part..but the rest...)

So, any suggestion for a civilian flight career will be appreciated,

expecially i'd like to know from you guys what would be the best option if i'll get out of the military at 34 with 2500hr 500pic on a ATR42 MP and willing to apply for clx.:confused::confused:

Thanks to everybody:ok:

Tank2Engine 1st Mar 2011 09:50

ANYTHING (as far as flying jobs) IS BETTER THAN THIS!!! (love the flying part..but the rest...)
This is exactly why nobody should ever apply for any job, especially not CLX!

It's been said here before: don't apply just because you want to get away from your old employer, or because you'll get to fly a 'cool' 744 (perhaps one day even a 74-8 ;)) or because you fantasize about wild parties in exotic places with beautiful women. That's the wrong approach IMHO.

As I've said before, it's definitely a good job, but after 6 months you'll find out that; your new employer also has it's downsides, a 747 flies more or less like any other airplane, and that parties or sightseeing rarely happen on a 24h layover.

Look for a job that suits your personal lifestyle, not your ego! :ok:

acmi48 1st Mar 2011 10:57

unfortuantely with the delay on the -8F, the 4R7f's are being replaced by rubbish 400BCF's in the interim at hi lease costs and reduced payload capabilities,as they are sold off.

TR7 1st Mar 2011 11:42

acmi48: are you the CFO of company since you know the figures of the "high lease costs?

16down2togo 1st Mar 2011 21:59

Just out of curiosity Tank,
with all the reasons you stated not to join, why did you - just because of the money???
Best rgds

Tank2Engine 2nd Mar 2011 08:57

with all the reasons you stated not to join, why did you - just because of the money???
Nope, I like the lifestyle, but let's be honest: it's not for everybody.

When tempesta writes that 'any job is better than his current job' and has only military experience, perhaps he could also consider applying for short haul, passenger, corporate etc? Just an idea you know...

tempesta 2nd Mar 2011 09:37

Tank you for your concern...

even my current job is not for everybody... and yes i do have "just" military xperience, and my questions about clx were not made to find a job wich allows me to party...:bored:

I'm used to long-haul flights, xpecially at night ,and last minute changes of plans;:8

so the idea of flying cargos is quite appealing since would be a soft transition to the civilian world and my xperience accumulated so far could help me out in this kind of job..

why do i want to apply for clx and i'm asking suggestion to meet min req? because clx is one of the top cargo airlines and as far as my standard goes, i don't expect anything less than the best for my life. :ok:

I'm sure there are issues inside clx, but where are you immune from them?:oh:

So, i'm really looking fwd to hear from you with some advice relating the steps i should take in order to reach the min req to apply.(i.e. should i apply for ryr to get some jet time or straight to cargos tnt, star air , etc.- or should i find sthing with parc aviation for 1 yr or 2?):)

Thanks Tank

Tank2Engine 2nd Mar 2011 10:00

Sorry tempesta, I didn't mean "only military" in a negative way, but in a way that you exclusively have military experience. Happy? ;)

As I'm sure you're aware, there are plenty of other options in the civil world other than cargo when making the transition from military to civilian aviation, so pick one that suits you best.

If you like the long flights and don't mind commuting/moving to LUX, short term roster changes and the occasional cool layover then I guess you'll like in CLX! :ok:

I regularly fly with guys who have a similar profile as you (military turbo prop --> CLX) so I guess it's no problem, although you might want to check the minimum fligh time requirements.

Total flying experience of minimum 3,000 hours of which 2,000 hours are on high performance turboprop or jet as listed below :

ATR 72

tempesta 2nd Mar 2011 10:06

"Total flying experience of minimum 3,000 hours of which 2,000 hours are on high performance turboprop or jet as listed below :

ATR 72 "

You really got my concern....
for the flight time it is not a problem... i can wait 1.5yr in order to reach the 3000...

i've a current ATR42/72 tr even though i don't have a single flt hr on the 72, since we only have 42 mp.... what to do?

acmi48 2nd Mar 2011 13:04

TR7 .. now there's a thought:ok:

1975 4th Mar 2011 10:39

Hello there.

Has anyone seen the new ad from Cargolux Italia on career.aero?



Piloteur737 7th Mar 2011 08:13

Good morning dear colleagues,

I passed the assesment at IBF and were invited for the interview in February this year. It was also succesfull.
But now its very quiet, I did not receive a starting date until today. I saw that there are two new courses in May and June.
And I met some people who are waiting for their results from the assesment for more than six weeks now.
Im a little bit afraid now, that they forget to call me or that there are no more starting dates this year after June.

Anyone any idea what happens at Cargolux at the moment? Anyone else who had his interview in February like me and is still waiting for a starting date?

Im looking forward to receive any information, I cant wait to start the rating!


1975 14th Mar 2011 13:01

Hi there.

Looks like recruiting for this year is finished, according to an email I received from career.aero

Any comments?

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