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Rock&Go 23rd Oct 2010 17:23

Good evening to everyone,

First of all, thanks a lot to those inside Cargolux and some other members for all the useful information posted here.

I am planning to apply shortly and, as an experienced F/O on A320, was wondering if having a full Airbus background would be seen maybe not so "desirable" at intial application stage given the difference gap between both, Boeing and Airbus, philosophies? Or is it not so uncommon to find newcomers arriving with no Boeing experience?

Thanks once more in advance!


21-Lancer 23rd Oct 2010 21:26

Hi 21-lancer,
well, you can check out the requirements on the cargolux or interpersonel website. Type rating is not required, but you need some exp. beforehand. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/sowee.gif
500 h fastjet is probably not enough, but maybe get a job on shorthaul first, anyway, for Cargolux, (and it shows everyday!) you need stick and rudder exp. before you join, coz here you don't learn that anymore!
Otherwise I see no reason why you couldn't join and run a smooth career!
Anyway, good luck and all the best!
WOB http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif

I already have my interpersonal.de Cargolux Application rejected, so I think I do not fit the profile that CLX is loking for.

All the best!

Pow-wow 25th Oct 2010 06:53

@ Tophat320...

Dont stress too much about this english or german thing.

I speak German and English, both as if they were my native language, and when I did the interview 3 years ago, I asked them to do it all in English and they had no objection to this. Just be yourself and dont try to bullshit them. :) Best of Luck !!!

@ Rock&Go...

People have come with all sorts of backgrounds. I had lots of 737 time, but the guy who started with me had NO Boeing time at all. I dont think it makes a difference what types you flew, as long as the overall picture fits. :)

Tophat320 25th Oct 2010 09:07

@Rock&Go: They invited me for the assesment, a good friend of mine wasnīt invited. I have only experience on the Airbus, he flew the 737 for about 5 years. So I donīt think it doesnīt matter. Try it.

So I think Iīll try to sell me in english, anyway it should be possible.
The question of the dresscode remains unanswered for the assesment in Saarlouis, normally it should be clear but it isnīt a standard assesment because you have to do a medical examination ahead of the tests. So what would they prefer?

Pow-wow 25th Oct 2010 10:32


I have no idea if they expect any perticular type of dress code in Saarlouis now, but when I went, I wore my suit and tie. Had to take some of it off again for the medical before hand, but thats not a train smash ;)

If in doubt, rather overdress than underdress...you can always take a tie off if you feel so inclined. Its more ambarrasing to stand there with NO tie, when everyone else is wearing one :uhoh:

Good luck again :ok:

gazman21 25th Oct 2010 21:57

hi all,
just wondering if there any many commuters within Cargolux & if there are any interline agreements with any other carriers?
also,what would a 1st year First Officer expect to earn per month.


worn-out-bushing 26th Oct 2010 01:14

Hi Gazman,

yes, there are commuters, my guess around 70% actually. And yes, there is an Interline agreement with LUXAIR ID90, don't bug me if there is a 6 or 12 month waiting time after you join, but I think there is not.
However, the company isn't too happy about commuting, simply they don't want people to show up after 6-8 hours driving or flying in, being tired and then going on duty. Life is a lot easier if you live close by. Guys who seem to be not flexible in the interview when it comes to the question of moving close to LUX seem not to pass the interview! However, what you do after you are hired and in your off days is up to you.
My recommendation is: If you live further than 2h drive from LUX or if you have to use a flight to get there, and you choose not to move close by, get yourself a crashpad either in LUX or on the german side (Trier) which is a lot cheaper and only about 25 min. to the Airport. People also share apartments, you'll use it 2-3 times a month. :ok:

This way it is easily possible to commute bearing in mind the time you loose being on the road then.

F/O's salary is good enough to make a living even in the first year, and if you hold some experience before, you'll slip into the SFO's payscale after one year and that Porsche won't have to wait for you in the cardealers window for too long anymore...... :}

Anyway, good luck to all and maybe see ya on board.....


Rock&Go 26th Oct 2010 09:03

@ Pow-wow and Tophat320,

Thank you for taking the time to answer gentlemen.

As a matter of fact, thought the A320 is a really comfortable plane to fly, I couldn't be happier to convert to 747-4/8F and plan my career at CV, bearing in mind of course the drawbacks of the lifestyle associated to it.

Regarding the dress code, I echo Pow-wow's opinion, rather overdress than the opposite, even for a long day of medical and psychometrics (though no need for a pocket square matching the tie :}).

All the best! :ok:

quianor 30th Oct 2010 18:28

Hi all,

I'm starting the course on 28/02.. any of you starting on the same date??



gazman21 31st Oct 2010 21:26

hi guys,
just trying to get little bit more info before assessment....
how many guys are Cargolux planning to hire? and where does training take place?

SyncPilot 31st Oct 2010 21:53

hi guys, just wondering how long did you all wait for the interview after aplying online, i got a couple of e-mail"s and now nothing for a few months...?? do i fit the profile for my dream job?? i am 27y, 3300+ hr A320, masters in aeronautics...

sonicguy 1st Nov 2010 10:26

How long does it take to get an answer after the first stage interview in Saarlouis? Do you usually get a phone call or email?


YV757 1st Nov 2010 18:49

What are my chances?
Hello guys.

I already made my application with CLX, but I want to know my odds.
I have ICAO CPL, and recently FAA ATPL (Temporary at the moment, waiting for the permanent one). No JAA license, just a validation from Latvia.
+5000 hrs total, +4700 on airlines (DC9, MD80, B757, B767), +1500 on the 757/767, currently on the 76 on transatlantic ops (1000 hours on the 76). Level 6 english. I'm not european, but my wife is, so it wouldn't be a problem to live and work in Europe. So far, no reply at all. Do I stand a chance? Or is it a MUST to have a JAA license?

Thanks for your help!:ok:

cosmiccomet 1st Nov 2010 21:16

No Full Jar Atpl...no Chance In Clx
My friend, I have been applying for CLX for years with a Frozen JAR ATPL (JAR : CPL IR/ME), FAA's ATPL with SIC B744 type rating, TT:+8,000 hrs, B744 SIC:+2,600 hrs, DC10 SIC:+3,100 hrs...and my application is always rejected.

According to Interpersonal, my Frozen JAR ATPL is not good enough, CLX requires a full JAR ATPL.

YV757 2nd Nov 2010 04:21

Not good news...

Cosmic and couch...thanks for your answer.....I had the slight suspicion , and sadly it has been confirmed.

Well, on to new opportunities.....

Tophat320 3rd Nov 2010 11:22

That means after the first six month there wonīt be any new course? Are there some courses parallel or do they wait until one course has finished (I saw one guy starting on the 28th of february). And how long will the rating etc. take at Cargolux?

4Turbofans 5th Nov 2010 09:38

Hi guys.

I got this mail a few weeks ago.
Can anyone can confirm that this means I will be invited
to a assessment center for sure??



"thank you once again for your application for a First Officer position with CARGOLUX AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL S.A.

On behalf of CARGOLUX, we are pleased to inform you about the further progress of your application.

The recruitment board has confirmed that you fulfill all the requirements and that you will be registered on our pending candidate's list.

Please keep your contact data, eg. your e-mail address, phone numbers, valid at all times!"

sled dog 15th Nov 2010 13:11

I wonder how CV will progress now that there is a new CEO ?

LBR 15th Nov 2010 15:55

How do you mean, do you expect a major change?

sled dog 15th Nov 2010 19:27

He is from the Ministry of Transport, i believe. "Jobs for the boys " springs to mind.......

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