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alwaysflyinverted 4th Feb 2011 08:49

Family travel on Cargolux
Hi Chaps
Could someone please advise or PM me about carriage of family members on flights at Cargolux?Is it permitted?
I am currently working on a 744F and trying to convince the Co to allow carriage of family members. I heard a rumor that Cargolux allow this and was wondering how it works? Tickets/SEP training or just required to read a briefing Card on the emergency exits etc.
Appreciate the help

FBOZH 7th Feb 2011 11:54

conditions at cargolux
I'm finding myself in the same position as you before and wondering whether I should make the jump to a company like cargolux. I would love to work in a stressfree atmosphere but don't particularly relish the idea of spending my life in hotels. You say you're getting more days off now than you were flying short haul before. Well I fly short haul and get 14 days off a month on a 5354 roster. How many are you getting every month? And can you confirm the salary for FO around €5000? Is that before or after paying taxes in Lux? Thanks a lot

Tank2Engine 7th Feb 2011 12:04

FBOZH, if you don't like hotels and are primarily concerned with the number of off days and pay, then don't waste your time. Stick to your 5-4-5-3 (easyJet?) and short haul!

atila_101 8th Feb 2011 04:31

Is 744 or time in a heavy jet a requirement, although not specifically asked?

Tank2Engine 8th Feb 2011 10:03

Is 744 or time in a heavy jet a requirement, although not specifically asked?
Being able to read this thread and/or performing a little Google search is a requirement! :ugh:

Mine is as well "in progress". Does anyone have any info about possible recruitment.
Obviously you applied for the job. Did it ever occur to you to read the job requirements? :rolleyes:

16down2togo 9th Feb 2011 13:41

And then you find them sitting in the room on the internet 24/7 saving per diem
and complaining on every flight that nobody told them that flying long
haul means to be away from home and every day in a hotel is a waste.
Reading ability and logic thinking seem to become rare talents those days even though this 'internet' presents all the answers, wow.

belgianconnection 10th Feb 2011 07:34

Well said 16down2toGO!!!

Flightwatch 12th Feb 2011 23:57

I have just retired from Cargolux after 10 great years and 45 years in aviation, longhaul and shorthaul. Allow me to address the lifestyle questions asked here.

It appears to be a sad matter of fact that there are an increasing number of young (30-ish) co-pilots who do the job merely for the money without consideration of the lifestyle they must lead. These good people seldom if ever leave their rooms except for the free breakfast offered and possibly for a fitness session and are content to sit there if necessary for days on end Skyping their loved ones and, presumably, counting their per-diem. Not only is this terrible for their own well-being, but also it is disastrous for their fellow crew member(s). In a freight airline one is dependant on one’s colleagues for a semblance of a social life – there are no flight attendants to play with.

Now, nobody is required to be a party animal, drinking and carousing every hour of the day but for good mental health it is necessary to have social discourse occasionally and staring at the four walls of your room for many hours is not good for the spirit, if it is difficult now being away from home and loved ones, how will it be in 30 years time?

In all companies there are a few odd-balls who do not socialise but normally they are a well known tiny minority of all ages. However of late there seems to be a larger number joining CV and 10 day rotations of never seeing one’s colleague outside “the office” are now more common. This is very sad, particularly for the youngsters concerned as they clearly do not want to be where they are and their quality of life is miniscule.

PLEASE guys/gals think before you leap, if your main concern is to be with your family then Cargolux is not the company for you, indeed any longhaul operation will not suit you in all likelihood. Yes, CV is probably the best paid option outside the flag carriers but its success is largely due to its flexibility, which means frequent changes of routing to serve the market where the loads are. This in turn means roster changes both at home and down-route, moving of floating days off at short notice and in general a changing roster during the month. Unlike a passenger operation any particular rotation is subject to change at short notice and your return on a particular day cannot be assured. Remember that boxes do not complain if they are delayed and the schedule may be altered to suit commercial demands.

It is entirely possible that you may be in Baku or Almaty waiting for your last sector home when the dreaded message appears under the door which turns you around for another visit to the Far-East and a return 3 to 5 days later than planned. I have seen colleagues come close to a nervous breakdown when faced with this; the wife/children’s birthday party or other social functions do not excuse your obligations so long as it is within the scheduling rules

In my experience job satisfaction only comes if you really enjoy the whole operation, warts and all – sacrificing your life in the pursuit of money just doesn’t cut it. Similarly flying the 747 maybe the pinnacle of your professional desire but in this case it sometimes comes at the cost of a stable home life. If you need to see your loved ones and children grow up without missing any milestones, then stick to a short-haul airline that gets you home (if only briefly) most nights. You will be happier, the schedulers will be happier and your colleagues will be happier!

Please read all 39 pages of this thread, nearly all your questions will be answered therein and if you are sure the lifestyle will suit you the go ahead and apply. If you are lucky enough to be accepted then you will have a great time with the correct mental attitude to the job. Good Luck.

16down2togo 13th Feb 2011 07:50

Is it you John? Quietly retiring after all that time?
Still remember our little trip in NZ 10 years ago, time flies!

Anyway well said and there is nothing to add to flightwatch's

Flightwatch 13th Feb 2011 15:38

Yes, t'is I. I well remember our exploration of the Coromandel and the superb hospitality we were shown.

I am happy to say that in those days every trip was a blast and now all you guys are commanders I am sure you try to continue the tradition albeit with increasing odds of success.

If you have a long layover in IAH give me a shout, I'm here until Easter, about 3.5 hours away - you'll be welcome.

belgianconnection 14th Feb 2011 07:58

All said here by the previous posts is true, first months I joined CV people didn"t come out of there room at all.
I never experienced it at any other longhaul cargo ops.
Don't know why it is , I can only hope it changes.

Although I have a blast on almost every layover here with CV but not always with CV crews.....

A lot is of what you make of it yourself on a 10 day rotation :O

Pow-wow 14th Feb 2011 08:16

Hi guys and girls,

I have to say that its not only co-pilots who play this game !

There are enough captains who will utter the famous words: "I´m just going to take it easy on this one" at checkin.

I have had spells of very good trips, where everyone is up for a laugh, but also the reverse, where, as ray cosmic and belgianconnection said, you have to know how to entertain yourself - and I dont mean porn ;)

It seems to go in cycles thou, and if you are on a three man trip/sector, the chances are better that at least one of the guys will be willing to leave their room.

I usually plan things for myself as a backup, and if the others dont want to do anything, then I have this plan to fall back on. :ok:

CV747 14th Feb 2011 16:50

Hello Flightwatch, hello John,

I enjoyed every trip I flew with you but it is true that social life could be really poor in CV if the other crewmember is not willing to socialize. I never spent an evening alone with you as my captain, nor sober either...
But your message is right it is a way of life, and if people can't live with it they'd better leave, as I did 3 years ago after 6 great years in CV. It was time for me to leave.
I joined a national carrier and I don't regret it a single second.

Hope to see you one day around IAH,


Flightwatch 14th Feb 2011 23:20

Thank you CV747. I remember our trips together very well ...... I think!

In particular showing you the Belgian Restaurant in Auckland where you recommended what to eat.

I hope flying in French hasn't been too arduous with all those long words for flaps etc. that you taught me. I'm glad it all worked out for you.

Bon chance!

CV747 15th Feb 2011 11:24

You remember well Flightwatch, that's me...

Working in French is not a real problem, the problem is the french way of flying, more in the books then on a seat but it changes, there is a big process going on to go back to basics, with 2 pilots and not 2 clerks on the front seats. But it will take time...

But that is not the point of this Cargolux thread, more on pm if you like.

Enjoy your retirement and may be you'll find some time to start running...


Muesli37 15th Feb 2011 11:58

Hi folks,
very new to this forum, so excuse any mistakes....

I´ve been to the test in Saarlouis in January and still haven´t heard anything from Luxembourg.
Anyone who had similar waiting periods? Or maybe they slowed down the recruiting....

any answers from like-minded persons are very appreciated....

Thank you

mdieker 21st Feb 2011 14:22

I did the assessment in Saarlouis early December last year. Have not heard anything yet from CLX. So you are not the only one Muesli37. Are there more guys in the same position as Muesli37 and myself?

I hope no news is good news and it is all to do with the late delivery of the -8F. Personally I cannot wait to join!

Bennie Apple 23rd Feb 2011 09:50

Hi Mdieker,

I did my assessment in Saarlouis late november 2010 and received feedback from Cargolux around 4 weeks later. So I guess if you haven't heard anything yet, maybe you'd better give them a call. It might also be that they're slowing things down a bit now. I did my interview in january and just received a start date now of 1st of June so very excited!! Good luck with the remainder of your application.


tempesta 23rd Feb 2011 16:44

goood stuff , i'm jealous of your lifestyle guys:)

i'm stuck with my mlitary commision in the coastguard....flying once a week to deal with immigrants stuck on their boats out of the italian waters...and then spending the rest of the week in a boring office....

I'm really looking forward to join clx in few years..hope it'll be the same..or better..:ok:

ciao everybody

sled dog 23rd Feb 2011 20:39

Tempesta, you have to apply first before you can hope to join, and jump through all the hoops...........

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