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sabredog 12th Aug 2011 15:34

Dinner Key,Miami . Pan Am HQ.

descol 12th Aug 2011 21:12


seacue 12th Aug 2011 23:36

Somehow I am pretty sure I used that Pan Am base as a challenge - but I can't find it in Mel's list ..... Memory fade.

Maybe MK I of this thread, item # 176 ... but I no longer host the picture. Place named as "Coral Gables".

descol 13th Aug 2011 07:07

I too thought Dinner Key had been there before - but could not find it on the List.

sabredog 13th Aug 2011 08:46

Thank you,descol. Yes,I do believe it has been used before.
Next challenge;

Sultan Ismail 13th Aug 2011 11:52

Fisantekraal, Cape Province, South Africa

Went there many times in the '70's when I was based in Worcester.

Ope House

sabredog 13th Aug 2011 11:58

Correct airfield,SI.

Noyade 14th Aug 2011 08:49

It's open house?


sabredog 14th Aug 2011 09:44

Volkel.274 Sqdn Tempest.

Noyade 14th Aug 2011 09:54

Volkel it is mate, being hammered back into shape.

:ok: Yours sabredog!

sabredog 14th Aug 2011 11:11

Thank you,Noyade. The next challenge;

sabredog 15th Aug 2011 19:57

Not in the U.S.A.

evansb 15th Aug 2011 23:48

Loi-Wing, China ?

RegDep 16th Aug 2011 07:56

Bankstown Aerodrome (Sydney Bankstown), NSW

sabredog 16th Aug 2011 07:57

Not China,Brian. The early marque of the B-17s might provide a clue.

sycamore 16th Aug 2011 10:10

Is it a `test` establishment,judging by the variety of possible a/c in the background?

sabredog 16th Aug 2011 10:16

Regdep has the correct answer.

RegDep 16th Aug 2011 10:48

Thank you sabredog!



Duckbutt 16th Aug 2011 10:58

Meiningen Germany?

RegDep 16th Aug 2011 11:03

Meiningen Germany
Exactly. Sometimes in the 70s.

Over to you :ok:

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