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broomstick76 22nd Mar 2010 09:13

Excuseme boys...
I did not understand do you have 200 days off a year?
And you earn about 5000 euros as First Officer?
If it is so not bad at all... :ok:

LBR 22nd Mar 2010 09:22

13 rosters a year, during each you have either 10 or 11 off days.
42 days of vacation a year.
That's already 172 days off minimum.
+ some blank days so you're getting close to 180 at least.
Some consider a couple days in South America as off days as well!
I don't, for me it's hard work ;)

LBR 22nd Mar 2010 09:55

I'm glad I'm one of them:ok:

broomstick76 22nd Mar 2010 11:25

ok guys, just few questions..
1. When you say 184 days off I think you have nearly 10 days off every 14 days on, isn't it?
2. Do you have any ticket benefit to move from/to luxemburg?

LBR 22nd Mar 2010 12:42

You'll have 10 or 11 off days every 4 weeks.
It's either a period of 7 and a period of 4 days or a single period of 10 days.
The 180 days off is the total per year.
5000 euros as First Officer is probably correct.
Depending on where you pay your tax it could be even more.

broomstick76 22nd Mar 2010 12:54

And do you have any ID ticket with any company?
I know that in some long range carrier you can have 2 kind of stby days: one long (more or less 10 hours) and the other short about 2 hours, it is the same in yours?
And the last question.. do your company pay the 747 type rating?

Thankyou very much in advance.

ray cosmic 22nd Mar 2010 19:31

Hi Broomstick, for now our main stby travel arrangement is with Luxair. Which will get you back to Turin, Rome FCO or Milan MXP depending where you're from in Italy.
The only kind of standby being used now on a more regular basis is RES; which requires 24 hrs notification.

The typerating will provided in house and paid for by Cargolux.

rwy24center 22nd Mar 2010 20:31

don't forget the per diem... :O

rwy24center 24th Mar 2010 22:41

Latest rumours say that CV is not going to hire this year except for a dozen or so 744-rated contract F/Os in fall to cover the 747-8 training slack.
A couple of those guys might be offered a firm contract later.

DrPepper 26th Mar 2010 15:02

what about guys into CV holding pool?

rwy24center 26th Mar 2010 15:24

@ fdtd
and how many upgrades in 2010 according to your information?

DrPepper 27th Mar 2010 09:49

@ From Dusk Till Dawn
yes the question was about guys already in, (i'm not)

so how many guys already in? 50? how many with the 74?

cawabe 27th Mar 2010 11:27

Is the holding pool now empty? If not how many still waiting the call? I've registered my application few months ago, how many chances do I have to be called for selection? I'm not type rated on 744 but I have wide body experience. thanks:ok:

KDC10 27th Mar 2010 13:00


do you expect in the near future more pilots being hired? Or this is it?

Thnx for the info.

broomstick76 30th Mar 2010 08:56

Can you conferm me that in eurowings 240 people are let down?
As far as i can know they have close some bases but they are hiring pilot all in Dus and they are going to expand their fleet? I think the people gone is because the don't want to change their base, isn't it?:confused:

sled dog 30th Mar 2010 19:44

broomstick, what has your post got to do with CV ?

Helm737 31st Mar 2010 09:02

TR classes
After all these good news lately about training going to start from April (3 classes as far as I heard), has anybody heard something offical?? I am one of the holdpoolers and still it seems to be impossible to find out what is really going on... and this week, the HR and chief pilot office are on holidays?! Surely Easter is coming up, but that's all a bit confusing "knowing" training should start for the first guys from next week?!

Someone with insight able to clarify?? Many thanks + kind regards.

1975 12th Apr 2010 11:03

Hello there.

Does anyone have any further updates on this?

rwy24center 21st Apr 2010 15:43

The second course has started.
Now a total of 8 typerated ex-CargoB F/Os in training.

1975 21st Apr 2010 19:53

Wonder if they will hire any non-type rated?

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