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Mr.Nomads 8th Dec 2010 18:38

Hm, when I started, there was definatelly no need for an european passport.
We still have lots of US, Canadians, South Africans and NZ working for us.
But that could have changed recently with increasing number of applications.
Pow-wow is more likely up-to-date as he has the infos first hand from HR.

Sorry guys not to have better news...


AM737 9th Dec 2010 00:15

starting date
Hello forum people!
I would like to thank everyone in this beautiful thread for the information that has been shared so far about Cargolux, more precisely about the process of application (Saarlouis + Interview).

Especially I would like to mention loulou with his post #391 http://www.pprune.org/4776899-post391.html which is very close to that what happened to me in Saarlouis a couple of weeks ago, and I mean veeeeeery close :D

Anyone in here got a starting date in March 2011?

-blue skies

pork chop 9th Dec 2010 01:51

If it helps there is another A300 freight operation starting in Shajah soon. Think they are looking for qualified crews. Try [email protected]

PH-JPC 9th Dec 2010 11:17

Starting date March 2011 as well! :ok:

quianor 9th Dec 2010 12:05

I'm starting on the 28th of February.. We'll probably meet in the office then!!

atila_101 12th Dec 2010 23:57

Hi there,

according to the interpersonal.de web, it says "According to the latest corporate planning there will be a small demand for pilots and only a limited number of vacant positions in the year 2010!"

Can anybody confirm if there is any recruiting going on and what sort of experience they are looking at.

Thanks in advance

Iver 13th Dec 2010 22:27

Can someone provide examples of average time and experience for recent newhires? What is competitive nowadays in terms of flight hours?

Also, for people with airline backgrounds hired recently, which airlines are the most frequent sources of new Cargolux pilots? Luxair? Air Berlin? Ryanair?


PH-JPC 13th Dec 2010 23:03


Can someone provide examples of average time and experience for recent newhires? What is competitive nowadays in terms of flight hours?

Also, for people with airline backgrounds hired recently, which airlines are the most frequent sources of new Cargolux pilots? Luxair? Air Berlin? Ryanair?

27yrs old, 3500+ hrs (2300 B737, 1000 turboprop).
Including a lot of non-standard experience in Africa, Central Asia.
Now flying 737 for Dutch charter company.

atila_101 13th Dec 2010 23:40

Quite a similar background as PH here, is people with narrowbody stand a chance or will they only look at people current on 744?

Donkey Duke 14th Dec 2010 04:32

What are the trips like at Cargolux? What type of rosters? Cheers.

wiseoldowl 28th Dec 2010 14:48

Hello all,

I'm about to apply for cargolux and I'm looking into the prepartion for the tests on day 1. This forum is wonderfully well documented, thank you all.
However, there's one thing I couldn't find, or maybe I looked right passed it. Is it worth investing money in a company like ATTC to prepare the tests? Did some of you prepare for those tests with a similar institution and if so, do you think it helped?

I thank you all for your reply and insight.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Pow-wow 30th Dec 2010 09:08

Hello wiseoldowl,

Again, my test day is more than 3 years ago now, but I did not do any ATTC type preparations.

I dont know if their training is of any use for the Cargolux assesment ?
Lots of these companies say they prepare you for all sorts of airlines, but in the end I think they just do a standard logic/iq training course (if there is such a thing?!?)

I had a few "off-the-shelf" logic trainer books that you can readily get in most bookshops, but again, I dont think they made a huge difference either.

I have no idea if anyone else in Cargolux did the ATTC stuff ?

@Donkey Dude

Best way to describe it is, that there is no "standard" roster.

The previous discussions in this thread on rosters before are still current, and give a pretty fair estimation I would say (the good and the bad ).

RollsRoyce36 30th Dec 2010 15:57

hi, stay away from ATTC. it is crap. i know several people , who were there ,and every single one said, it was useless.

PH-JPC 31st Dec 2010 14:13

Never heard of ATTC... just reading this entire thread 20 times is preparation enough!

wiseoldowl 4th Jan 2011 20:53

Thank you for your replies!

Frolic 10th Jan 2011 19:53

Hello everyone,
does anyone have a clue if there is a possibility to get a closer look to the "Cargolux Airlines Collective Work Agreement"?

Any idea what the salary for a 26yrs old single without kids would be?
No 747 rating. 3000hrs B737NG. What would the starting pay be in the first year?

Thank you all.

Best regards,

ray cosmic 11th Jan 2011 13:32

Hi have a look at my post #242: http://www.pprune.org/3634135-post242.html
Except that basic salary for first year FOs has increased to 4515 due to the Lux. index increase. The system is that a "index 100" scale is published in the CWA, and every once in a while the number with which this basic index 100 scale is being multiplied increases. This is a Nationwide inflation adjustment of salaries.

Today, the index is at 719,84
Index 100 1st yr salary is 627,34
-> basic salary today as a jrFO is (719,84*627,34)/100= 4515EUR.

After 600 hrs on type you'll go to the FO scale, with the first Time Unit being 678,04 at index 100,
After having 600hrs on type and a total time of more than 3500hrs, you'll be in the srFO scale, with TU1 being 735,08

In practice, most new hirees will jump from the TU1 jrFO scale to the TU2 srFO scale since mostly you'll have 600hrs in your first year and most have >3000hrs once they're hired anyway, so after 1 year you'll have both 600hrs on type and the 3500 hrs.

So for now, your first year basic is 4515EUR, your second year basic 5455EUR.
Today: pension contribution is 8%, legal health insurance is 2,7% and a dependency insurance of 1,4%

Use these numbers for the steps I mentioned in post 252, and use this calculator:
https://saturn.etat.lu/cobar/baremePP.jsp Use "salarie mensuel" and "classe impot" 1/0 since you're single. If you're married, you'll select 2/0.
If the calculator doesn't work, look at the .pdf version of the scales (page 39 and onward..)

As further info, for special hours, an hourly rate is used. You'll find out your hourly rate by dividing your basic salary by 173.

Holiday supplement is 100% of the hourly rate
Sunday supplement is 70% of the hourly rate,
Vacation supplement is 40% of hourly rate,
Night supplement is 25% of the hourly rate.
These supplements are not taxed, but you'll have to pay the 12,1% pension/social cost over them.

For the first 3 supplements mentioned (Holiday, Sunday, Vacation), the minimum counted duty day is 8 hrs.
So if you have 1 day of vacation, you'll receive 8*40% your hourly rate.
Per year you'll receive 42 days of VAC, so that's already 42*8*40% your hourly rate you'll have in a year on top of your basic.
A duty of 5 hrs or for example a day of layover on a Sunday will get you 8*70% your hourly rate. 10hrs duty on a legal holiday will get you 10*100% of the hourly rate.

Roughly, the net you'll receive is at least as much as the basic gross number.
Don't forget the Per Diem either!

:uhoh: Horribly complicated, but it comes down to the point that the money is ok..

LBR 11th Jan 2011 14:08

:uhoh: Horribly complicated, but it comes down to the point that the money is ok..
Haha, complicated it is but it doesn't take long to get used to the numbers!
Where in the CWA can I find the 20%/40% vacation supplement??

Frolic 11th Jan 2011 15:20

thank you very much for this detailed information. Now I have an better idea about the whole thing.

1975 13th Jan 2011 14:12

Hello there

Any stories flying around on newhires in the new year?

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