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jindabyne 22nd Aug 2011 19:46

But it is Ireland? West coast?

descol 22nd Aug 2011 19:54

It's not my country - Ireland - but it is situated in an Island Counrty !

jensdad 22nd Aug 2011 21:32

hmmm 'island' , Icelandic for Iceland?
OH if correct...

descol 23rd Aug 2011 08:31

open house - as you say

Noyade 23rd Aug 2011 11:02


chevvron 23rd Aug 2011 13:05

Looks like some test range in Nevada or New Mexico.

sabredog 23rd Aug 2011 15:26

NVAF Kep,North Vietnam?

Noyade 24th Aug 2011 02:55

Correct. Your control sabredog! :ok:

"Lt Col Bull Stirling of the 20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron whips across the main runway of North Vietnam's Kep airfield. RF-101C Voodoo pilots went right into the path of enemy guns at enormous risk to bring back accurate intelligence"

sabredog 24th Aug 2011 07:17

Thank you,Noyade. An excellent photograph.
The next challenge;

Hen Ddraig 24th Aug 2011 15:22

Looks like deepest Ontario from the left seat of an RV-7 or 9

evansb 24th Aug 2011 15:54

Looks more like deepest British Columbia, the 6,003-ft runway at Dease Lake, (CYDL), 58.25N 130.02W. Elevation 2,634'. Flew in there back in the late 1970s.

sabredog 24th Aug 2011 16:10

Well done, Brian,though not surprised at all.

evansb 24th Aug 2011 17:32

Thanks Terrence. Here is the next mystery aerodrome:

sabredog 24th Aug 2011 19:45

Scammon Bay Airport,Alaska,U.S.A?

evansb 24th Aug 2011 20:46

Sorry Terrence, not Alaska.

Phileas Fogg 24th Aug 2011 21:24

Sorry, posted in error and the system is not allowing me to delete the post.

chevvron 25th Aug 2011 11:03

Not Malta I know, but the closest edifice offshore bears a distinct resemblance to
Filfli Rock.

RegDep 25th Aug 2011 11:30

Are there yellow rwy markings only in snowy areas? Many other than Norway?

evansb 25th Aug 2011 11:49

I've seen yellow runway markings in Greenland, but yes, it is in Norway.

sabredog 25th Aug 2011 12:31

RÝst Airport?

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